Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Keith Olbermann Feud with Al Gore over Occupy Wall Street - Duarte Square - Trinity Church Wall Street?

Trinity Church Property Trespasser Arrested - Duarte Square - Dec.17

Something has not been right on Al Gore’s Current TV since a retired Episcopalian Bishop gave emphasis to the billions of real estate that Trinity Church Wall Street can’t share a small piece of with Occupy Wall Street.  

Since the event happened on a weekend in December, and it became a non-story even on Keith Olbermann’s Countdown show.

Has Al Gore folded like Obama to his rich Wall Street Masters?

What’s going on between Keith Olbermann and Current TV?
Olbermann is not covering the Iowa caucus Tuesday night -- and it doesn't look like the decision was his alone.
Earlier Tuesday, Olbermann indicated that his show "Countdown" was returning, but by 7 p.m. ET, he said it was not to be.
“So as not to mislead: I am informed Countdown will not be on tonight," Olbermann tweeted. "I must defer on all questions to @JoelHyatt @AlGore and @Current.”
Instead, Gore is on air alongside his two other prime time hosts, Cenk Uygur and Jennifer Granholm. Current's Chief News Officer and on-air visage is MIA.
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These mixed signals come amid reports of tension between Olbermann, who has fought his way off networks before, and Current.
As the New York Times’ Brian Stelter wrote last Thursday, Olbermann's involvement in the election so far – or lack thereof – is puzzling. He did not appear in a pair of special reports that followed GOP candidate debates.
“These absences suggest that there may be new tension between Mr. Olbermann and the managers at Current, who are trying to create a progressive-oriented cable news channel,” Stelter wrote.
Olbermann responded with an extended tweet claiming that “anybody who describes my disposition towards Current as "disgruntled" is either uninformed, working from a personal agenda, wrong -- or all of the above.”
But the fact remains that Olbermann is off and his prime time cohorts are in.
Olbermann says he’s back tomorrow, but the real back story is anybody’s guess.


Pennsylvania Sharia Discriminates Against Iowa Marriage Laws - St. Luke's Hospital Healthcare Bethlehem Pa.

That according to St. Luke's Hospital and Heathcare Network based in Bethlehem Pa.

That forty years of Catholic politicians pushing Catholic Sharia law line by line in the Pennsylvania Legislature makes all marriages in Iowa null and void.  All the people in Iowa are living in sin?  All the Children produced by a man and a woman in Iowa are considered Bastards in Pennsylvania according to Pennsylvania State Christian Sharia Law?

Is the Governor of Pennsylvania elected?  Why bother?  Just have the Vatican appoint a lifetime Prince Bishop.

I don't get it unless there are Christian fanatics in the St. Luke's Hospital Human Resource department that think that backwater laws in a backwater part of a backwater state, think that nobody will notice the global Godless Corporate injustice and discrimination against Gay People in Bethlehem Pa.?

St. Luke's denies employee's request for same-sex spousal health benefits

Watching her father care for her dying mother was a sobering experience for St. Luke’s nurse Carol Stevens.

Stevens, 56, of North Whitehall Township, realized if her wife, Beth Goudy, became ill she would be ineligible for family, medical or bereavement leave because her employer of 14 years does not recognize Goudy as her spouse.

The couple wed in a religious ceremony May 6, 2007, in Pennsylvania and then legally married in Iowa in Goudy’s hometown Sept. 28, 2009. But their marriage is not recognized by Pennsylvania.

Request denied:

Stevens was heartened when she learned the St. Luke’s Hospital & Health Network nondiscrimination policy had been updated to say it does not exclude, deny benefits to or otherwise discriminate against protected classes, including those grouped by “sexual preference, gender identity and expression.”

She thought it meant the network had changed its stance and was going to begin extending benefits like nearby Lehigh Valley Health Network does. Stevens added Goudy to her plan during open enrollment.

On Dec. 5, her request was denied. It is frustrating to be legally married in one state but not be recognized in another, Stevens said.


Allentown Diocese settles Discrimination lawsuit with Muslim bookkeeper

My friend Dave sent me this item.  He lives in the general area served by the newspaper. 

I am on the fence here.  I want to say something about this seemingly nasty hunky priest discriminating against this Muslim American bookkeeper.  But he is no Father Bill Breslin of Boulder Colorado with an issue of Cafeteria Dogma.

I have lived within a dozen blocks of this particular church in Easton and the people of Easton are insular and socially retarded in that backwater corner of the American culture.

The fact that Ms. Omayma Arafa worked for the diocese for two years says a lot about the diocese hiring her in the first place. 

That parish I believe shares its elementary school with another or several parishes and thus the need for the diocese having bookkeepers coming in from outside to do the parish books.

The bottom line is that she probably was the last hired and the first fired.

And the insular socially retarded comments of this priest just comes with everyday living in upstate Pennsylvania.  Get over it.


According to court records: 
Arafa, who is an Egyptian Muslim, worked for the diocese from October 2007 until January 2009 when she was fired because her supervisor, Monsignor Edward Zemanik, "had a cold, distant and hostile attitude" toward her. 
Zemanik allegedly made comments about Arafa's religious beliefs. One day Zemanik saw her eating pizza and "hostilely inquired, 'Aren't there things you can't eat?'" When Arafa asked for a week off surrounding Christmas to spend time with her children, who were home, he allegedly asked her, "What do you care?" 
Arafa also made complaints about a volunteer, who harbored an "incredible disrespect" toward Arafa and said she "should not be there," because of her religion. Arafa claims nothing was done about the complaint.
In January 2009, Zemanik told Arafa that "things were going to change around here" and all of the diocesan employees were brought in to meet with managers. When Arafa met with her managers, including Zemanik, she was fired. The diocese told her that it could not afford to employ her and was going to hire an outside agency for bookkeeping. Arafa's job was eventually taken over by a non-Muslim male employee.

Monsignor Zemanik has since been reassigned to Saint Ambrose Church in Schuykill Haven, Pa..