Friday, June 28, 2013

Archbishop Charles Chaput off his Meds (and Reservation?) Again – Trashes 99% of Everyday Christians as “Pagans” – Welcome to the “New Evangelization”

who ha who ha nana nana na - Do the Philly Shake

In practice, American society now breeds a kind of radical self-focus and practical atheism – not
by refuting faith in God, but by rendering God irrelevant to people’s needs and urgencies of the
moment. (Just the way Jesus used to do it ???) …

Here’s what that means for all of us as believers. A “new” evangelization must start with the
sober knowledge that much of the once-Christian developed world, and even many self described
Christians, are in fact pagan.


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Paula Deen - Lard Queen - Goes Down Fighting Amid Charges of the Truth regarding Her Southern Baked Bigotry

I git the fact that Paula Deen is a product of a super dumbed down southern non-culture that refuses freedom of expression since 1619 and the first schil Ponzi scam to take temporary indentured illiterate slave black labor from Muslim Africa and use them for everything from cane cutting, incest and fertilizer. I git it.

Dolan, Cordileone, Donohue Vow Fight to Death for Constitutional Amendment to Prevent Rick Santorum's Kids from Marrying Dogs, Cats, Sheep etc.

You Heard Here First.

In case you pagans don't understand it. 

Marriage is between a "man" and a "woman" and blessed by a "celibate" Catholic priest. 

Filibuster in Texas = Damn the GOP and Its Phony Anti-Female Kristian Religion

Protesters Storm Texas State Capital Building

Let the GOP religion take their phony Jesus crusade banners back to hell with their phony kristian religion and their anti-privacy, anti-feminine, anti-vagina laws like the current crock of horseshit in Texas.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Prophet - Alexander Pushkin

Alexander Pushkin - The Prophet

With fainting soul athirst for Grace,
I wandered in a desert place,
And at the crossing of the ways
I saw a sixfold Seraph blaze;
He touched mine eyes with fingers light
As sleep that cometh in the night:
And like a frightened eagle's eyes,
They opened wide with prophecies.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Last Mass – Saint Joan of Arc Church – Harrowgate / Kensington Philadelphia

                                                                  photo - Lou Gould

Bishops Brom – Flores Admin / Catholic Diocese of San Diego Fires Domestic Violence Victim Teacher and Expels her 4 Children from System – What did she do to Ex-Husband to make him act that way? Bad wife…

Carie Charlesworth

In typical head in the sand manner of shunning anybody different like gays or hiding in a big way from the real everyday things of life and or living, domestic violence per say, Bishop Robert “I am not a Vampire” Brom and co-joined twin bishop Flores and their admin have responsibility for the random willy nilly reactionary actions of it kiss-ass education team to act like a bunch of evil uncaring assholes.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Cornerstone of a New Global Village?

Unfinished Monuments - Grand Army Plaza Brooklyn - 1894

Jesus said, “Show me the stone that the builders rejected. That is the cornerstone.”

Gospel of Thomas 66, Psalm 118:22-24, Matthew 21:42, Mark 12:10-11, Acts 4:11-12, 1st Peter 2:6-8

We travel further away, some of us, the older of us, from the village of our youth.

Some of us carry that image in our minds and our hearts till we die.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Joan Baez - Night they drove Old Dixie down


Congressman Burgess of Texas Demands Federal Protection for Unicorns in Texas

Congressman Mike Burgess with his mail order Christian Medical Degree claims that Unicorns still exist in Texas. 

Trent Franks Masturbating Baby (Fetus) Rights Bill Passes in Congress

Burgess and Franks Baby (Fetus) Masturbation Bill Passes House

As the moron from Texas Rep. Mike Burgess asserts, a male baby (fetus) starts to jerk off at fifteen weeks. 

[Female baby (fetus) does not masturbate???=Wow]

So if they can feel pleasure, they will certainly feel the pain of an Abortion performed by a Black Philly Abortion Doctor (wink,nod) etc. 

That be scientific folks!


Monday, June 17, 2013

Martin Luther Against the Bankers and the Renaissance Balance Sheet

The last time the west was at a cultural crossroads of sorts, like the present, was around the year 1500.

Whether it be a global Spreadsheet of today or the ledgers of the Medicis that dominated international banking of the day, the difference between things material and or spiritual remain the same I think.

