Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Christopher Hitchens - Trashing the Dead or The New Necromancy

I know it an unsightly boorish thing to question the wit, the unquestioned wit of a Brit who helps the dumbed down American landscape elevate itself to new highs of undeserved grandeur.

Tea time, High Tea, cocktail party. When is it “appropriate to say fuck in public?”

Not over the body of a Japanese man who lived through two of the most tragic days thus far in Human Existence and in two of the most unfortunate places to witness our shared Human Tragedy – Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

“WTF” is all the incredibly talented but constantly drunk and boorish Christopher Hitchens has to say about the sufferings of a 93 year old Japanese man.

O Lucky Man - Sometimes "WTF?" is the only rational response to a situation
The brute fact must also be faced that there is something approximately 30 percent farcical, even funny, about the whole tale. There's almost no point in not laughing about it. The late Alan Clark, Tory historian and amoral wit, once drew up a list of the occasions on which it is permissible to employ the word fuck in polite society. One of his examples was, "What the fuck was that?" as uttered by the mayor of Hiroshima. Add to this the mayor of Nagasaki exclaiming the same thing just as Yamaguchi stumbles onstage, and you can arguably build a bit of a routine around it. Unfeeling, you say? Not particularly. It isn't my idea that these capricious catastrophes strike the just and the unjust with such regularity, or that they are soothingly explained away by the pseudo-compassionate. Of all the great cosmic questions, WTF still strikes me as one of the most pressing, relevant, and ultimately humane.
I think it a bit disrespectful if not downright vulgar to have devoted a whole spiel – burlesque set up for a punch line at a cocktail party and to not mention the bits and pieces of suffering this Japanese man went through because he perhaps was lucky or unlucky to have survived after being at two very unfortunate events in human history.

The New York Times did as usual write an outstanding Obituary for Mister Tsutomu Yamaguchi.

Which brings me to the new necromancy of the cocktail party set and of the man who has trashed the dead before in the form of Mother Teresa of Calcutta. No doubt Mr. Hitchens will be writing soon about that new necromancy of the rich and elite with whom he most disdainfully must fraternize with because nobody else is as good or as smart or as brilliant as hisself.

On a macro history level, I agree that Truman had to drop the bomb to save American and Japanese casualties. I am talking grunts and soldiers here on both sides. I agree because I try to empathize with the little people on the ground in the micro part of that historic equation. Which makes me wonder if Mr. Hitchens has any empathy at all for mere people.

I have not read the writing part of Mr. Hitchens trashing of Mother Teresa but watched as all us little people can do - some YouTube – a three part documentary “Hell’s Angel” referring to Mother Teresa of Calcutta. His delivery is methodical and well spoken. He delivers script verbally as good as he writes it. As I said before he is an incredibly talented man now working to raise the American literary levels higher. The documentary is the best piece of propaganda I have ever seen. It’s polished Pravda like style delivers me back to those days of us against them in the cold war.

Hitchens’ “us” is atheism and the “them” are the would be saints like Teresa who kissed the asses of the rich, powerful and evil to fund her distribution of crumbs to the poor. I begin to understand the opera of the church and the role of a devil’s advocate in the production like process that makes an official saint of the RC church.

For a moment I almost believed the propaganda about what a monster Teresa is in the eyes of an atheist. Why do people do good things in the name of some abstract or unseen entity called G-d?

I begin to realize why I am uncomfortable with atheism and atheists. When they shed their allegiance to any belief system, many of them expose their lack of empathy towards humanity.

Treating Teresa on a macro level of history suits the author and propagandist and eliminates the little guy out of the equation. That perhaps belief in non-belief, atheism, as a belief and new religion is as totalitarian as any gone before it.

So too on one level of humanity, the rich and famous can make money, war and words of comfort from coffee table magazine writers. They cannot understand “why the other half live”. A troubled conscience perhaps?

I must thank Mister Tsutomu Yamaguchi for living his meager life full of suffering. I must thank him for his efforts late in life to join against nuclear proliferation. I must thank him for his suffering, of wearing bandages for fifteen years to heal the scars of man’s imposition of inhumanity onto humanity (macro onto micro).

I cannot apologize for the human condition and the need by the uncaring elite to wage war at the expense of the “other half” factored out of all present economic and political equations of all so called modern or post modern success.

Rest in peace Mister Yamaguchi. You have done much for human history by your much more than mere life and presence on this planet.

And thank you too Christopher for making me aware of why I believe in God but not religion.

Today, the human equation, and the light within, are still very real to me.

Monday, January 11, 2010

"Allah" Hate Crimes Continue in Malaysia

I see in this morning’s Chicago Tribune that it is now 9 houses of Christian worship that have been fire bombed in the Muslim Majority country of Malaysia.

Malaysia is a patchwork of diverse cultures and races and spread out on the top of Indonesia. Malaysia consists of an urban rich part on the Malaysian Peninsula that juts out of Thailand and Burma. At the very bottom of that Peninsula is the Republic of Singapore. On the other side of a distance of about five hundred miles across the South China Sea are the two rural provinces of Malaysia, Sarawak and Sabah, on the northern end of the island of Borneo.

It is in these rural provinces that the use of the word Allah as a substitute with G-d was used in a Catholic Newspaper and read by the native aborigine cultures in these rural provinces, that sparked the court case that sparked the current round of hate in Malaysia.

Malaysian churches attacked with firebombs
...Malaysian churches were attacked with firebombs, causing extensive damage to one, as Muslims pledged today to prevent Christians from using the word "Allah", escalating religious tensions in the multiracial country.

Many Malay Muslims, who make up 60% of the population, are incensed by a recent high court decision to overturn a ban on Roman Catholics using Allah as a translation for God in the Malay-language edition of their main newspaper, the Herald.

The government had said that Allah, an Arabic word that predates Islam, was exclusive to the faith. It refused to make an exception, even though the Herald's Malay edition is read only by Christian indigenous tribes in the remote states of Sabah and Sarawak.
Malaysia may be diverse in populations but a 50% native Malay population dominates the other minorities of 23% Chinese, 11% Indigenous, 6% Indian and an assortment of native peoples. That over this is a 60% Muslim religious majority over 19% Buddhist, 9% Christian, 6% Hindu populations. Quite a mix.

