Monday, May 14, 2012

Bishop Kevin Rhoades’ Holy Witch Hunt on the Evil Girl Scouts of America

Bishop Kevin Rhoades of the USCCB Bishop’s committee on Laity, Marriage, Family Life and Youth is routing out the enemies of our country vested in the Girl Scouts of America.

These bishops have far too much time on their hands if a “War on Little Girls” is the important work of their catholic Christ.

According to NPR, the Bishop’s committee on Laity, Marriage, Family Life and Youth is conducting an inquiry into whether the Girl Scouts have “problematic relationships with other organizations.” NPR says that’s code for Planned Parenthood. 
The alleged Planned Parenthood-Girl Scouts connection, call it the axis of feminism, is actually something of a conservative talking point.  In February, an Indiana legislator conducted “a small amount of Web-based research” and concluded that the Girl Scouts are a front for Planned Parenthood. He said the Scouts encourage the girls to have sex and to respect unsavory role models who endorse communist and homosexual agendas. 
He noted disapprovingly that the First Lady is the organization’s honorary president (the First Lady is always the honorary president), and took exception to the fact that a Colorado troop allowed a transgendered child to join up.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

It is Okay to Hug a Tree

Why? Because God made trees. 

If you hug a tree, you are indirectly hugging God. 


Saturday, May 12, 2012

Facebook Co-Founder to take his IPO money and run away from America - Billionaire Deadbeat

Tax Dodging Billionaire Deadbeats - Zuckerberg and Saverin

Okay so this guy born in Brazil was raised in the U.S.A., educated here and found golden opportunity here.  But days before the overpriced IPO offer of Facebook to rob America's Pension Funds, it has been announced that Eduardo Saverin has renounced his American citizenship to save on taxes.  

My taxes have been supporting this billionaire deadbeat all his life. Fuck him and good riddins to his new country of tax free Singapore.  

So much for loyalty and humanity from yet another billionaire.

Has to make you wonder what country Zuckerberg goes off to hide in once this Facebook IPO Ripoff scam is complete?,0,5844322.story

But many in the online world this week are outraged at the perception that Saverin is trying to dodge the tax man. Americans feel personally ripped off, according to comments posted across a variety of social media platforms. Saverin made his riches off Facebook-loving U.S. taxpayers and is now defriending the country that made him rich when it comes time to add some of that money back to U.S. tax coffers.


1950 DeSoto


Bend in the Road - Philly - 1962


Mitt Romney – He Man – Macho Man

Some of you guys look like you need a hair cut. Conform!

Manly he-man Mormon man Mitt Romney don’t take no shit from no gays.  Yeah right.


Friday, May 11, 2012

Time Magazine Breastfeeding Cover is Disturbing

I don't know what this article is about other than breastfeeding. Common decency might dictate that the image be inside the cover.  

Is this child abuse?

What next Time?  John Travolta masturbating on the cover?

This rag's time I think has passed.  Time (no pun intended) to shut down operations I think. 


Mitt Romney - Hair Care Specialist

"I have no recollection of having cut Seamus' hair." - - Mitt Romney

Huh? Did that moron say hair cut?


Santa Karmita - Patron Saint of Karma

Santa Kamita is the patron saint of Karma.

What goes around come around. 

Quod vadit circa venit circa.

And Karma can sometimes be a bitch!

Prayer request here (                                                  ).



Thursday, May 10, 2012

Civil Rights - Equality - LGBT

No More Gay Jim Crow in America!


Romney Bullies Gays in High School – Prequel to coming GOP Inquisition in America

If you don’t conform like us real male dudes and act like the rest of us, we’re gonna come and get you.

Snotty rich kid! Bully! Domestic terrorist. Yellow rat bastard.

Best of the best of the GOP - Mitt Romney.

"...The Washington Post story, by Jason Horowitz, detailed a 1965 incident, witnessed by at least five Cranbrook students, in which Romney, incensed by the dyed blond locks of a fellow student, led what the Post described as a “posse” of students in a charge against the boy, threw him to the ground and hacked off his hair. “He can’t look like that,” Romney told a close friend at the time. “That’s wrong. Just look at him!”

No one was punished for the incident, according to a number of witnesses, who the Post tracked down and interviewed.

