Sunday, July 24, 2016

Tomeaphilia - Worship of Big Books (Idols) and Not Necessarily Their Contents = By Fundamentalist Christian and Islamic Religionists

Tomeaphilia - tome-a-phil-i-a - noun

Worship of Big Books (idols) and Not Necessarily Their Contents = by Fundamentalist Christian and Islamic Religionists 

(inspired, with a small "i", by a tweet regarding evangelical trolls by media personality John Fugalsang.)



Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Charlie Chaput’s Hellfire Club Convention – The Napa Institute - 2016

Cardinal or is it Archbishop Chaput of Philly is on or off his medications with this or that PR statement, by this or that mass closing of Philly inner-city schools and churches, or getting together with the boys in the absolute privacy of a wine cooler bunker in California, is finally breaking up, sobering up after one hell of a party past its closing date Jul 6-10. Worth every penny, tax-free btw.

Some honored (rumored) guests at Chaput’s Hellfire Club Party this year above.

When my memory was better, I think I was a bit too obsessed with the buggers that run the Catholic Church in Rome and America. I see from reading an old blog that was above my pay grade not in intelligence but in evolved personal belief that hit me with a hard realization that I did not belong there, while being hit also with the fact that the old boys of the RC church that would rather protect a bugger priest / nun than send him or her off to jail for abusing children, that the old “Religious Freedom”, “Religious Liberty” good ‘ole boys  of the American RC hierarchy are meeting, have been meeting, for a drinking fest in honor of one of the Founding Fathers – of Benjamin Franklin, networking, drunking it up, whoring it up in imitation of the “HellFire Club” from his days as unofficial American ambassador to the Court of Saint James in England in the eighteenth century.

That Cardinal Chaput of Philadelphia was a founding father of this RC Hellfire Club in Napa Valley – wine country in California – “The Napa Institute” was founded for the extreme uber-nazi-like wing of American RC Hierarchs to sit around and bitch about how Clergy don’t get any respect anymore – just like Rodney Dangerfield. At least with old Rodney there was punch line and a giggle. But these guys get together to swill Speaker Paul Ryan’s (a good “catolick” btw) private stock of $350 a bottle Lobbyist vino. 

That and celebrating Latin Masses in “Catacombs” (tunnels / wine cellars) and dealing in innocent prepubescent games of “grab ass” with or sans the tighty whiteys just like the good old days of Friday nights after five in the seminary. Wink. Nod. Gotcha!

Am reminded of the twitter hash tag for these guys favored choice for President of Donald Trump – the Napa Institute besides a private drinking club is a gathering place of writing checks to Citizens United Pacs by the Bishops in the hopes of regaining respect in America – long lost now after a decade or two of proof after proof of the incarnate evil of the #WhiningLittleBitch(es) in purple and red dresses to borrow a hash tag favored by the comedian Bill Maher for Donald #WhinyLittleBitch to gather funds for the GOP and other evangelical Hatriot groups Etc.


Saturday, July 9, 2016

Nat Turners Ghost Shows Up in Dallas? - Military Tactics - Robots - Drones - Habeas Corpus

Habeas Corpus – Latin Term = You Have The Body

I am really getting tired that the national psyche has to adjust itself everytime some sissy Confederate(s) in Rebel State(s) is having a hissy fit or a presidential assassination or mass murder / domestic Terror situation - we, the rest of us, have to adjust and or be reeducated by the Media (Little Mao’s Red Book?) every time Nat Turner’s ugly, not lazy, black ghost rears its head in the form of verboten phrases like “Nat Turner Lives”, Black (Armed) Panthers, or BLACK LIVES MATTER. (Blue Lies Matter phrase all locked up on Twitter for some reason, some freedom in the “land of free speech” btw)

They killed Kennedy in Dallas near my birthday in 1963. I say they because only an idiot can believe that one lone patsy part-time C IA operative e like Lee Harvey Oswald with a $12 war surplus mail-order rifle could serve up Annie Oakley miracle shooting style perfection in the execution of the Yankee Catholic President stupid enough to take secret service advice to roll around Dallas town in corrupt Texas in an open convertible.

I have to wonder what happened to the three people they picked up as suspects in the Cop Killings the other day in Dallas??? The "Spare" suspects ready to be served up to the public. 

I do not celebrate the death of any cop or any civilian innocent of any crime or just standing around on a balmy summer’s eve watching and or protecting the public’s right to peaceably to assemble and protest the militarization of our domestic police forces still being - using occupying Armies Tactics as in Iraq and Afghanistan in a city near you etc.

But hey. The suspect they had cornered, had bombs (or so he was quoted as saying) or so they said – They – the echo chamber media – that you cannot wait out, starve out a suspect – overtime – change of shift due etc. – global spreadsheet considerations – in the solving of any business problem just like the police business of late in the United States. Bottom line manager. Bottom Line Matters or no bonus!

So why not serve up Habeas Corpus to the screaming slave, former slave(?) with the recommended for slave owners NRA (endorsed only for whites btw) weapon of choice WMD - an armed, not unarmed god forbid ROBOT / GROUND DRONE – why not - not serve up Habeas Corpus for a hostage situation that ends not like any I have heard of before. 


Serving up Dallas style JFK justice before quitting time on the new (not pre-1963) Dallas Police force. lol 

I understand the want and need for immediate revenge against a bastard that breaks the rules and rips a hole in the comfort zones, white burb bubble idea of ideal white domestic tranquility mentioned in the preamble to the Constitution.  

I also understand why Lincoln suspended Habeas Corpus in time of War. 

But is RoboCop the new judge, jury along with being the arresting officer in any incident including bringing the bomb squad and or the bomb drone in for mass murder / hostage situations and or broken tail lights on colored people’s automobiles?


Justice Served! 

UP on a platter full of visible pork grease for the vegans out there wanting Justice? – That and Gitmo is closing – no room for the Nat Turner Types. Wink. Nod.

* (Drone has become a word for a flying toy (or stable mobile) for men in the military (Local Cops) to blow up ragheads (or uncharged civilians) at a distance in the great global land and asset steal of Big Biz Inc.?)



In dissecting the corpse of a domestic terrorist like Micah Xavier Johnson it is important that the American People know that he once pushed a “like” button on Facebook on the New latest version of the Black Panthers or some other Organized Slaves for Freedom or Respect Movement, remember that Like must mean LOVE and we can safely assume that anybody contaminated with the idea of truly free slaves from Africa who became instantly “lazy” the day that Railroad Lawyer of Abraham Lincoln sold them the idea of freedom and Welfare dependence on the state… Well you know the rest of White Big Brothers Spiel for Freedom for ALL ( or just us whites in the burbs ) etc. ;-)


Monday, July 4, 2016

Stars and Stripes Forever - John Philip Sousa

Hurrah for the flag of the free!
May it wave as our standard forever,
The gem of the land and the sea,
The banner of the right.
Let tyrants remember the day
When our fathers with mighty endeavor
Proclaimed as they marched to the fray
That by their might and by their right
It waves forever.

Friday, July 1, 2016

American Hibby Jobby Hat - Trump - Latest in Global Fashion

American Hibby Jobby Hat - Trump - Latest in Global Fashion

Trump is "We are looking into it" - firing female Muslim TSA workers wearing "HibbyJobbies" per question and descriptives from a lady in one of his mob audience rallies.