These fire bombings of Christian Churches seems to be in the rural areas. Only one church has burnt down totally as I can tell from reports. The other churches are damaged by mostly firebombs tossed in the middle of the night off of speeding motor bikes. In a sense, it is rural hooliganism mixed with native fears of all outside cultures and the issue being multiplied in the mosques and media center of Kuala Lumpur, the biggest city on the Peninsula.

Rural Hooliganism or not, we in America call fire bombings of any house of worship a hate crime.

Hate in the name of Allah, God or whoever is still hate. Hate is a human thing I think and not something necessary attributed to deities.

The government of Malaysia had better get some crowd control and common sense put on this rural issue, with the big city Clerics now chiming in, before the “religion of peace” once against demonstrates how truly inflexible it is in trying to live with other points of view and other religious persuasions on this diverse global planet.

6:45 AM EST USA - I stand corrected by Anonymous 6:32 on the geographic locations of these bombings.
Actually the first 5 firebombed churches are located in the capital city of Kuala Lumpur (KL). 3 more cases spread out of KL, one church and a convent school in northern Malaysia and today another church is southern KL.

The general mood among non-muslim is now very tense and cautious.
It would seem these attacks are more central and urban. Problem for me in reading many western papers is that I do not get or have a true sense of the local geography.

7:11 AM EST USA - to put some scale and perspective on this, it is 8:11 PM (MYT) in Kuala Lumpur just past sunset.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Odd Bird Christians - Mary Daly - Graham Leonard

Two interesting obits of two very odd ball Christians who died within the same week.

The first is of the radical feminist theologian Mary Daly, who was tolerated by the Jesuits at Boston College where she was tenured. She in the end did not want males to attend some of her lectures, which thereby lead her way into retirement. School policy could have allowed such a quirk of teaching preferences but federal law would not allow it. In any case she seems to have the spunk and fire of a truly memorable personage in the faith that she dissected, described and challenged as a theologian.

Mary Daly, uppity theologian
Mary Daly, the feminist theologian and philosopher, has died. She was an audaciously creative spirit; an awkwardly witty, deadly serious writer. She arguably did more to stretch what is possible to think in contemporary feminist theology than any other.

Here's a taste of what she was prepared to say. In books like Gyn/Ecology and Beyond God the Father, she envisaged the Trinity – Father, Son and Holy Spirit: the all-male three in one – as an eternal homosexual orgy. She argued that to call God "father" is to make fathers gods, excusing all kinds of horrors from religious totalitarianism to domestic violence.

Theologians have contested Daly's claims, not least feminist theologians who have remained within the Christian tradition. They point out that alongside the male images of God as Father and Son are the more ambiguous ones of God as Spirit. In the Hebrew Bible, the Spirit of God is envisaged as a wise woman, Sophia. Sophia has even been aligned with the person of Christ: at the time of Jesus, she was well established as a symbol of God's relatedness… And yet, Jesus was a man. The female word Sophia lost out to the male word Logos when it came to interpreting the metaphysics of the Son.
The second obit is of Graham Leonard, former Church of England Bishop of London among other things who in his retirement went over to the other side, the Romans, because of his disgust of female ordination in his church body. He turned in his bishop’s title for that of monsignor.

Monsignor Graham Leonard obituary
However, in 1994, three years after his retirement from London, and after conversations with the Roman Catholic archbishop of Westminster, his friend Cardinal Basil Hume, he was received into the Roman Catholic church and was ordained priest sub conditione. At Leonard's own consecration in 1964, an Old Catholic bishop from the small churches that have separated from the Roman Catholic church, but are in full communion with the Church of England, had joined the bishops who consecrated him. This eased his reception into the Roman Catholic church, and he was made a monsignor…

He was notably honourable in ordaining 71 women as deacons at St Paul's Cathedral on 22 March 1987. This ordination weakened the arguments against the ordination of women as priests, but he went ahead. Still, he was hesitant about allowing women to exercise authority. He appointed an area bishop to Kensington who directed that no woman should be in the sanctuary when he was celebrating, even though Kensington had many female deacons and female servers. Leonard once used the law of trespass to prevent 100 men and women accepting the ministration of a female priest ordained abroad.
If there is a waiting room outside heaven and one has to wait one’s turn to get the right bureaucratic stamp on the Christian Passport so to speak, I have to imagine a bureaucratic snafu as in the case how all bureaucratic institutions work – and imagine Mary Daly and Graham Leonard challenging each other over one’s place in line.

I do not predict fisticuffs but in any verbal and or physical confrontation between those two – my money is on the Irish girl.


Emergent - Post Evangelical - Post Modernism

Someone did some research and passed it along to me regarding the Labels of “Emergent Church”, “Post Evangelical”, and part of an overall “Post-Modern” Christianity. I am not certain what to make of all this labeling except to say that it appears to be a new philosophical approach in how to deal with the old Evangelicalism which is “Modern” but somehow now is old.

Anyway, it seems to be carving a new niche out on the Tent Circuit of preaching the old time religion with perhaps a few minor tweaks in the way the preaching or message gets delivered.
As a result, some in the emerging church believe it is necessary to deconstruct modern Christian dogma. One way this happens is by engaging in dialogue, rather than proclaiming a predigested message, believing that this leads people to Jesus through the Holy Spirit on their own terms… wikipedia “emergent church”
One of the leading voices of this new emergent church movement is Brian McLaren, a popular lecture circuit figure and author of “A New Kind of Christian”.

The Emergent Mystique
But A New Kind of Christian has also attracted plenty of critics. The most persistent question they raise is whether "modern" and "postmodern" can be divided so cleanly. Wheaton College philosopher Mark Talbot points out that skepticism about values like objectivity, analysis, and control was already present in Enlightenment figures like David Hume. Meanwhile, Talbot says, "the great irony is that by giving us these sharp categories of 'modern' and 'postmodern' ways of thinking, McLaren is doing the very sort of categorization he describes, and implicitly condemns, as modern."

The modern period of history, as Neo tells it, is coming to an end. We are entering "postmodernity," an as-yet ill-defined borderland in which central modern values like objectivity, analysis, and control will become less compelling. They are superseded by postmodern values like mystery and wonder. The controversial implication is that forms of Christianity that have thrived in modernity—including Dan's evangelicalism—are unlikely to survive the transition.