The Post also detailed incidents where Romney said “Atta girl,” in class to a closeted gay student, and deliberately held a door closed while an sight-impaired teacher walked into it.

But it is the story involving John Lauber, described as “a soft-spoken new student one year behind Romney…walking around the all-boys school with bleached-blond hair that draped over one eye” that may cause problems for Romney. After Romney rounded up some friends, including Matthew Friedmann, who gave his version of the story to the Post, “they came upon Lauber, tackled him and pinned him to the ground. As Lauber, his eyes filling with tears, screamed for help, Romney repeatedly clipped his hair with a  pair of scissors.”

Lauber, who died in 2004, was traumatized by the incident, according to a witness who bumped into him years later at a bar in Chicago O’Hare International Airport. “It was horrible,” Lauber reportedly told David Seed, a witness to the event, who apologized to Lauber for not helping stop it, the Post said...."


Fork in the Road - Secular vs. Religious Morality

The Prez and the VP came out in favor the a civil rights issue on Marriage Equality in the past few days.

The Prez did so a day after the redneck bible thumpers in North Carolina had to reinforce their own "religious" POV which goes with the Old Testmament and for lack of more civil words, the male penis right to fuck his property, whether it be woman, slaves or other "chattels".

It is amazing what I have seen in my lifetime of the far right religious nuts taking on the absolute authoritarian Roman model of the guys in silk and lace at the Vatican.  Of taking over a political party and wearing a false mask of Jesus.

That model makes no apology and exploits any human being male or female, straight or homosexual, or "priest-like" sexual (question mark ?) persons who by birth or accident wander into the precincts of religious stone age authority.

It is a day when the fundies are pushing gay hate in Africa as a means to slide into the socio-economic scheme there as a moral factor in the growing future wealth of that continent.

The old are bankrolling the current propaganda war in the west, Europe, North America and parts of South America against the idea that someone might be born with a sexual orientation different than the majority tribe POV.  The young already cherish their freedom to choose life the way they see fit and as God intended.

It is a great day when an African-American President of the United States can interject a secular moral idea based on individual introspection based on a pro-Jesus POV onto the world stage.

While traditions in Africa will not likely to change.  From this day forward another global morality base idea is brought into sharp focus to the rest of humanity.  While the Muslim world is not likely to follow on the merits of same sex marriage, the idea, the seed of change, of a diverse global POV is planted.

It is remarkable when the old men in the Vatican in the sixties put all their prestige and money so to speak on the Craps Table and based the whole future of a dying church on trying to monopolize an individual's right to choose and or to deny their right to live out freely what God has imposed on them as an individual in terms of his or her animus, animal nature.

The spiritual power, the "higher angels of out nature", is the goal, the evolution of the species to achieve over the baser forms of our shared lesser nature.

It is to be remembered that the words of the arch-villian of humanity, archbishop Wojtyla's advice and prejudice to Paul VI on birth control, took a biased view of Protestantism and the rights of individuals by stating that the "holy spirit" was exclusively with the Roman Catholic POV.

Well maybe the "holy spirit" now speaks on matters of human sexuality directly to the individual, a very Protestant concept, and the old fashioned generally corrupted religious POV is growing obsolete in the new global arena of thought.

The Enlightment, though blockaded and detoured through the recent past, is on a clear path to the future.

Human morality and human sexuality are no longer properties owned by the state and or state religion in this new dawning global age.


Truth - Kindness - Necessity - Missing Ingredients in the Present State of Public (non) Civility

My best friend when I was small was a Friend. Her parents were birthright Quakers active in prison reform and nuclear disarmament. As a child I saw the homelier side of Quaker practice - the silent meetings, the delicious treats at the annual bazaar and an early introduction to the three-fold sieve.
A LITTLE boy one day ran indoors from school and called out eagerly: "Oh, mother, what do you think of Tom Jones? I have just heard that ——" 
"Wait a minute, my boy. Have you put what you have heard through the three sieves before you tell it to me?" 
"Sieves, mother! What do you mean?" 
"Well, the first sieve is called Truth. Is it true?" 
"Well, I don't really know, but Bob Brown said that Charlie told him that Tom ——" 
"That's very roundabout. What about the second sieve — Kindness. Is it kind?" 
"Kind! No, I can't say it is kind." 
"Now the third sieve — Necessity. Will it go through that? Must you tell this tale?" 
"No, mother, I need not repeat it." 
"Well, then, my boy, if it is not necessary, not kind, and perhaps not true, let the story die."


