Sunday, April 15, 2012

Is Mitt Romney Self-Insured for his Healthcare?

Self-Insured Mitt Romney?

With his refusal to participate in Medicare, where does Mitt Romney get his healthcare?  He, like all the rich self-insure themselves.  Some interesting questions here.

Are his children working or just living off the family fortune stolen at Bain Capital? That’s five sons and sixteen grandchildren in need of healthcare protection.  But the rich are not like the rest of us. 

Self insurance is little more than putting aside cash for emergencies and drawing down on it in time of need.  Statistically and like any insurance company, the odds and amounts are fairly predictable. In the case of a Romney, he goes to a hospital and pays and or negotiates what he is willing to pay and the hospital accepts or renegotiates the offer etc.  Cheaper than going through middle men health care providers sometimes. And take a tax loss when the medical bills get really high.  Just like business bookkeeping. Win-Win for the rich. 

I see in the below article that Mitt does not treat healthcare premiums on his income taxes as real healthcare as much as he treats it as a nuisance tax to claim residence in Massachusetts that under RomneyCare, health insurance is a mandated law.

Why all the secrecy about Mitt’s wealth and how it works for him and how if elected President, he can scrap Medicare because he is too rich to care about the rest of the citizens of a republic?

Kind of reminds me of 2008 when he was running and one journalist asked his sons if they were going to serve their country in the military.  Their response was that they were serving their country by working in Mitt’s campaign.  Geez.  Milk.  Cookies.  Mormons and the death of civility, reality and patriotism in America.