McLaren managed to connect abstruse concepts of intellectual and social history to a visceral sense of disillusionment among evangelical pastors. Dan's dissatisfaction with ministry, in McLaren's telling, was not primarily a faith problem, a psychological problem, or a sociological problem. It was a philosophical problem—the result of a way of thinking that was no longer adequate. Pastors who would have had a hard time seeing the relevance of postmodernism could suddenly envision it as the key to finding, as the book's jacket put it, "spiritual renewal for those who thought they had given up on church."
I would have to say that the Emergent Church concept of a so-called Post Modern Christianity is a possible rebranding of the same old product. By saying that the Bible is a human document, it is not backing off from the unerring concept but rather trying to gather a few new ears who did not get poisoned by last year’s batch of snake oil on last years marketing circuit through Rubetown. Please forgive my cynicism.

Emergent it would seem is slicker and more polished in words, approach and style. Instead of forcing a square peg (people) in a round hole (religion) – they are first trying to see how to help the individual needs first, to feel at home and stay in a new repackaged evangelical setting, before putting them to work at the work of the “new” church. That’s new?

Hardly a Holy Ghost Lite approach but judging from the failed methods of the past by pastors who did not like, got burned out, preaching the message and the sheep who did not like being constantly preached at, perhaps there is a middle ground for those who need the attention and fellowship of an established building and church.

I have to wonder at the old evangelicalism, which started with the so-called Jesus Movement of the seventies, seemed to me to be a reaction to the depiction of Jesus as human as in a Broadway play, Hit, and music of Jesus Christ Superstar.

It seemed to me from my point of view from memory, that almost as if when the reaction to Superstar happened, technology kicked in, small town radio and small town TV evangelism started growing and connecting together to the point of saturation and success.

Mega TV evangelism and mega churches were born over time and in some ways as a form of entertainment not unlike the former sports arenas they, the mega churches are sometimes housed in.

Which sort of reminds me of Fox News. Which came first, the news as entertainment or religion as entertainment? You answer that one.

Perhaps somehow that original product of the message of "Modern" Evangelicalism got lost in the shuffle of running deposits to the bank to pay the mortgages on these new Mega Churches and Mega Media Broadcast Centers.

In a way Modern Evangelicalism soon to be replaced by so-called Post-Modern beliefs is kinda like the old Arthur Godfrey Show never went off the air on CBS. The ratings are down but everyone loves Arthur (even though he is long dead). The young Turks so to speak like McLaren want to get that precious Godfrey time slot, to survive with a new updated version of entertainment now so obsolete and still on the air.

The problem may be that high definition TV (and a new show format) will probably improve the overall picture but not necessarily the quality of the product being sold.

I cannot judge what the ripple effect Post-Modern or Emergent comes to in common understanding or recognition as a real movement to be recognized within the umbrella of beliefs known as Christianity. The energy is there. It appears to be born of the human spirit and of the spirit within.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Religious Fright! - Fear of Religion

Rather than move the world forward in a positive manner, many aspects of religion no matter how “peaceful” your one true religion is, many aspects of religion are a redundancy decades or centurties after secular institutions began to function in the place of ancient religious insitutions such as courts, hospitals, universities and civil government.

Indeed, I think that religion here in the west is just hanging around after it has been become obsolete on the secular civil level. As such what good is it except to clutter those secular institutions with superstition and useless remembrances of the past.

The past is the past. The Modern World is now. A Post-Modern world is tomorrow. There seems to be a lot dead weight regarding religion trying to drag us away from modernity.

That dragging people into a mindless past with Sharia Laws, Islamic or Christian, is anarchy – trying to destroy the secular real, functioning, world around us.

In the news I see sad things in that seven people were mowed down in gun fire at a Coptic Christian Christmas Mass celebration in Egypt. Fully 10% of Egypt’s 80 old million souls are Coptic Christian which these days comes close to Eastern Orthodox Christianity in their beliefs.

There are also fire bombings at Christian churches in Malaysia, an Islamic Country, where a court ruling said that it was legal for Christians, a minority, to use the word Allah as the word for their G-d in Christendom. Semantics. Bloodshed. Misunderstanding.

I am looking briefly at the concept of post modern Christianity with various mainstream and evangelical fundamentalist branches of the Christ tree trying to rethink and retool not to a modern world – but a post modern world – whatever that means. The here and now is modern enough for me.

I will say that dialogue if it exists at the high CEO level of church entities doesn’t talk to the little people on the ground on how to rethink and retool- sounds like I am talking automobiles in Detroit – more so than churches – Religion is like General Motors – only the empty factories give evidence of a once great human enterprise. Empty churches – empties factories – Obsolete thinking! Gross mismanagement of purpose.

The RC church, the so-called power house of Christian entities that should be setting the pace on post modernism, if there is such a thing, is still wallowing in the 32 years of Vatican mismanagement. Still languishing in the disaster reign of Pius IX in the nineteenth century who started the war on modernism (like a similar war on terror – it will never end).

In fact, Vatican II and all its negative fallout to this day forty odd years later is partially a result of trying to undo 32 years of RC/Christian gross mismanagement of humanity and its spirituality. The Vatican likes electricity and flush toilets (very modern things) but everything else that is not medieval is Verboten.

Indeed, Benedict’s attack on Islam, a new holy war, his infamously incompetent and tactless reference to Islam in the 14th century in his Regensburg Lecture in September 2006 is something mainstream Christianity will have to deal with in terms of collateral damages for decades and perhaps centuries to come. Perhaps bloodshed in the news today in Egypt and Malaysia has its direct roots in that very same speech.

While one part of Christianity wants to address interfaith issues and improve the perception of Jesus’ message to the ages, bumbling hack Vatican bureaucrats are still debating the bloody Crusades!

There is a point in time long ago where the secular world took over most institutions in the West. Rather than give the devil his due, I would say that most of Christianity lives in the delusion of the past before street lights, electricity, running water, penicillin, birth control and all those other truly evil things of a modern world.

Religion, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism Etc. must look at reality first in the present and assess where they have been or where they are going. Otherwise, the coming rapture happens to them all - as they get whisked away into obscurity and history. Good riddance.