Sunday, May 6, 2012

N Front Street at Olive - Philly - 1951

Freight train track running up the middle of North Front Street underneath the Frankford Elevated Line before the "El" in this section was moved to accommodate the great spoiler of urban beauty aka I-95 (Interstate 95).


Dr. Matthew C. Harrison, LCMS, begging for crumbs at the Catholic/Mormon table - 2012

Dr. Matthew C. Harrison, President of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS)’s bragging rights and admission to the discriminatory, and some, myself, might call the Hate Table of present evangelical American Christianity merged in secret PACs of the RCs with the Mormon Pagan Cult and the fanatical far right politicos is some strange ride for first termer President Harrison up for re-election in 2013.

Of course the LCMS is highly thought of in the RC hierarchy circles for its strict conservative view of Scriptures.  Harrison’s tenure has seen immediate downsizing and outsourcing of the corporate headquarters in St. Louis to displace hundreds of employees.  One wonders how the State of India or the People’s Republic of China will serve in practical function of the outsourcing of Sacraments to save a buck under “Tea Party Matt”.

The saving view of a dying institution like the RC church in Europe and North America is to downsize on people and expenses in the hope that the middle ages will return in the global world view in the future.  The LCMS has taken this survivalist; take no prisoners approach in defending the Bible as literal and jumping into bed, figuratively of course, with the USCCB United States Conference of Catholic Bishops on all political matters with Matt Harrison at the helm of the leaky LCMS rudderless boat.

The landmark Hosanna Tabor case handed down by a unanimous Catholic dominated U.S. Supreme Court stands by “ministerial exception” or “ministerial” Privilege alongside outmoded concepts like Chattel voting rights and people as property in the original U.S. Constitution.  Bravo Matt, enjoy the fruits of your labor at the Catholic feast table against human rights in favor of religious liberty to discriminate against all non-Catholic/Missouri Synod members and non-members within your religious bubble world.  And let's not forget the religious freedom to the feeding frenzy on all your elderly members, their assets and bequests.

The LCMS is at odds with it falling memberships against the larger more progressive ELCA, Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, with its more open interpretation of Scripture but sticking to basics.  Even with that, female ordination or monogamous gay ordination are within the boundaries of the ELCA message of Jesus that has its roots going back to tolerant Quaker Philadelphia in mid-eighteenth century America.

LCMS, enjoy the temporary merger in the 2012 election year with the Papes and the Joseph Smith-ers. And don’t yell rape in 2013 when the crumbs the Catholics and the Mormons sweep your way today are not enough to sustain your dying religious base into the future.

Have a nice day. 


Saturday, May 5, 2012

Dr. Matthew Harrison LCMS’ Penis is so Small…

…he has to sit next to Bishop Lori on Capitol Hill to feel like a really big guy.
Gosh Matt, you don’t have to sit next to a RC Princess to get a hard on, just keep preaching your anti-female hate in your Lutheran Church Missouri Synod Churches on Sundays.
Governor Jan Brewer is President of the Matt Harrison Fan Club and falls on every hate filled word that falls from your lips. 
“Oh Matt, you are so BIG to me…”  “Love, Jan”

All male expert Capitol Hill panel on female issues
Gov. Jan Brewer signed into law late Friday a bill that bans the state or any local government from using public money to contract with an organization that includes abortions in its services.
The governor’s signature on House Bill 2800 comes on the heels of her approval last month of a bill that bans abortions after 20 weeks.
Brewer signed the measure while speaking at a reception for the Susan B. Anthony List, a group devoted to helping elect anti-abortion officials to public office.
“This is a common-sense law that tightens existing state regulations and closes loopholes in order to ensure that taxpayer dollars are not used to fund abortions, whether directly or indirectly,” Brewer said in a statement. “By signing this measure into law, I stand with the majority of Americans who oppose the use of taxpayer funds for abortion.”


