Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Holy Shite - Monsignor Lynn Trial - Philly


Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua promoted McCarthy the next year to lead a parish in Norristown. Before long, a travel agent whose husband had donated $25,000 to the archdiocese complained about McCarthy running a travel business that had robbed her of parish bookings.
And priests were complaining about McCarthy’s temperament, and about sexually-charged speech, underwear catalogs that came in the mail and gay pornography found in his bedroom. While McCarthy was away, a raid of sorts turned up pornography and a homoerotic poster on his wall.
McCarthy was sent for a psychiatric evaluation, and deemed a “homosexual ephebophile,” someone attracted to adolescent boys. He was put on a “health leave,” where he remained until he was defrocked in 2006. He spent some of that time working the graveyard shift as a cashier at an Atlantic City casino, according to one letter he sent Bevilacqua.

W Endorses Mittens for Prez

The former president offered a four-word endorsement of Romney as the doors of his elevator were closing after a speech Tuesday in Washington.

Bush said: "I'm for Mitt Romney."


All rich preppy bully inbred idiots should stick together.  Peanut and butter.  LOL


Bank Panic - Bank Run in Greece

The average Greek Citizen sees the Worldwide Economic Apocalypse coming.  Handwriting on the wall regarding the German dictated Economic Holocaust planned for the Greek Economy.

Close to one Billion withdrawn from the unstable worldwide banking system on Monday.



Culture Wars - Philly - 1971

Billboard, 3rd and Market, "Abortion is Murder".

Propaganda costs money.

Your tax free church dollars at work.


Corner Grocery Store - Philly - 1961

Side Window - Local Signs from bottom - Frank's, Triple Cola, Abbott's (Dairy)