Monday, April 22, 2013

Costco’s Fcuk You Customers Milk Drum/Carton – Nobody likes them except Greedy Costco!

Got Wrists?

Costco’s Fcuk You Customers Milk Drum/Carton – Nobody likes them except Greedy Costco!

They are big, unwieldy, spill a lot, more designed to transport gasoline than milk. But they are more efficient, save Costco shipping costs because of the elimination of shipping cases.

So Fuck You Public. Take it or leave it! Drink piss. The customer must be told what they like. It is the new world order. Eliminate all labor - maximize Profit!

People with arthritis can just stuff it. Costco wins. The new world order. The new world economy. 

Got a home crane to lift this baby up in place to spill pour a glass of milk?

If you don’t like it, maybe they will send a drone to your house to shut you ungrateful bastards up. LOL Etc.

Have a nice day.

And a guaranteed spilled glass of milk!

FU = Public be damned!

So called Green should be a two way conversation instead of one design fits all for the next fifty years. Duh!

Happy Earth Day - all you Slaves of Green!


Rumors Abound Regarding Boston Bombers

An article in The Mirror regarding the FBI looking into the two bombers as part of a 12 member terrorist Sleeper Cell.  Something the Brits have an interest and eye out for.

I must confess I thought that the damage done in Britain by terrorists had to do with the class system there and the Muslim population’s dissatisfaction of opportunity there.

In the case of the Boston Bombers, I took the thought about how gray economics are for the younger generation without jobs and opportunities but these two brothers do not fit the mold on that one.

Also, locally, I only heard this one rumor once on the media about how this had all been planned for the New York Marathon on November 4 2012 that got cancelled due to collateral damage from Hurricane Sandy.

I also have to wonder in a paranoid vein how such an occurrence of violence had it happened so close to a Presidential election two days later, how that would have played with the spin doctors in the media. How much of coincidence is fact or imagined fancy? Makes you think?

Other ridiculous rumors about a government conspiracy etc. While I do not see a false flag operation here, I have seen a lot of holes in a Boston story that seemed rather heavily dedacted.

This article out of Britain about a possible Sleeper Cell fills in a lot of holes in the story reported so far.


Keep safe. If you see something strange or out of the ordinary, report something.