Gov. Jan Brewer’s Vagina is so dry…

…it makes southern Arizona look like a rain forest.
Nothing personal Jan. Just adding a punch line to all the blogs and tweets I see on the Internet that want to metaphorically put their fist up your cunt the same way you Republicans want to put your hands down my pants and up women’s vaginas all across America and claim it has to do with protecting privacy, freedom etc.
What sort of hate letters are you listening to in church on Sundays these days from your religious leader Dr. Matthew Harrison of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod which lists you as an active member on Wikipedia.
Dr. Matthew Harrison’s anti-female anti-contraception testimony on Capitol Hill recently obviously gave you a hard on in your Arizona campaign against all non-white, non-male humanity?
It is just that your hate campaign against brown people and females kinda sucks! You Suck Jan and Matt too!

Gov. Jan Brewer signed into law late Friday a bill that bans the state or any local government from using public money to contract with an organization that includes abortions in its services.
The governor’s signature on House Bill 2800 comes on the heels of her approval last month of a bill that bans abortions after 20 weeks.
Brewer signed the measure while speaking at a reception for the Susan B. Anthony List, a group devoted to helping elect anti-abortion officials to public office.
“This is a common-sense law that tightens existing state regulations and closes loopholes in order to ensure that taxpayer dollars are not used to fund abortions, whether directly or indirectly,” Brewer said in a statement. “By signing this measure into law, I stand with the majority of Americans who oppose the use of taxpayer funds for abortion.”


Thursday, May 3, 2012

GOP Vice President Slot to be Vetted by Opus Dei ?

Benedict's Consigliere (Opus Dei)

Considering how fast the far right closeted homophobes got rid of a competent right wing soldier, open gay guy Richard Grenell, off of Romney’s staff, one has to wonder who really is running the Bishop’s GOP Presidential bid/campaign, which faction, which church, which group agenda???

Beth Meyers, Bishop Romney’s nominal vetter for the GOP Vice Presidential position is out there officially. 

One has to wonder if a token female or temporary “honorary white Mormon male” on the Bishop’s staff is going to make any real decisions regarding the VP slot. Rhetorical question. Whose approval does she have to seek into order to give Mitt the "final list" of VP fodder?

There is an article in the press about the pope setting the Opus Dei dogs loose to sniff out and find leaks in the Vatican, especially the ones exposing financial corruption with crony contracts on the Vatican’s dime. They certainly are not sniffing out the sex crimes end of the Vatican business etc. Everybody seems to have a dirty little secret to hide in the Vatican on that playing field.

So the whistleblower so to speak Archbishop Carlo Vigano gets demoted to Papal Nunzio to the United States. What does that say to you?  Who is the Pope’s real man in Washington D.C. with Vigano at the head of the Nuncio’s Palace in Washington?  One has to wonder in an election year, who is in charge? Who will get the carbon copy of Bishop Romney’s list of Catholic Vice Presidential candidates from Beth Meyers?  

Can Bishop Rmoney just appoint any VP or does he need final approval from Opus Dei, sacred arm of the pope?

One has to wonder how all this Mormon Catholic USCCB protocol has to be worked out in the politics of this years election? One even has to wonder if there is a secret Vatican Concordat back in 2010 between the Vatican and the Mormon Church’s State of Deseret, once recognized by Pius IX because of its pro-slavery policy during the American Civil War etc. 

Just comes to mind who Bishop Romney could appoint as VP running mate, they are Chris “loud mouth” Christie, Marco “soft spoken” Rubio, Bobby “Hindu” Jindal, Rick "I'm not a homo" Santorum and pops over the hill, Newt “I’m Brilliant” Gingrich.

Am I leaving out any other catholics on the Romney VP ticket list?


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Christian Nation - Stephen Colbert

In other words - Put up or shut up!


Kiosk Government USA – Carne Ross

I ran into this independent thinker and doer on Colbert tonight called Carne Ross, a transplanted Brit that got caught up in America’s energy flow.

Without going into too many details and the little bit of research I have done some reading. His ideas, based on Occupy among others, flows of thought energy that favors leaderless democracy. And surely with the internet participation in town halls and decision making on a micro local level is possible right now.

