Tuesday, October 25, 2011

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“Joe the Pope” and his Dysfunctional Crime Family aka The Bishops

Since I am following a number of events in the Catholic Dysfunctional Church of late, here is a mixed bag of thoughts, facts, observations and opinion.

What strikes me is the passivity of the Laity to these bishop overseers.  That in the Kansas City case, this Father Ratigan was allowed to run around and still be exposed to children and manage to snap nude (semi-nude actually Bill Donohue, that doesn’t count. Right?) pictures of little girls apparently right under the noses of their parents.  

There is of course one parental law suit where all the sordid details paint the picture of a totally heartless, willfully blind Bishop Finn, once on a fast track to a red hat.

I say heartless, meaning he doesn’t have a heart.  He went into the seminary at age 12 and has no social skills.  A female principal at St. Patrick’s school hand delivered her letter of warning (CYA letter) to the chancellery one full year before the civil authorities had to step in to protect these children from Father Ratigan.  That a female principal’s alarm did not apparently register anything in Finn’s eunuch brain.  Whatever.  

They are stonewalling everybody.  They know that the precedent of a RC bishop resigning with a criminal indictment would encourage other District Attorneys to go after this new American ENEMY WITHIN, the Roman Catholic Church crime family hierarchy - the Bishops. 

Finn stays. He is a Bishop.  He is a Made Man.

Looking at the National Catholic Reporter online newspaper, they have one article where Cardinal Pell looks down his nose at this new C- (C minus) high school Latin hack translation of the Mass - Missal and called it children’s literature, meaning it has big words in it and that the Laity should look them up in some theology dictionary. Snide condescending bastard. 

English is the language of the 21st Century Global Culture. This third rate translation builds more walls against the rest of the Christian world and confuses dogma to the man and woman in the pews still bothering to attend the Catholic faith.

Pell is one to talk about children’s literature and children.  Stood by his pedophile priest house-mate back in the 1990s.  Mates forever and all that over and above the paid for white washed allegations of his youthful days as a seminarian/counselor in a summer boy’s camp.  

Pell.  Another Made Man in the RC crime empire. Whatever.

There is another article in the NCR about a bunch of bishops in Australia gathering to reconcile, to get with the party line, why they had to whack Bishop Bill Morris of Toowoomba Diocese.  

He didn’t like wearing a collar in tropical heat and his one real sin against the crime brotherhood of bishops was that he admitted and even commented on a survey of his flock that stated that they did not disapprove of the concept of Women Ordination.  They had to bring in a Yank hit man to whack Morris, Bishop Charles Chaput of Denver.
Charles is famous for signing off on the throwing of two little girls out of  Bill Breslin’s RC Sacred Heart of Jesus school in Boulder Colorado because their mothers were lesbians.  The school could not teach standard hate doctrine to the girls.  They might notice or question the discrepancy between their reality, reality in general actually, and RC doctrine.

I, rather cynically, feel that if the two children in question had been boys and theirs Dads had been a gay couple, this would have never made it to the national news.  That we all know that the reason it was an issue is because of the vagina thing, the unmentionable thing.  

RC priests don’t know what "it" is or how to deal with "it". 

Dysfunctional towards half the human race and they sit in their robes and tell us Jesus said this and Jesus meant that.  Fairy tales from fairies?

There was the weirdest statement I ever heard.  It was from Bishop, now Archbishop Chaput, a reward for whacking Bishop Morris no doubt and trashing a lesbian couple too.  At his installation in the fortress cathedral in Philadelphia - “Of course, my appointment to Philadelphia is an arranged marriage, and the Holy Father is the matchmaker….”.

Chaput has been brought in to keep the lid of the cauldron on tight, regarding the mess of Cardinal Justin “Big Frank” Rigali who was the crime boss of crime bosses in his day, the way he let children be buggered in the St. Louis, Missouri and the Philly Archdiocese, which is where I was raised and received 12 years of Catholic education.  

This is why I am so upset.  That I somehow was once associated with this crime family.  I now know what it is like to be Italian American and being despised because of the “Mafia”.  I was once a Catholic but don’t link me to that pedophile loving protecting church.  

This is not the Catholic Church of my youth, my parents, grandparents.

Anyway, Chaput in his opening statement in the Cathedral made reference to his forced and or arranged marriage ordered by the Don of Dons, Joe the Pope, being the matchmaker.  Yuk! 

In my point of view, arranged marriages are such a primitive form of torture and the basis of spousal abuse on a planetary scale.  That the human race on a planetary scale has centuries to go before men and women are equal and also equal to the true message of Jesus.

What ever happened to 1 Timothy 3:2 where a bishop is supposed to be married to a real woman?  This allegorical married to the church bullshit is what all this celibate but not chaste buggery is all about.

Anyway, we all know where Archbishop Chaput stands on buggery.

He and hundreds of priests gave Monsignor Lynn of child endangerment indictment fame, they gave him a standing ovation for a job well done, a few weeks back at a private secret dinner.

While we know that Bill Lynn will never become a Made Man in Joe the Pope’s crime family, he is no doubt a honorary “made man”.  

Look at all the other made men associated with pedophile protection-enabling over the years nurtured by the Philly Cardinals Bevilacqua and Rigali past regimes – Bishop Cullen of Allentown Pennsylvania, Bishop Cistone of Saginaw Michigan and let’s not forget Archbishop Naumann of Kansas City Kansas who is now sympathetic to Bishop Finn’s plight in Kansas City, Missouri.

Need a favor, move a priest around.  Throw a dart onto the map. 

And over all this, we have Bill Donohue, over at the Catholic League, the guardian angel of the pope’s crime family in America. 

Bill serves in a catholic Judenrat like function, approved of by two popes or he would not keep his job, no doubt paid for with Vatican cash to oversee the persecuted Catholic family/community in the hostile Protestant United States. Persecuted?  In heaven's name - Why?

And let’s not forget Archbishop Timothy Dolan of New York, head of the USCCB, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops:
“ninety-nine bottles of beer on the wall, ninety-nine bottles of…”

Great dysfunctional crime family papa Joe the Pope.  You must be very proud.

Have a nice day.