The Coptic Christian killings above is indicative of the dysfunctionalism of Islam in Egypt. Before Obama’s visit to Cairo earlier this year, the hack cronies of the Government decided that the pigs being raised by Christians in Cairo would cause a national swine flu epidemic even though there was little or no scientific data to support such a slap in the face of the Coptic minority population which eats pork.

The pigs were confiscated and destroyed. Compensation from the Government did not materialize. What would you expect – Justice?

The Moral of the story of Egyptian Muslims harassing Coptic Christians in Cairo - The pigs used to eat the garbage in the streets. The pigs are gone. Now all of Cairo smells of rotting garbage. If you want to be post-modern and or even modern world, start a secular garbage collection bureaucracy before you impose your stinking religious prejudices on the entire world. Think first – cause and effect.

The west and the Christians can learn from the lack of tolerance to others in the smug present world moving into a future world. That world will likely see the decline and disappearance of all religion because the guy in the back end of the Donkey costume does not know how to signal or cooperate with the other guy in front end of the suit. Or vice versa.

We are all interdependent in this world -“joined at the hip”- if it takes a hundred years to start up an interfaith dialogue, guess what, the secular will survive while your religious world crumbles and disappears.

Religions will come and go in the post-modern secular world. Whether there will be any religions left in that post-modern world? Well - one third of the passengers of the Titanic did after all make it all the way to New York.

In the meantime, garbage will continue to be picked up in a timely secular fashion.

Reality is real. Religion frightens me.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Elvis at 75 - still the King

Elvis is 75 today. Elvis Presley in up there in the American Cultural Pantheon of demi-gods along with Abe Lincoln, the Flag, Mom and Apple Pie.

Enjoy – and if you are old enough – remember.

(Technically - now - Elvis will never, can never, leave the building of American Icons.)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Avatar --- Greed, Ecology and Interracial Love

Avatar, as a movie, is a story about Greed, Ecology and Interracial Love.

The greed represents the big ugly corporation, let’s say a Halliburton as example, about to plow under a whole race and culture for the sake of the quarterly bottom line.

The ecology is about living in balance with nature, respect of which is somehow pagan in the eyes of the people who brought you denial about global warming.

It is a story of Interracial Love in the retelling of the basic John Smith / Pocahontas ecounter of learning from one another on many levels - from the different angles of European versus Native cultures and on the old eternal theme of the male female level of human natures.

The movie is set in the future and on the rain forest like planet of Pandora inhabited by blue skinned beings/people – shades of Star Wars with a few more anthropological footnotes.

There is of course the high tech thing, science fiction within the movie storyline and the 3D screen effect of depth and a different movie perception.

The big style of the big Cameron movies seems to have a baroque quality matching the style though not necessarily the substance of the artist Caravaggio. In any case everybody is talking “Cameron” on this new flick the same way they used to talk “Caravaggio” when one of his new canvas’s hit town four hundred years ago.

Many religious and political nuts have come out of the woodwork to frame this artful masterpiece by Producer, Director and Writer James Cameron of Titanic and Terminator fame – frame it as some sort of Pagan Green Worship thing.

References to Americans and foreign wars in Iraq comparisons abound but I am told this old west Cowboy and Indian, recycled Pocahontas story, script, was sitting on a shelf long before the Neocon age of Bush 43. Cameron had been waiting for the technology to arrive to do what he and his artistic vision wanted to express on the screen ( thus my comparison to Caravaggio ).

And with TV documentaries, (perhaps projects of love) The Exodus Decoded (2006) and The Lost Tomb of Jesus (2007) with fellow Canadian and Orthodox Jewish “Naked Archeologist” Simcha Jacobovici - charges of Paganism, Druidism and Pantheism as labels attached to this film seem totally groundless – the grist of fool critics with alternate agendas.

Indeed, the poltical right, religious right, do not seem to know how to deal with different ideas on the stage of Hollywood success. This staking out and preparing boilerplate fodder to throw at different ideas mixed with recycled westerns, love stories and anti-war themes – with this brilliant film – is so anti-future and so anti-global. Get a life. (go visit Pandora)

Blackwater's New Occult Corporate Symbol - Xe

On the heels of the recent lobotomy of justice throwing out the Blackwater/Xe Nisour Square Massacre case, I have trouble focusing on the Mercenary no-bid contract outsourced CIA soldiers of fortune thing.

I know this black ops, navy seal military cult is a religion in itself and people like the neocons drink the blood at the altar, figuratively speaking, of this cult thing in American militarism.

I can see why Constantine insisted that the new secular Christian cult conform to a parallel world of the Army Cult god of Mithra. Belief in and or having your religious beliefs rigidly conformed to is part of the energy necessary to plow ahead in battle through blood and body parts and still appear to remain sane when back in the world of the living in everyday life. It was no different then as it is now.

The Massacre case was thrown out because of incompetent Bush era Justice Department holdovers who probably knew that the sloppy way of handling evidence and affidavits of witnesses would compromise any jury decision if it ever got that far. It is good to have your Mithra friends in the Justice Department or in the Pentagon itself when being an outsourced killing machine of the Pentagon or CIA.

Putting my personal prejudices aside about Blackwater and murder done worldwide with our tax dollars, I still can’t focus on the Corporate symbol that I find difficult to pronounce Xe (pronounced zi). Of course a corporate image change is necessary after the Nisour Square Massacre with 17 Iraqi civilians dead and 20 other injured in a drive by shoot out with the natives in their nasty civilian mode in their damned native Baghdad. Oh well.

Since what interests me is the exoterics or the hidden meaning sometimes of things, I have to address my own impressions of what I consider the occult symbol of the new Blackwater or Xe Services.

The founder of Blackwater is someone named Erik Prince, a child of wealth, an ex-navy seal, former intern in the Bush 41 White House and convert to the very cultish traditionalist Latin mass Roman Catholicism.

I also use the word occult to describe the hidden meaning of things. The word itself has come to mean something sinister. Indeed decades ago, before the modern chains of bookstores, the label of Occult would be in tiny independent bookstores and the assortment of books under that description would be have to do with astrology, tarot, numerology and magic. These days those topics have their own aisles in book store chains.

Erik Prince “views himself as a Christian crusader tasked with eliminating Muslims and the Islamic faith from the globe.”

Which kind of lends my thinking to Knights Templar and all that recent esoteric stuff with DaVinci Code and Illuminati and Masonic conspiracy theories and such.