Thesis 50 - Christians are to be taught that if the pope knew the exactions of the pardon-preachers, he would rather that St. Peter’s church should go to ashes, than that it should be built up with the skin, flesh and bones of his sheep. ~~ Martin Luther, 95 Theses

History has a way of being told sometimes without all the details sometimes being disclosed.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Kingdom of Ignorance – 8th Congressional District Arizona – King Trent Franks in Charge

"The Incidence Of Rape Resulting In Pregnancy Are Very Low" – Rep. Trent Franks, Former President of Liberty Petroleum

It brings tears to my eyes to bear witness to the evil ignorance from poverty I have seen in the State of Arizona.

That Senators and Reps there are rarely concerned with what is important to the electorate in their districts.

I have written before about Representative Trent Franks when he was congressman from the Trailer Park concentrated 2nd Congressional district starting in the western burbs of Phoenix and pretty much all the remaining under populated Northwest portion of that bare landscape of a state.

I was a bit totally shocked when I did some research today to see that Trent Franks jumped from the 2nd Congressional District to take over the new gerrymandered 8th Congressional District that once was the realm of Gabby Gifford’s before she became the target quite literally in the cross hairs of tea partiers, tea baggers, like Sarah Palin.  

That  Gabby if she never got shot up in a supermarket parking lot would probably not have won reelection in the new 8th district courtesy of the Mormon dominated, official members and fronts, Deseret Arizona state legislature and their redistricting (wink,nod).

Enough to make any decent sane person cry.

Considering Mr. Trents' education and professional front for the LDS types in Arizona, his remarks about rape and pregnancy – consider the source.  Duh!

It is also a strange coincidence that Franks'
Brother, who is now President of Liberty Petroleum that specializes in exploration for oil and gas resources, may now have unlimited congressional help, off the record of course, of the entire Southeast portion of Arizona now under Treat Franks jurisdiction.  

And on the international border no less too – OMG!

Tucson, soon to be fracked to death and water reserves flamed up for the greed of a bunch of greedy Neanderthals in Congress! ? 


Saturday, June 15, 2013

Prince William is 1/256th Indian – BFD - Not Such A Pure Linage LOL – Just a Brit DNA Sales Con Game

Royals relaxing at Balmoral

I have more dirt under my finger nail than Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, has Indian / Armenian (Kardashian) DNA.

Big Fucking Deal. 

A milk maid got over the fence two hundred years ago. Lol

The whole thing, the silly research is really a ply for Indians to have their DNA tested by this Scottish DNA company spreading all these nasty rumors about the Royals just being Kardashian cousins etc.



George W Bush Still a Hemorrhoid – Results from Private Poll Show

Genuine Texan Vietnam War Hero - Yeah Right

My private poll finds the mention of George W Bush to still be offensive when used in mixed civilized company worldwide, i.e. the killing fields of Asia.

Words and descriptives like coward, deserter in the face of war, inbred idiot, moron, village fool etc. I have worn out over time.

Not to forget he is part of the drugged out Ivy League educated ruling elites who still direct this nation toward impending economic disaster.


George W Bush no matter what any dumbed down American poll shows in popularity; he is still a hemorrhoid in the American body politic.

BTW, Dick Cheney is still the wind beneath George W Bush’s wings. 


Thursday, June 13, 2013

One Acre of Marijuana Can Make As Much Paper Pulp As 4.1 Acres of Trees

And thus the reason to suppress and outlaw a cheap effective prolifically abundant fiber if you own forests like William Randolph Hearst who originally campaigned against Hemp in his many newspapers in the 1920s and 1930s. 

It's seeds too, in oil form, can make strong plastics and ethanol btw. 




Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Hopi Pot - Nellie Nampeyo - 1896 / 1978


Nurse Jackie’s Season Five Finale – Jackie Performs Last Rites (Extreme Unction) on an Aged Dying Gay Man

Edie Falco and Stephen Wallem  -  Nurse Jackie and Nurse Thor

Amid the work politics of a Catholic hospital Emergency Room in mid-town Manhattan and Nurse Jackie’s ongoing battle to stay sober from her addictions for one year, in comes the elderly patient of Wally – “Wally, an 80 year old gay man with advanced liver cancer is admitted into the hospital. Thor instantly gravitates toward him.-“

American Catholic Bishops Continue to Practice Sexual McCarthyism – Bundling Gay Hate With So-Called Christian Love

They, the Bankers and the Brokers, bundled bad mortgages together with good mortgages and sold the bundled mess as good securities. The global financial meltdown happened in 2008 and nobody really has had to pay unless you lost your job, your house, your family, your dignity and or your life by natural cause or other means.

