Monday, April 9, 2018

"3/5 Christian" Hannity Preaches Gangster Religion of UnCivility Masking Chaos and Hate.

Bugger but Hannity's "3/5 Christianity" = (leaving out the 2/5 hard part of Jesus' teaching about Love and Compassion/Empathy) - his display of loyalty to defend the POTUS' Tart Wife is a wonder to behold.

Hannity's bullying rhetoric reminds me of a Nazi standard of communication. I dread involving that "N" word except when it is plain that the word is  needed to describe a deplorable man earning his living in a deplorable fashion and abusing the public forum without civility. 

His boss Rupert Murdoch is just another selfish, thoughtless 3/5 Christian or worse and is the Original Deplorable imported to this country after he could not take over the UK with his miscommunication empire. 

Perfect match when a simple fellow like Jimmy Kimmel (like David and a slingshot) has to defend a quick little joke about an abominable and inexcusable Zsa Zsa accent in the wetback immigrant who has to talk that way in order to make her evil husband, slave master, hard in bed.