Since there are a few approaches to interpreting the Xe corporate symbol I will give them all to you and you can judge if I am near the money in my opinion and or analysis.

Xe is the letter “X” with an “e” imbedded in it.

An X is also a form of the cross. St. Andrew’s cross is such a form of X. St. Andrews Cross is the symbol of Scotland where the legendary Knights Templar were supposed to have evolved, after going underground, into the Masons of modern day recognition.

Perhaps Mr. Prince is of Scottish ancestry. I cannot establish that fact on any biographical material available to me.

Saint Andrew’s cross is of course a Christian symbol in that St. Andrew requested to be crucified on an “X” shaped cross because he, like St. Peter felt unworthy in die in exact fashion like Jesus. Like your executioners are going to listen to a prisoner’s silly request and do extra work on the execution device? Whatever.

I think the X in Xe is a symbol of a cross.

Xe is the chemical symbol Xenon, atomic number 54. In numerology 54 breaks down into 5 + 4 = 9. Jesus died on the ninth hour as any really good Christian would be able to tell you.

If you look at the Xe symbol above, the two elements of the cross are different. One part is straight and rigid. The other part is fluid or wavy. This other part could be a sword blade without a guard or handle.

The “e” in the base of the rigid part of the Blackwater Crusader’s cross perhaps stands for Erik.

Erik – “e”- standing at the foot of a modern day Crusader Cross? How very Mel Gibson-ish, more catholic than the pope-ish.

Of course, Mr. Prince is supposed to be severing all ties with his former businesses and holy bloodshed. He perhaps continues to serve under the motto of Constantine with his grafted together Mithra/Jesus, military/secular god - a motto often associated with crusades and crusaders – “In Hoc Signo Vinces” – “With this sign you shall conquer”.

One can only hope that in an ever diminishing world with the merging of cultures and religions into the future global culture, that sophomoric symbols of toy soldiers made into holy war is near the end of such things, or the old white christian order of things. That the Roman/British/America Empire model is perhaps part of the dying old world order.

In place of that old world order is the evolving global multi-racial, multi-cultural new world order of things.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

SHANAS – S.H.A.N.A.S. – Secular, Humanist, Atheist, Non-believer, Agnostic, Skeptic

The road to a true global future is indeed full of many skeptics and skeptical beliefs.

Perhaps it takes time for global reality to set in. Myself I would rather look at the tools available in global communication and set a focus point for others to gather at and to begin a lot of restoring of the human spirit and the human culture after thousands of years of religious bigotry and superstition.

My quest to assert my minimalist Christian beliefs as a Cultural Secular Christian is to have a place at the table of communication and not let some religious or PR hack determine what is best or acceptable for me to believe in.

We all believe and feel billions of different things. We are however bound together by blood and DNA on this fragile planet in space.

As such I termed the word SHANAS as a focal point – focus point as a label to follow, fill out in breath and come back in retort, an umbrella of beliefs and non-beliefs, in reaction to those thousands of years of abuse and superstition that the human race has endured thus far.

We all want to change the world. Perhaps I am too much in a rush to perfection for our human race. The past seems to cling to too many negatives and redundancies. The future or any so-called new world order should be determined by input by all mankind. Part of the future is trying to determine what to jettison from the past. It is no easy task on an individual or on a global scale. I value individual input rather than institutional input.

I took the words most common in these outside cultures and philosophies at present and forming from ideas that gravitate toward similar but not exact goals. Secular, Humanists, Atheists, Non-believers, Agnostics and Skeptics should focus perhaps under one label to ease the path to future communication and integration of a durable global matrix of local and global issues in the present and immerging Global Reality. The energies of these groupings do not seem to be set in stone so much as that energy can turn into quest for a new horizon and or enlightenment for all.

SHANAS – S.H.A.N.A.S. – Secular, Humanist, Atheist, Non-believer, Agnostic, Skeptic – as a label is a start.

Whatever forms in reality in terms of labels in the future will form by common consensus and not by any one SHANAS member of alternate belief systems. And as opposed to the obsolete superstitions and religions plaguing the present world. I want people to start thinking and acting globally and – in a Secular Humanist fashion of sorts.

Christopher Hitchens, a famous atheist, complains that we need a new Age of Enlightenment – well that age is here – it has arrived – it is time for individuals more so than any one or many institutions to bring forth the light within humanity to the forefront of all human existence.

This is the dawning of a new human age.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Freedom of Speech is a Universal Human Right!

Freedom of Speech is a universal human right.

There is a war out there raging to suppress yours and mine - freedom of speech and expression. The leaders of this war are the Roman Catholic Church, Funadamentalist Islam, and Orthodox Judiasm to name just a few.

The Orthodox Jews in Israel just shouted down an orthodox rabbi who dared to say that “Jesus was a good rabbi”. Blasphemy! I suppose that is an improvement. Forty years ago I do not think that you could get one Orthodox Jew to even admit there was a historic figure called Jesus of Nazareth.

And that is where all this is leading. Laws against Blasphemy are popping up all around the planet. One took place on January 1, 2010, in the universal capital of religious buggery - Ireland.

The atheists there are diving in head first to challenge this piece of shite feel-good to the religionists law that could put a damper on any future criticism of the Catholic Church to go back to buggery in private and protected by the law should someone dare challenge the sacredness and sanctity of the behind the closed doors fantasy world of the clergy.

Atheists condemn blasphemy law
Atheists have begun a campaign against the Government’s new blasphemy law, which came into force on January 1st as part of the Defamation Act.

The group Atheist Ireland has published 25 quotes it says are blasphemous, attributed to people from Jesus Christ to Minister for Justice Dermot Ahern.

Under the new blasphemy law, which Atheist Ireland is campaigning to have repealed blasphemy is now punishable by a €25,000 fine.

It defines blasphemy as publishing or uttering matter that is grossly abusive or insulting in relation to matters held sacred by any religion, thereby intentionally causing outrage among a substantial number of adherents of that religion, with some defences permitted.
Another organization, The Center For Inquiry staged a mock Blasphemy Day on September 30 in remembrance of the Danish Cartoonist depiction of Mohammed as a bomb throwing jihadist – the same cartoonist who was almost murdered in his home in Denmark over the weekend by a Mohammedist jihadist.