Little people don’t matter on the scale of things anymore – the Wharton Global Spreadsheet and all that.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Six Rules Of Life - People Like Us

People Like Us 

I give the movie 1 1/2 Stars out of Five. 

It was a good idea. It flowed like an Indie film. Was a bit slow or over written. Not sure which. 

Maybe a re-cut would make it the flick better.


Who Exactly Is Running The Whore House Of Washington DC? - Temps? - Outsourcing Security Is No Security

Who Exactly Is Running The Whore House Of Washington DC? - 

Temps? - 

Outsourcing Security Is No Security!


Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Young in a War of Conscience, Edward Snowden Against the Godless Soulless Personhood of the Corporate / Political State?

First Bradley Manning. 

Now Edward Snowden. 

The young are throwing the word “conscience” around like they know what it means and the price they must pay to have the courage to use it.
“I’m willing to sacrifice all of that because I can’t in good conscience allow the US government to destroy privacy, Internet freedom and basic liberties for people around the world with this massive surveillance machine they’re secretly building.” ~~ Edward Snowden
The world belongs to the young, their conscience at least, even if they do not own shares in the companies that build drones for profit, guns for profit, spy software used all over this planet.

The best some whistleblower can do is open the secret book for others to see and read.
Leaker of NSA program: 
‘I can’t in good conscience allow the US government to destroy privacy’...


Implosion - Building 877 Governor’s Island, New York Harbor

Governor’s Island, where the Dutch originally set foot in New Amsterdam (present New York City) but did not settle it because it was too small for both people and the grazing of cows too etc., has been going through changes in the past decade or two since its close as a Coast Guard Facility in the nineties.

Lots of plans for park land and possible college facilities.

The tallest of the buildings used for military personnel housing got imploded today. The first building allowed to be imploded in NYC since before 9-11-2001 BTW. It used to be, before today, a standard landmark for the passing Staten Island Ferry.

Building 877 - Large rectangular shadow, lower left


Saturday, June 8, 2013

Dongan Hills Ferry - Staten Island Ferry - 1945

View from a ferry boat main or car deck - 1940s


It is Time to Go Erdogan – You are A Pig – No Longer as Great as You Think You Are in Turkey

Police Brutality in Turkey

As popular as Ed Koch was as mayor of New York City, when he went for a fourth term, he went in the Primary. Too much of a good thing in a democracy and it is time to go. Same thing for FDR and his fourth term. In retrospect it was too much and in the end, FDR’s ego was too much. America could have finished WWII without him. In fact it did anyway with his death.

The Prime Minister of Turkey has served, self-served for ten years and ego is no substitute for wise and serving government instead of the arrogant thing Prime Minister Erdogan now represents and what his subordinates think they can get away with in abusing passersby such as the infamous now “lady in red” assaulted by one of Erdogan’s police thugs, let along genuine protesters.

The Secular Turkey State needs no return to religion parasitism or phony holier than thou god culture to function.

The people want their park and not a monument to your ego asshole. It is time to go.

The protest found an immediate if reluctant icon in Ceyda Sungur, an academic who became known around the world as the “woman in the red dress” after being pepper-sprayed as she walked from her office past riot police. The poor soul – quite obviously an innocent – was targeted by some dreadful robocop who immediately thinks any girl without a headscarf is fair game. The photographer who captured the shocking image was later in hospital after being shot by police.

You might think that Erdogan would have agreed to halt the building but he went off on a trip around the North African capitals, expecting to be lionised there. He used to be, when he spoke up for the Palestianians, and provoked trouble with Israel, with which Turkey traditionally has good relations, but was snubbed by the Morrocan king.

On his return to Istanbul yesterday, Erodgan was in combative mood, telling supporters that the Taksim development will go ahead – although plans to demolish this Sixties equivalent of the South Bank and replace it with yet another shopping mall and concrete mosque have been shelved, it now seems, in favour of a new cultural centre.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Cicadas - Staten Island


Pioneer Hotel Tucson – Ghost Story – Resurrection of Louis Taylor – Freed After 42 Years Jailed on Flimsy Racist Charges – Accepts Plea Bargain to Gain Freedom

Louis C. Taylor - Tucson Az

I don’t know if Louis Taylor set the fire at the old Pioneer Hotel in Tucson in 1970. 

I never heard of Louis or the Pioneer Hotel Fire before I encountered some of the dead ghosts still inhabiting the place, now an office building.

