Saturday, October 5, 2013

Rep. Enyart to Tea Party "If you are a patriot behind that American flag pin, have the guts to show it..,"

The above quote by Rep. Bill Enyart (D Ill.) in response to Piecemeal GOP bills to fund this or fund that and screw all the little people who work for the government who live from paycheck to paycheck like most other Americans, but not the country club elites of the GOP / TeaParty.

"The only thing that bill does is give the politicians who sponsored it and who vote for it a claim while they wrap themselves in the flag to say they support the troops," Enyart said, pointing out that the underlying bill actually contained cuts to key veterans programs. "It's as phony as putting a flag pin on your lapel and claiming that makes you a patriot." 
Enyart also pointed out that hundred of thousands of other federal employees around the nation were currently furloughed. Like the military personnel at the heart of the GOP's mini-spending bill, they couldn't afford to miss a paycheck, he said. Enyart then called on his colleagues to vote on a bill that would "put the government back to work."

Rep. Enyart in a 400-1 vote was the only nay on another piecemeal bullshit band-aid bill to pay contractors to say mass for the Catholics on Sunday.

The New York Times in typical Sychophantic fashion with Boutique Journalists THOM SHANKER and JONATHAN WEISMAN made it sound like real chaplains in active duty uniform were being forbidden to practice their faiths.  Bullshit NYT!

The House also voted, 400 to 1, on a resolution saying military chaplains should be able to conduct religious services, despite the shutdown. Republicans accused the Obama administration of stifling religious freedom.

Representative Adam Smith of Washington, the ranking Democrat on the House Armed Services, said Republicans had concocted an issue that did not exist. 
 The lone “no” vote belonged to Representative Bill Enyart, Democrat of Illinois.


Tea Party Poem - "Let a hundred flowers bloom …

"Let a hundred flowers bloom; let a hundred schools of thought contend"   ~~~Mao Zedong


Baptist and Jew Play the Catholic Card In Government Shutdown

Apparently there are not a lot of Catholic Priests in uniform in the U.S. military as chaplains these days and like so much else in the downsized discounted globol culture, the use of catholic services on Sundays is outsourced to contracted people (pay as you go)(Pay as you pray?)

Well they can’t get into base if they are not authorized and if they are not paid during the Tea Party Shutdown of the Government, there are no visitor’s badges at the camp gate. Volunteers in times of global terrorism need not try to wander around the base using religion as an excuse Osama (wink,nod). Tough titty. End of story.

But band-aid Tea Party-ers Cantor and Cruz are oh so concerned about religious first amendment rights after they deprive the whole of the country the whole of their government.  Etc.

Anarchists! Putzes!


Immature Adolescent GOP Males In House of Representatives Need Real Jobs!

These forever don’t know jack shit about life or sex adolescent GOP males in the House hanging out on a street corner in DC, alpha male-ing one another should get off that street corner and get a real, it takes sweat and guts to complete, job!

Get a job!

Get a life!

Get the fuck off our street corners you punks!

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