Wednesday, April 18, 2012

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Philadelphia Archdiocese - Monsignor Lynn Trial - Passion Perversion

Passion perversion allegedly hushed up

A Philadelphia jury heard Tuesday about Catholic schoolboys who said they had to strip before a priest and endure whippings as they played Christ in a Passion play.

Prosecutors pursuing a child-endangerment case against Monsignor William Lynn for allegedly helping the Roman Catholic church cover up the sexual abuse of children by priests said the Rev. Thomas J. Smith remained in ministry despite those 2002 accusations.

Church officials and an in-house review board didn’t think Smith was after sexual gratification when he allegedly had boys undress or get naked with him in a hot tub.


Hitler and Stalin were Catholics Bishop Jenky – Obama is not a Catholic – Thank God!

"Fat Danny" Jenky - Bishop of "All  You Can Eat" Peoria Illinois
Hate is Good 
Forgive me for my political incorrectness in face of Porky the Pig rhetoric of a G.O.P. (God's Own Party) hater, racist and operative "bishop" Daniel Jenky in a USCCB approved, orchestrated hissy fit against the Black President - Barack Obama. 

Hitler never renounced his Catholic faith in his public lifetime.  Stalin was a product of the Jesuits. What a surprise.  This Jenky clown cannot respond to that but he can attack (wink, nod) the legally elected President of a democracy. 

Talk about Jumping the Shark and breaking God’s and Godwin’s Law!

"The Church will survive the entrenched corruption and sheer incompetence of our Illinois state government, and even the calculated disdain of the President of the United States, his appointed bureaucrats in HHS, and of the current majority of the federal Senate . . 
Hitler and Stalin, at their better moments, would just barely tolerate some churches remaining open, but would not tolerate any competition with the state in education, social services, and health care.  
In clear violation of our First Amendment rights, Barack Obama – with his radical, pro abortion and extreme secularist agenda, now seems intent on following a similar path."

Now go off and bankrupt another “all you can eat” restaurant instead of spreading your catholic Hate bishop Jenky!


Or is that a fart Danny boy?

(Hey, I had to interject some humanity, laughter, something "Jesus" into this one way conversation from above at the Bishop's mansion.)

Mormons, Catholic Bishops and Boys on the Side

In these days of Orwellian Speak, MSM and the last days of Constantine’s Kristian Army Religion, it is sometimes difficult to communicate on a real eye to eye, in your face, in the gut with feelings to or with your “neighbor”.

In such an environment let me talk parable and or metaphor and start by talking about a chick flick and work my way around reality and try to make a point in old fashioned common/farm sense for us older types without all our fingers engaged on a joy stick/keyboard.

Back when or thereabout in time, AIDS was denounced by the living cadaver president Saint Ronald Reagan as being a punishment from God or some such similar scripted rhetoric from that “B” actor, I saw the movie Boys on the Side with Whoopi Goldberg, Mary-Louise Parker, Drew Barrymore and Matthew McConaughey wearing a shirt. 

Whoopi, who is an original, seems to have played a lot of Lesbian parts in Hollywood to establish a career there or maybe this was her only gay part. 

Mary-Louise Parker in this movie along with Angels in America  seems to have put her safely in the must see by gays actress category at the box office.

And who cannot love Drew Barrymore? Did I mention McConaughey, still early in his career, had to keep his shirt on while “acting”?

Well anyway, getting back to my beloved dumbed down America and Hollywood’s approach to trying to educate the American public on the facts of the AIDS Virus. To in essence have an innocent like Mary-Louise Parker catch that life threatening, life killing virus, through straight heterosexual sex. That, rather than doing the whole gay scene thing through which that infection made its presence known on the North American and European continents.