It is like it has taken democracy something like two hundred years to come to the impasse and the realization that central control, central king like decision making is not needed in perhaps 80% of the things and needs of everyday people.

They want to do away with the post office when the P.O. is the ideal place to become the focal point of local and federal government, not as a stand in line, hand me something center, but a place where paper tax forms could still be had both for state and national government. 

The Post Office from the very beginning was designed to be the glue of our republic and keeping the paths of communication open in a vast land mass. 

That the Post Office like in some European governments could be the center of micro-banking to offset the behemoth monster banks and brokerage houses that feed on the blood of the masses these days.

And the P.O. could serve as an information center of computerized government for other needs.

This flows along with my idea that we must return to local control of creating and servicing mortgages on Main Street and ignore the capitalist vampire mantra that all good comes from mega capital.

There are creative people and ideas left in this dying old world.  

A new world of ideas and accomplishments are yet to be discovered.


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Spring Bloom, by David Schwindt


May is Zombie Appreciation Month – 2012

It makes a lot of sense.  The young do not buy into the Christian myth that Constantine created 1700 years ago to lead his troops into battle against the whole world, the non-Christian world.  The Roman Empire’s war against nature, the adoption of a numeric calendar for the army over a lunar calendar for crops is one clue of that.  

It makes sense in the last century or two that Christianity’s decline in Europe and North America parallels the letdown myth, even-ing out myth with zombies to offset the Constantinian delusion about himself as God the Father and his murdered son Crispus rising from the dead.That old man-made Emperor created myth has kinda outlived the spec script, jumped the shark so to speak.

A zombie (Haitian Creole: zonbi; North Mbundu: nzumbe) is an animated corpse brought back to life by mystical means, such as witchcraft. The term is often figuratively applied to describe a hypnotized person bereft of consciousness and self-awareness, yet ambulant and able to respond to surrounding stimuli. Since the late 19th century, zombies have acquired notable popularity, especially in North American and European folklore.

Zombies are the logical offset of a dying religion myth. God surrounds you in May. Only the Roman Empire types can’t see nature in May and have to kill Jesus one more time on an altar and drink his blood one more time…and of course be saved one more time yadda, yadda, yadda.

May is the perfect month in the northern hemisphere to illustrate the end of the fear of death, fear of hell, fear of living caught in a delusional “Christian nation” tortured myth and against the free will challenge to live a life without zombies myths and zombie keepers.  Park your brains at the door I believe is the status of all the good faithful of Benedict XVI’s cult church amidst the present ruins of Christianity.
May is when nature comes alive after winter.

Belief in zombies is a realisitic belief in what happens physically after death. The spiritual thing has always been a different can of beans for tens of thousands of years in the human culture. In a way zombies are a symbolic step to let go of the present culture myths and embrace whatever turns you on.

The ghost stories of Jesus, the zombie thing, is a perfect match and offset to the power and beauty of the Lord Creator of Nature with a capital “N”.

There is a God and he/she/it is Nature!


Enjoy the living flow of nature.


You Have No Choice - George Carlin


Monday, April 30, 2012

Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs – Messiah of the New Global Culture

200 West Street - Goldman Sachs H.Q. NYC - the new Vatican

It is a secret to many perhaps about the return of Jesus to planet earth. One had always thought that he would come back in clouds and not in a revelation.

But since the premise I believe is true that:

Capitalism is the new religion; money is the new God – then the only body standing claiming both power and “doing the work of God” is his holiness Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs. (bow your heads)

Of course this may all be somewhat confusing to the holders of the old dead Christian belief systems, sects, cults, delusions, propagandas etc.

The truth of the big change in the United States elections for Emperor (President) is when the powers behind the throne of the G.O.P. (God’s Own Party) have backed the Mormon cult guy to lead “a Christian nation”. (wink, nod)

(Christianity doesn’t mean jack shit anymore apparently.  All that socialism and communism and actually trying to care for poor buggers etc., what a waste of valuable investment capital…)

I had been searching these past few years here to try and reconcile the early Jesus philosophy with the corrupted buggering army thing that Constantine the Great merged with all his favorite pagan religions and rituals.  Well time moves on, and the core of the old Constantine cult, the RCC, is obsolete when it cannot reconcile itself to half the human race, females (yuk!), let alone the new global culture that has risen right up among us.