A Symbol For Atheism

Symbol for Atheism

I see that the Mary Madalot O’Hair Atheists are putting up a monument to their particular dogmas of their Atheist religion down there in the swamps of Florida in Starke Florida.

Them Atheists use some atomic symbol as if the universe and or the atom created it all, a form of Deism?

Well there are a lot of shouting Atheist types who know exactly what non-belief in the god thing is. It is still a cottage industry thingy. Still no Vatican size headquarters for any particular Atheist sects and or cults.

Just as I used my own symbol for Agnosticism below, I designed the symbol above in terms of the nature of the beast and of course simplicity.

The Baptist Plot to Steal God – Starke Florida, Bradford County

Baptist Version of Ten Commandments
Starke, Florida

At the monthly meeting or the Qiwanis club at the Stale Beef Steer restaurant, the local Qiwanis (Baptists really, wink nod) were trying  to figure a way, how to get tourists to visit a dead spot in the middle of a dead swamp in Florida.

The Stale Beef Steer’s best tourist review in years was on the wall chalk board:

“Traveling through, we stopped here. The service is very good, but unfortunately food quality was poor...dry chicken, tasteless veggies, and so on. Our server kept our drinks full and was friendly. Won't eat here again.

Course yous won’t eat here again. Yous is tourists. LOL

Well anyway, Harry raised his hand and stated something like “We spent twenty five thousand putting up the Protestant Commanments up at the 'Free Speech' park across from the courthouse and down the street from the Death Row Prison of the Florida Prison system, why come no big crowds of white protestants to come and see our new tourist attraction of the Ten Commanments? Stay for lunch. Fill the local Baptist churches…?”

“Maybe we shud a used them Catholic or Lutheran Commanments?”

“No. God dictated the Protestant Commanments to Moses and God don’t make no mistakes. Besides, who’s gots another 25 grand to attract the flies, the papists, I mean the Catholics.”

“Let’s get them atheists, not the real ones, but the Madeline Mary O’Hair Atheists all riled up and have them build a monument to their false beliefs and denial of the one true God and the one true Baptist religion”.

”Great idea. Those atheists are tax dodges and such. They could use the publically same as us. It is after all just a business, filling the pews on Sundays, putting the fear of God in everybody on both sides of the aisle of belief or non-belief.”

All agreed. Vote. Aye!

Let’s all ajourn and have some real lunch. I vote we move this meeting to the Popeye’s across the street.

Aye! Unanymous.


JP Morgan Chase Continues to Deny Mere Peasants Access to 2 ½ Acre Chase Manhattan Plaza – Oh the Humanity or Rather the Corporate Lack of It

Off Limits to People - Chase Manhattan Plaza

Human beings do not exist on the new Global Spreadsheet. Proof of it is in a once blocked off Cedar Street being given to a public plaza in the early 1960s. 

JP Morgan Chase does not want to waste any precious resources like paying minimum wage w/no benefits to guards or cleaning crews on the use of this valuable Manhattan real estate on anything as useless as people / humanity. Real estate that is begging for a sliver skyscraper condo deal?

There is room to breathe, two and a half acres of it. There is reason to delight, in Jean Dubuffet’s monumental sculpture. There is opportunity to reflect, in the austere sunken sculpture court by Isamu Noguchi.

At least there was until September 2011, when JPMorgan Chase, successor to Chase Manhattan, barricaded the plaza. The bank offered no explanation, though the move seemed clearly intended to foreclose any attempted takeover by the Occupy Wall Street movement. As the protesters’ presence diminished downtown, however, the plaza stayed closed. Some construction work occurred, on and off. Chase maintained its silence. And its barricades.


Thursday, June 6, 2013

Bradford County Florida Okays Shrines to all The Gods and Beliefs “Free Speech Forum” Outside Court House – Atheist Monument to go up Next to Stone Commandments of Hebrew Testament God

The rednecks in Florida put up a monument to the ten commandments of the mean desert god of Moses, Jesus and Mohammed outside some courthouse.  Now the Atheists have to do a “me too” to their non-beliefs so to speak.
Me, I would prefer to see a monument to the golden oldie of Isis in their Pantheon Garden shrine establishing the recognition of religions, gods, goddesses and other mythical paraphernalia, a religious eyesore in the Florida public square (swamp) of the human condition.

Goddess Isis

Spirit Within Me - Oleg Zhivetin


7 WTC - 911 - Tree of Life

Tree of Life Bas Relief  - 7 WTC - 911 - West Broadway and Vesey Sts. NYC