While this mockery of things held sacred by some is by itself possibly offensive, I believe that people of non-belief or of the new global order want fresh ideas to replace obsolete philosophies from the past. To open up the windows - let some fresh air in to the new global conversation.

There was the first annual Blasphemy Day last September 30 sponsored by the Center for Inquiry – one group representing the growing S.H.A.N.A.S (Secular, Humanist, Atheist, Non-believer, Agnostic, Skeptic) movement.

The Center For Inquiry
The mission of the Center for Inquiry is to foster a secular society based on science, reason, freedom of inquiry, and humanist values...

Fostering a secular society requires attention to many specific goals, but three goals in particular represent the focus of our activities:

- an end to the influence that religion and pseudoscience have on public policy

- an end to the privileged position that religion and pseudoscience continue to enjoy in many societies

- an end to the stigma attached to being a nonbeliever, whether the nonbeliever describes her/himself as an atheist, agnostic, humanist, freethinker or skeptic.
It seems strange that atheists, non-believers, humanists are at the forefront of protecting Freedom of Speech. Of course, this campaign has its cynical side. I guess atheists, non-believers, secularists and doubters want to deprogram themselves of a lot of religionist bullshit shoved down their throats over the years, centuries.

In response to the most recent Blasphemy Day none other that Hisself, Mister Catholic Virtue, of the Catholic League Bill Donahue chimed in at the catholic blogosphere with a few choice words about the idea of mocking other people’s sacred ideas in the present glutted town square of old and immerging ideas.

'Blaspemy Day' Targets Christianity
Catholic League president Bill Donohue spoke to this event today:

"The Center for Inquiry is factually incorrect to say that “Free speech is the foundation on which other liberties rest.”

"Freedom of conscience is the first liberty, and it is inextricably linked to freedom of religion. Moreover, the whole concept of inalienable rights presupposes a belief in the Creator.

"In other words, atheists have the right to mock religion because our Christian Founding Fathers afforded them human rights.

"They are all such phonies. The stated purpose of Blasphemy Day has nothing to do with any religion but Islam, yet there is not one scheduled event insulting Muslims. We can only guess why. So who have they chosen to mock? You guessed it—Christians.
I am glad to be enlightened that our Founding Christian Fathers made a mistake in giving atheists “Human Rights”. Oh well. Consider the source.

Which brings us back to Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard and his human right to practice his trade and live in peace and without fear of Muslim jihadists trying to kill free speech and subvert the world to the worship of their Prophet’s words.

Think back to when you first heard this story in 2005 about the cartoon about Mohammed and the riots in the third world, muslim world over defaming the prophet.

Seems that there was a conspiracy of local Danish Imams/clerics who wanted an apology from the newspaper that printed the cartoon. No apology necessary. Covered by free speech.

Well this conspiracy of Danish Muslim clerics, whether native born or not I do not know, they put together an infamous dossier with collected offensive images against Islam and started passing it along to the chief muslim clerics in Egypt and then Syria etc. Then these local clerics started to issue deflamatory statements against the cartoonist, the newspaper and finally Denmark. If you are a bully like Islam is, then pick on a small country without a Nuke - like Denmark.

Akkari-Laban dossier

To make a long story short, some of the images in that so called dossier got added to from country to country to the point where this weird PR campaign that only a Bill Donahue would understand got turned into Danish flag burnings, bombings, murders, fatwas and totally utterly religionist bullshit. Blasphemy is in the eye of the beholder.

Which leads to the attempted murder of Kurt Westergaard and his granddaughter by a Somali jihadist over the weekend. The police got him, shot him and then the dirty yellow rat bastard shows up in Danish Court and pleads “not guilty” to his failed hatred actions and religionist revenge. “Not Guilty” – that’s blasphemy!

Stemming out of all this hatred toward Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Expression is yet another Blasphemy Law before the United Nations to protect the religion of Islam from worldwide modern thought or comment.

AP: Muslim countries seek blasphemy ban
GENEVA — Four years after cartoons of the prophet Muhammad set off violent protests across the Muslim world, Islamic nations are mounting a campaign for an international treaty to protect religious symbols and beliefs from mockery — essentially a ban on blasphemy that would put them on a collision course with free speech laws in the West.

Documents obtained by The Associated Press show that Algeria and Pakistan have taken the lead in lobbying to eventually bring the proposal to a vote in the U.N. General Assembly.

If ratified in countries that enshrine freedom of expression as a fundamental right, such a treaty would require them to limit free speech if it risks seriously offending religious believers. The process, though, will take years and no showdown is imminent.
Let me end by repeating myself.

Freedom of Speech is a Universal Human Right!

Freedom of expression in the form of art, drawing or satire should be protected at all cost.

Whether the Danes acted incorrectly by not apologizing in a local matter, that should have been dealt with locally - official complaints, lawsuits, legislation etc.

The local standard stands - it may change over time - but when in Rome do as the Romans do.

These Muslim Akkari-Laban dossier guys should be tried for incitement to riot and murder in a global court.

Have a safe and free from religious blood thirsty fanatics day.

Jesus as Jewish Rabbi – praised/retracted – Efrat Israel

There is perhaps a tempest in a tea pot and Political Correctness Heresy floating about the tea water regarding the present Rabbi of Efrat Israel.

If the Jesus Seminar ever gets a correct time line on Jesus and his divine message mission to earth, many side notes and foot notes might include on that timeline in present times how a rabbi in Isreal and his PC talk about Jesu may have gotten sabatoged by film editors surrounding Jesus and the whole rabbi thing.

Efrat rabbi retracts praise for 'Rabbi Jesus' over Orthodox ire
Defending himself from scathing criticism for a video in which he refers to Jesus as "a model rabbi," a well-respected Anglo rabbi said this week that while his terminology was "inappropriate," the poorly edited video mauled his message. The current incident is the second time this year that Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, the New York-born Orthodox rabbi of Efrat, had to clarify a controversial statement regarding Jewish-Christian relations.