And it like all cultural things, those clinging to the old ways are               somehow indistinguishable from the new religion of supply and demand, crushing 99% of humanity back into the caves where they deserve to belong – but oh how glorious is this new age of the raptured who have lived to see and be warmed in the light of the new God/Money.

Praise be to Dollars! (one of God’s favored nicknames) (Pounds in the UK, Yen in Tokyo etc.)

That means that 200 West Street in Manhattan, the Goldman Sachs Tower (above), is where the holy of holies is, a new Vatican(?), where the sacred ritual of trade is practiced and the messy collateral damage of computerized sacrifice to the new God/Money such as blood, chaos, starvation, poverty, civil war and evil imposed on the beasts, the poor, is not dirtying up the clean marbled and carpeted floors of the new high priests in their sacred skyscraper castle of this new age and religion. 

People must now remove their shoes when entering 200 West.

This is surely holy ground!

Oh God of Money, prove that you love me.  Inspire your high priest Lloyd, (Jesus come again) to give me a computerized formulated hedge fund algorism to make me rich!


Behold the face of divine perfection you mere lowly mortals.

(warning - sarcasm)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Muslims Outdo the Crazy Religion Thing on This One!

Religion in Egypt gets crazier by the minute!

It perhaps loses something in the translation thing?????

Egypt’s Islamist-dominated parliament is set to introduce a law allowing husbands to have sex with their dead wives up to six hours after death. Critics fear it highlights a trend of increasingly anti-female legislation since the Arab Spring.

The “farewell Intercourse” bill was inspired by a Fatwa issued by a Moroccan cleric last year. Zamzami Abdul Bar said that since the two would meet in Heaven again anyway, death shouldn’t get in the way of one last post-mortem marital romp. 

Critics have slammed the law as “catastrophic.” Prominent journalist and TV host Jaber al-Qarmouty used his program on Tuesday to lash out at the proposed law.

“This is unbelievable. It is a catastrophe to give the husband such a right! Has the Islamic trend reached that far? Is there really a draft law in this regard? Are there people thinking in this manner,” he lamented on air.

Egypt’s National Council for Women (NCW) also called on Parliament not to adopt this and other measures which they believe increasingly seek to roll back women’s rights.

The NTC further charges that "marginalizing and undermining the status of women would negatively affect the country's human development.”

Along with the rather grim “farewell Intercourse” draft law, parliament is also set to approve legislation that would allow girls as young as 14 to get married.

Lawmakers are also seeking to eliminate a reform implemented over a decade ago that allows women to end unhappy or abusive marriages without interference from their spouses.


Secret Language of Angels


Mitt Romney no different than Prime Minister Cameron in the Breeding Department?

Pure Bred like Mitt?

Looking at a bit of the BBC today and Parliamentary questions and answers and the growing Murdoch scandal that seems to have a special firewall here in America, the term “Posh Boys” got tossed around against the PM and Chancellor Osborne.

It is a label that may stick on the other side of the pond.

Well, as for Mitt and Ann, I think that maybe an upgrade in language or terms for the Doggy Breeding and Horsey breeding rich set might be a useful communications tool, to perhaps enliven rhetoric, in the upcoming boring election season against the “mutts” or 99% in 2012.

Austrian Warmblood
While few will see a pure breed Afghan hound in the image of Williard, I think that may Ann “Dish Pan Hands” Romney might have some roots or affinity with her Austrian Warmbloods, which I suspect she has many more of than Cadillacs.

Here are some glossaries of terms of the 1% Romney types and their hobby of linebreeding, both of themselves and their prize dogs and horses.

Breeding and Whelping Terms

Dictionary of Horse Terms

Did Mitt charges studs fees for Seamus along the way in order to pay for the gasoline on those trips.  That was the reason to drag the poor creature around on the car roof? One thing rich people are is cheap. Seamus was no doubt a pure breed. Just saying.


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Benedict XVI's New Church – Bully the Nuns and give Power to the Anti-Semites SSPX (Party)

The political arm of the American Empire since the mysterious death of John Paul I has been the Papacy.  General Wojtyla (JPII) did whatever it took to defeat the Commies and ultimately now the Christians, the few real ones left in that of late money laundering child buggering institution, through his hand picked Wehrmacht bred successor Benedict the German.

