Sunday, January 19, 2014

Port Authority Corruption Spreads Into Politics Like a Cancer - New Jersey and New York

It becomes apparent how Chris Christie's Vendettas are possible with a powerful arm of the Corruption of the Port Authority of New Jersey and New York. The PA has an annual budget greater than that of 26 states. 

That $13 bridge tolls on the GW Bridge or the Verrazano pays for $4 billion World Trade Center Tower One that was used to celebrate the promotion of Cardianl Dolan by being lit up red when the Empire State Building refused to spend the money on the celebration of a religious leader. 

That if you look at Christie and Cuomo as Catholic Princes, the money spent, wasted in the billions is spread around like in a rich private men's club, not unlike a bunch of Cardinals Princes above the laws of America. 

Lower the bridge tolls. These bridges were paid for decades ago.

Why is the Port Authority a real estate promoter spending, spending, spending taxpayer's hard earned money?