First, I liked this chick flick, Boys on the Side, mainly for the scenery in Arizona, where much of the movie was filmed.  It was filmed in and around Tucson and having lived there I enjoyed the movie cuts that put certain timeline and geographical landmarks out of sequence as in a typical movie filmed in Manhattan where being in a taxi cab at Lincoln Center in one scene makes it virtually impossible to have actors do a two minute conversation and exit at Wall Street etc.

Hollywood’s MSM Orwellian Speak approach to educating dumbed down America only scratched the surface in the human tragedy of the AIDS plague.

Which brings my parable to the above pictured “baptisimal” device in the basement of the Great Temple in Salt Lake City.

It looks quite Pagan, a lot like the circus statuary in St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome.  It supposedly takes a description of Solomon’s Temple from Book of Kings 1, and from all the translations I have read a poor translation, for molten metal in “molten sea” in the manufacture of bronze of similar oxen described during the Babylonian Captivity when a lot of the Hebrew Testament first got manufactured, first written down IMO, in retro fitting the Hebrew past into words to a people in cultural crisis and in fear of losing that cultural identity exiled in a foreign state.

Well anyway, Jesus in the Greek Testament got baptized in the Jordan Creek/River depending on the translation of creek and or river etc.

The difference between the real Jesus and his teachings and the Mormon faith is something like the difference between the River Jordon in the sunlight and five tons of Bronze supporting a marble bath tub in some dark secret basement in Salt Lake City.

This brings me to my gripe.
First, I have some relatives that have in the past converted to Joseph Smith's Horse Stealing Religion of Mormonism.  Constantine had his perversions, murdering his rival general son and of course perverting the teaching of Jesus, merging them with Roman Pagan Sacred Tradition.  And Joseph Smith perverted Constantine’s idea of religion and found gold tablets in upstate New York (like winning the lottery in spiritual terms, possible but with the odds, highly unlikely).

As such, I hope that my parents, grandparents, great grandparents have not being re-baptized or been forced to participate from the grave of in a  post mortem Mormon baptism (necromancy) for the sake of propaganda to constantly prop up the Joseph Smith myth, myths, (sodomite rumors?), that kept following him all his life as he moved around a lot ahead of the local sheriffs and the local farmers missing their horses and the occasional odd sheep (emphasis on the word odd).  Forced to be baptized, post mortem, in a Demonic looking device such  as the above.

All this fuss in the Mormon church and the Catholic church about marriage is just a cover story. While it is debatable if Jesus was gay (let’s ask Mary Magdalene on that one), the male hierarchy of Temple Square in Salt Lake City and Saint Peter’s Square in Rome are such homophobes, that I truly suspect that Joseph Smith was light in his loafers and the whole sacred marriage tradition is merely cover for closeted gays and closeted gayness to hide behind  so-called sacred heterosexual marriage.

Now that the Mormons “Male” hierarchy has joinned Roman Catholic “Male” hierarchy at the hip(?) in this hate campaign against gays and against the civil right issue of marriage equality, I wonder why the MSM is of late advertising Salt Lake City as the "most gay friendly city in America" except that maybe "they" want to blend in with the tourists (gay) on weekends at their new City Creek Center gay tourist trap next to the Temple and that demonic baptism Halloween decoration device used to baptize dead Holocaust victims on a regular basis and now unofficial closeted manner (we’re sorry, we’ll stop, yeah right).

While the Mormons can deny that polygamy still exists on an official basis, the unofficial basis says otherwise.  And what better way to hide the facts of polygamy in the western United States than to deny “marriage” to the evil gays who don’t understand the whole straight, heterosexual, missionary sex Kristian/Mormon thing.

And of course the Catholic Bishops are married to the church and cannot marry women (yuk!) as actually written in the Greek Testament as a requirement to be a bishop, they can back up the Mormon Front on Marriage and “religious liberty” MSM public relations Orwellian speak thing.

So life is good for the Mormon Hierarchs and the Catholic Bishops these days.

Mormons.  Catholic Bishops.  That Official Marriage thing (Bullshit!). 

And Boys on the Side.