The American He-she Bishops’ new target to get anti-Christ comformity for their new masters, the GOP/Koch brother oligarch types, is the Nuns

The Vatican has issued a harsh statement claiming that American nuns do not follow their bishops’ thinking. That statement is profoundly true. Thank God, they don’t. Nuns have always had a different set of priorities from that of bishops. The bishops are interested in power. The nuns are interested in the powerless. Nuns have preserved Gospel values while bishops have been perverting them. The priests drive their own new cars, while nuns ride the bus (always in pairs). The priests specialize in arrogance, the nuns in humility….

Now the Vatican says that nuns are too interested in “the social Gospel” (which is the Gospel), when they should be more interested in Gospel teachings about abortion and contraception (which do not exist). Nuns were quick to respond to the AIDS crisis, and to the spiritual needs of gay people—which earned them an earlier rebuke from Rome. They were active in the civil rights movement. They ran soup kitchens….

Last week, following an assessment by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the Vatican stripped the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, representing most American nuns, of its powers of self-government, maintaining that its members have made statements that “disagree with or challenge the bishops, who are the church’s authentic teachers of faith and morals.” Archbishop Peter Sartain of Seattle has taken control of the Conference, writing new laws for it, supplanting its leadership, and banning “political” activity (which is what Rome calls social work). Women are not capable, in the Vatican’s mind, of governing others or even themselves. Is it any wonder so many nuns have left the orders or avoided joining them? Who wants to be bullied?...

It is typical of the pope’s sense of priorities that, at the very time when he is quashing an independent spirit in the church’s women, he is negotiating a welcome back to priests who left the church in protest at the reforms of the Second Vatican Council. These men, with their own dissident bishop, Marcel Lefebvre, formed the Society of Saint Pius X—the Pius whose Secretariat of State had a monsignor (Umberto Benigni) who promoted the Protocols of the Elder of Zion. Pope Benedict has already lifted the excommunication of four bishops in the Society of Saint Pius X, including that of Richard Williamson, who is a holocaust denier. Now a return of the whole body is being negotiated.
None of the anti-Semitic ties of the Pius X crew matter to Rome, since that crew holds to the hard line against women priests, gay marriage, and contraception. They have also retained the Latin Mass, which Rome has been inching back toward. All these things, you see, are the work solely of male hierarchs, distrustful of the People of God—who are the church, as defined by the Second Vatican Council. Those Lefebvre defiers of the Council are all the things the nuns are not, and all the things Rome wants to restore. The real Gospel must be quashed in the name of the pseudo-Gospel of papal monarchs. Poor Anne O’Connor—she thought caring for the poor was what Jesus wanted. She did not live to see that what Rome wants is all that matters.


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pedophile Priests Philly - Nobody's Perfect

Jurors in a clergy-abuse trial heard Tuesday about a priest who was left in ministry for years after therapists called him a manipulative pedophile and a ticking time bomb.

The evidence was presented by prosecutors in the child-endangerment trial of Monsignor William Lynn, the longtime secretary for clergy in Philadelphia. Prosecutors say he helped keep dangerous priest-predators in jobs where they could continue to abuse children.

Tuesday's evidence focused on the late Father Peter Dunne, who had served as a Boy Scout leader and director of a Bucks County school for delinquent boys and at one point had two young men living with him at a parish in Oxford, Pa.

The archdiocese had Dunne evaluated after an Oregon doctor complained in 1986 that he had been abused by Dunne, his former priest and Scout leader. The doctor later lost his license for molesting patients, leaving his wife and children deeply in debt, according to a 2005 grand jury report.

Therapists who evaluated Dunne warned that he had addictive sexual compulsions and should never be around children. They recommended around-the-clock supervision.

"(The psychologist) stated quite bluntly that that he feels we are sitting on a powder keg," one internal church memo said.
The series of memos shown in court Tuesday demonstrate that Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua had three concerns about the case: scandal, the good of the church and Dunne's welfare, in that order.

The potential risk to children was not mentioned.

Read more:

Philly Crime Boss "Big Tony" Bevilacqua