Saturday, August 2, 2008

Jesus Never Laughed

Jesus never laughed.

What a pity!

Does that mean that God does not laugh either? (In the genes so to speak.)

Christianity does not seem to be a religion of quips or one liners. It is all too serious. Christian love stops at the corner and rarely crosses the street. Ask Mel Gibson.

I do not mean to be irreverent but I have reached a signpost and a turn in the road in regards to my spirituality. I am getting older. Got to finish and polish my spec script, my take on the whole matter.

The road to truth in Christianity, in terms of legitimate documentation, seems like a ride in the funhouse at some roadside carnie festival. Lots of twists and sharp curves. Lots of air bellows in your face, lots of pop up skeletons, screams, reactions, dangling knives and a quick push back out into the harsh light of reality and an end to fantasy.

The overall effect seems sometimes to me like a black and white silent movie spliced together from different movies on the cutting room floor.

One begins to think that when they got to the Council of Nicaea and had to wonder how Judaism turned into Christianity, maybe they had to invent a Socrates or maybe even a Saul of Tarsus character in the script room.

We will never know.

Getting back to Jesus and his never, never, never having laughed, not even to a good fart joke – (sad) – claims of humanity and in fact little humanity at some points of a story-board life. The story line was written in a much different age, one in which the state and not the individual counted.

Speaking of spec scripts and from someone who has attempted to write a play or two in his time – The Book of Revelation, I have never been able to read it in a single sitting – which makes me think that it has an energy flow of a script for a staged propaganda play with narration, bells, whistles, and the mechanically produced illusion of fire for non-believers etc.

I recognize a recycled Greek Play (spec script) when I see one – or so I think. This book is the backbone of so much fundamentalist thinking (oxymoron) these days.

Forgive me, but all this ancient history, spec history, opinion, punditry, wars, murders, heresy, might have to do with Jesus being an evolved creature that his most ardent followers at present would crucify given half a chance.

All this stuff about Jesus does not take away from Jesus but who is the real Jesus? I think that he came to enlighten us. Other than that, my words fail me.

The destruction of the Temple in 70 C.E. and the need to cling to Judaism or to conveniently deny it by Christians – to suck up to the Roman masters etc. is at the heart of this Jerusalem artichoke conundrum about various scripts and storylines. Got a good vinaigrette recipe? Or a paid scribe?

Very few words in the official General Constantine approved Greek Testament I take as literal fact these days. It’s all mixed up with recycled Isaiah who I think was talking about the destruction of Solomon’s Temple (and events at another specific time) and having little or nothing to do with Herod’s boondoggle project or historical era.

Where do I go from here? I don’t know. My faith is bit thin today.


(please try to laugh today – life is too short to not even chuckle)

- -