Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Thatcher – Last of the Cold War Triumvirate Antichrist Dies - Eulogy

Cold War Warriors - Triumvirate - Antichrist?
-Thatcher - Reagan - Wojtyla

It sounds a bit ridiculous. But after we defeated evil in World War II, we adapted the tactics of our enemies to fight our enemies.  

This of course has spiraled in seventy odd years to corporate wars paid for by U.S. Taxpayers and torture and suspension of habeas corpus in secret oversea dungeons like Guantanamo.

One has to wonder if Hitler and or the Soviet Union were Satan, then what equal force of evil was needed to defeat them. In the 1980’s I think of no other PR force in the media as the Three Part Antichrist of Reagan, Thatcher and Wojtyla to defeat the thought that people and the production of the people belongs to the people if only in theory and not practice.

Something about deficit spending on the military, secret Contra wars against peasants in Central and South America, along with the breaking of unions, workers' rights, and the obliterating of livelihoods of workers in the north of England at the expense of enriching the wealthy in London and we end up with the Vatican Bank as the money launderer of western empire and ambitions and the plight of buggered children ignored by a Moral in Mask Only papacy on marionette strings pulled by the CIA as three components of evil that live on to this day of these past thirty years to cause, the source, of so much rot in our social and moral systems.

Was the Soviet Union as evil as the collateral damage caused in the West to defeat them?

The airwaves yesterday were pretty much filled with the accomplishments of Margaret Thatcher,the deceased former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. She being the last living component of the Triumvirate Antichrist chosen as acceptable evil to fight so-called evil in the East.

Reading the papers today, apparently she died alone in a hotel room, an expensive hotel room no doubt at the Ritz. A first class nursing home / space by any other name. The original press releases gave the impression of her two children being at her side. 

But today, her two children living abroad in Switzerland and Spain, not liking what Britain has become are being searched out for PR statements about their arrival at Mummy’s funeral. 

One also gets the impression that the nursing home room at the Ritz may have been the result of her dear children selling her mansion out from under her in her late stages of dementia and dumping what was left of the Iron Lady into the care of some hourly no benefits paid nurse on call at the hotel front desk?

Not a pretty ending to the great woman the press is trying to paint as the Savior of Britain??? But an ending never the less. We all come to some end in our end.

I give her the fact of being a woman successful in a man’s world and making it to the top of the political heap.  

No doubt the wussification of the male population in Britain since WWII was evident in her rise.

She was a harsh lower middle class grocer’s daughter with harsh lower middle class cares for her white neighbors only in small village Britain of nostalgic thought. Though I cannot remember seeing her ever shaking the hands of a Pakistani merchant or grocer in the less Toni sections of London.

The American Cable news yesterday propped her up as part of a reason to resurrect the tin god of Ronald Reagan from the grave to somehow tout whatever he was supposedly good at, which I think was deficit spending in face of the great evil empire of the Soviet Union that one morning simply faded away.

That the collapse first of the Soviet Union under a system of crony socialism and economic unfairness and inefficiencies merely marked the first system to collapse.  

Our system, that did not retool for peace after the collapse of the Iron Curtain. Has merely gone on to invent enemies that we stir up like hornets’ nests by droning them and their neighbors as collateral damage in a new Cold War like model based on some Pentagon Dr. Strangelove mindset run amuck on the world stage.
Growing pains of a new global culture?

Thatcher broke the unions and aborted the native coal industry in favor of outsourcing energy to cheap petroleum imports.

In fact on the coal, energy and union thing, I begin to believe that one of the important historic aspects of the Harvard Brown Wharton Global Spreadsheet mentality is that no one from Ivy League colleges or the London School of Economics in their business models want to get their hands dirty, create anything, let alone sit down to a table of human beings, union members and negotiate fair wages and benefits for workers.  

This whole global spreadsheet thing is exporting sweat, dirt and labor further and further down some ladder into hell?

Thatcher did not negotiate. It was not in her nature. In fact the only good thing she did was challenge the bullies of the Argentine Junta that stole the Falkland Islands and started that war.  

Of course, the world was fast changing then.  A mere thousand dollar off the rack French Exocet Missile could if it hit the right spot destroy a billion dollar (a lot of money back then) air craft carrier. But the Brits lucked out with an little bit of unofficial US spy satellite info and the Junta Generals were a bunch a morons, tripping over their own medals, after all was said and done.

The Argentinians, the people, got a measure of freedom from dear Margaret’s middle class shopkeeper demeanor, emphasis on the mean part perhaps. Collateral damage of Maggie’s war. Lol.

At least somebody benefited besides the rich of England, benefited from her arrogance and lack of personal humanity to her own greater native peoples of Britain.


Rest in Peace.

They are going to cremate her. No friendly earth in England to accept her bones? No safe place to hide from getting pissed on in death in your grave?

Where I wonder will her two brats dump her ashes?


Maggie's Dead Cake Offered Free to People Celebrating in Leeds, Street Party

She transformed, enriched, the Southeast of England (London) at the expense of the rest of Britain.

She robbed the people in the north of their dignity and future in order to Pay the London Financiers! 

- part of the new virtual by numbers, nothing real produced except billionaires, global economy.

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