In the video, Riskin says he has been "truly fascinated by the personality of Jesus, whom certainly to myself I have always referred to as Rabbi Jesus" ever since taking a university course about the gospels. "Because I think he is indeed a model rabbi in many counts and he lived the life of a Jewish rabbi in Israel in a very critical time in our history. And I have constantly come back to the study of his personality and his teachings, which are very strongly rooted in Talmudic teachings."
No matter how the PC winds blows today, tomorrow or yesterday on the topic of Jews discussing Jesus and his mission, I am presenting this You Tube video of Rabbi Schlomo Riskin in that he speaks a good talk about Jesus, Judaism and a potential Interfaith dialogue, without calling it interfaith - common ground, between Christians and Jews.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Botnet of Humanity - Botnet of Religion

I ran in to a great article by Sarah Posner, author of God's Profits: Faith, Fraud, and the Republican Crusade for Values Voters, on the Guardian UK Religion section.

Some of the blog comments are fascinating to me once you get past the usual hacks hanging around a comments page. The Americans may have the ingenuity and energy of enterprise part of the English Speaking World, but the Brits retain love of the mother language and real journalism and good discussion of the subjects at hand. No great American Intellectual Dumbing Down yet in Britainnia, I am glad to report.

I have run into an interesting way of looking at or dissecting Religion in terms of computer language and or terminology. I do not completely understand what is being said here but I feel obligated to pass it on to my readers for their own dissemination.

I quote from Commenter Label names – no profiles available - but listed as documentation of source.

The great evangelical rebranding
1 Jan 2010, 1:55PM:

It the world of IT we have the concept of the botnet. A botnet is what is created when a computer virus infects a large number of computers and gives control of certain aspects of those computers' behaviour over to a single individual or organisation. These botnets can be ordered to act like a single multi-component entity, but often lie dormant for most of the time and owners of botnet zombie computers ('zombie' is the term for an infected computer) don?t even realise anything is wrong.

When we become members of an organised belief system that dictates certain aspects of our behaviour, we are joining a human botnet. Over the last decade, there has been a growing divide within society as those who recognise the botnet nature of religion (in essence, if not in name) clash with those who would have us believe that religion is not a form of mind control. The critics of religion (such as Richard Dawkins) point out how individuals who are members of a religion loose a certain capacity to think for themselves, and that this can lead to acts of cruelty, violence and bigotry. The 9/11 terrorist act is an example of what happens when the controller of a human religious botnet activates his human zombies.

The botnet comparison is extremely powerful, as it is now widely accepted in Western Europe that organised religion acts this way (despite the contrary claims made by religious leaders and politicians), even if the botnet term is not applied...
1 Jan 2010, 10:49PM

I would say though that the botnet effect is all around us. I have worked with companies where you can see that the employees seem to share many beliefs (about the company) and personal characteristics. Sometimes the employees start to resemble their managers in mannerisms etc. You can see it also when you go to other countries and you find that ways of doing things, accepted values etc can be very different.

But I do agree that such things are common in religion too. I guess the worst examples of this have been the few occasions where mass suicides have occurred. We are used to belonging to groups such as tribes, companies and clubs and people tend to assume that this is also how to operate in spiritual matters, whereas it is inappropriate because it can lead to a lot of "control". I have experienced mild "control" myself in church settings, although there were a lot of good things there too. But if you look carefully at the teachings of Jesus, you find that what he started was not "religion" as we now know it. He started a kind of movement that people originally called "The Way". But at the time of Constantine, many got swept up into a "religion". In fact, if you look at Jesus, you find he is very different from founders of religions and sects. Many committed Christians nowadays do not atttend a traditional "church" because they have given up on religion...

A Future Iran Taking Shape in Exile?

The time may be coming when the war on terror or the war on Islam or the Islamic war on the West or whatever might be coming to an end .

The son of the recently deceased and moderate Grand Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri is talking about the replacement for the current so-called Islamic Republic in Iran in a German magazine Der Spiegel.

Late cleric's son warns of more Iran turmoil: report
"I think the future structure of our society is not so important. It could be an Islamic Republic, a secular republic, or as far as I am concerned, even a monarchy. The main thing is that people can live in freedom and in prosperity," he said. Anti-government protests have flared repeatedly since a disputed presidential election last June, throwing Iran into its most serious internal crisis in the Islamic Republic's 30-year history.

In the last week, there have been bloody confrontations, arrests and hardline demands for the strong suppression of opponents of the government.

Asked by Der Spiegel if he expected a bloodbath, Montazeri said: "I hope it won't come to that. I still hope the rulers will come to their senses and make compromises and take the path of national reconciliation. If they don't, my country will be in a much worse state in one year's time than it is today."
Reference to “even a monarchy” is a clue that crown prince Reza Pahlavi in exile may head a future secular Iranian government as a Constitutional and not absolute monarch in that mid-east mid-asian nation now bleeding under the thuggery of a tyrannical theocracy.

It may also be a reference to recognition that an American influence in the region and the world in general is the necessary social glue that makes the planet move on its political and economic axis. China and India may be emerging as economic power houses but what do they do for the good will of the world in general like the U.S.? That and anybody besides the thugs in power in Iran would be a great improvement.

Nostalgia for the peaceful, prosperous, non-religious (secular) reign of the Shah of Iran? Indeed.

With moderate Islamic nations of Moracco, Egypt and Jordan, a moderate Islamic Iran would, could balance a great deal of extremism in that part of the world. A stable Iraq/Iran would mean that the United States could draw down our spent troops. Who knows, maybe even the Taliban would accept moderation and negotiation toward the new global order of things.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happey Pagan new year to you all!

this year i opted to watch times square online with CNN.

I felt a great energy watching youth and kissin and whatever.

Although I have never in over thirty years on and off in the big apple made it to Times Square on New Years Eve - I join the ranks of my maternal grandmother, metaphorically speaking, who lived her whole life in philly and never visited Independence Hall - whatever.

I noticed that the new global New World Order national anthem was played just before the real countdown to the new year - John Lennon - Imagine.

I see now what Obama has to recognize and reflect upon - the energy of the united states that is now that of a global world empire.

The question now is whether that Global Empire is Just or it is controlled by elements of the dark side aka Cheney NeoCon INC.

Anyway, stop your blathering son. I heard a song that really hit the "light" within for me played shortly after midnight in times square, and into the new year. I believe the artist and the song rendition is from the "light" side within our mortal existence.

happy first day of the next ten thousand years of the human race!

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye to the Y2Kays Decade

Remember all of the hype and B.S. about how the world was going to end in the year 2000 – Y2K ?

Our computers all over the planet were going to shut down over the supposed glitch that dumb computers would be too stupid to recognize the first two digits 20 of the year 2000 – as opposed to computers built in the twentieth century with the two digit prefix of 19—as in 1999 etc.

I think one nuclear power plant in Japan shut itself down. Other than that, air traffic control, street lights and electricity kept running. What a sorry disappointment that PR fear campaign was.

We had made a journey back east to New York from Arizona in 1999 only to come up against - in your face – too close - to 911 and its very nasty effects and collateral damage.

The world did not come to an end in the 2000’s or Y2Kays or the Naughties.

It was a hard decade to slog through for some of us but we made it. If we are still here in one piece, I guess we can indeed brag about it.

The world never seems to truly end. Does it? No matter what any so-called current in vogue prophecy says. It ends when it ends and not before.

Something perhaps in the universal program of randomness and the drive to carry on and to evolve.

Ran into this on a blog and it brought me close to tears. Even I can’t say everything. This says a lot to me. I hope it says things to you as well.

To my friends the Americans
in which this decade has hollowed your land
raped your soul
and left your spirit bruised and battered
may you find solace,
may you find peace,
may you find your light again…

“The Dude” – a blogger
Best wishes for the new calendar year to you all.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

vatican to copyright sky! - news at eleven

I don’t know what to make of the following – another anti-christian chicken story perhaps?

I guess every government wants to get in on the ponzi cap and trade rackets of natural resources and national images, words, gestures, natural good looks. (Not to mention censoring You Tube viewers from seeing falling pontiffs at Midnight masses that occur at ten p.m..) Etc.

Pope Benedict XVI: Copyright! All Rights Reserved!
The Vatican will establish copyright protection on the use of the name, the image and symbols associated with the head of the Roman Catholic Church. The Holy See intends to hold the exclusive right for their use, the Catholic News Agency said...

The news came as a surprise. Pope Benedict XVI previously condemned those who defend their copyright. The Pontiff criticized the struggle for copyright as a phenomenon which contradicted to the notion of mutual help and Christian love to other people…

“How can all this be related to the Pope? I do not see any way to register such copyright – there are no adequate laws for that. The Pope cannot be a trademark because the Pope is a natural person. Why would they do something like that ? Is there a need for that? Even if the Vatican managed to have it all legalized, I doubt that it would win considerable profit from it,” the professor said.

Sergey Fyodorov, a senior expert with the Institute for Europe of the Russian Academy of Sciences, believes that the Vatican simply wants to make more money.
----Sergey Balmasov, Pravda.Ru
“Greed is good” to quote Oliver Stone’s infamous character Gordon Gekko.

Greed can also backfire. If you have to pay - maybe the brand name and the product will get ignored and forgotten. Free to the catholic blogoshere is free to the choir and empty pews as well, so to speak.

Good luck in the forgotten twilight years of the reign of “what’s his name”?

I quoted from Pravda to get a less than polished (corrupted) western MSM spin on this news article. That and that news agency might report a little more truth, bizarre as it might seem on any given subject. It is good to have a different point of view.

I also think the Russians will laugh when asked to pay a toll to talk about “what’s his name” in the Vatican.


Flight 253 a set up? – Fifth Column Intro to Yemen?

I have to take everything with a grain of salt lately with the MSM.

This Mutallab guy from Nigeria, the suspected terrorist on flight 253 into Detroit on Christmas Day – I have to wonder who set this “terrorist” gig up.

The GOP is in full – shut down the government at all costs - Piranha mode - for the 2010-2012 elections. That's normal politics in a time of economic chaos and global terrorism?

In the past few days, an African face on the news with the word “terrorist” or "Al-Qaeda" planted under that face seems like too much of a casual visual coincidence considering the many months of that same visual set up by the GOP baggers and Fox News and Rush hate Radio - as in Obama's face with the "terrorist" label on placards at FOX/Tea Bagger staged events.

Is it possible that independent agents, independent of currently employed and official US intelligence, in fact traitors, might be at work to sabotage the Executive branch and sabotage the country as well. Is a fifth column in our government a very real possibility? I think the answer is YES!

That stories and situations are not only being planned in Al-Qaeda’s headquarters wherever that gypsy caravan is today or will be next week? That it is a real possibility that traitors or hired out parties can get hold of and manipulate young Muslims and put them in a position to upset Christmas Day, a sacred Christian and family holiday?

More than the Al-Qaeda mobile taco stand could be operating out in the field, the many fields out there in the middle east and mid Asia. This, to top off one year of “Shut Down the American Domestic Government” of Barack Obama – sounds too much of a convenience to this cynic’s ear or stomach, gut to believe.

To end a decade where more than likely - and more like insider information brought down the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center – that that decade ends with a Brit trained twit peeing his pants on a jet and ruining a home made cocktail bomb in his shorts – some things just don’t make sense to me. This is the same Al-Qaeda in 2009 as in 2001? Does it make sense to you?

With Cheney whining and hoping for a terrorist attack to justify his personal reign of terror over our democratic government for eight years, and Rush Limbaugh who wants Obama to fail and the country too as well by inference, one have to wonder where our true friends are and where our true enemies lie, or lie with, or lie within.

Is there a real fifth column in America trying to destroy what is left of our democracy and our free enterprise system??? One has to ask that. And who besides the wacko right, the rodents, would be in full throttle behind such a fifth column foraging amidst the shards of and in cover of the once Grand Old Party? And let’s not forget FOX anti-Obama/entertainment “news”.

I went off half cocked in my recent rant on this Detroit incident about Suicide Virgin Humpers.

I saw the following link on a blog on the Guardian UK related to the attempted terrorist attack. The comment with that link was I believe later removed. I do not remember the rhetoric attached to the link but it may have been offensive. I did not despair because I read the link and took it with a grain of salt. Even if true, this testimony from two lawyers supposedly on Flight 253 could be false. MI-5 may have pressed the Guardian to remove the link etc. I was waiting for further second hand confirmation that this story was not a hoax, a Heene baloon boy free publicity thing?

Flight 253 passenger: Sharp-dressed man aided terror suspect...(MLive.com exclusive)
Haskell said he and his wife were sitting on the ground near their boarding gate in Amsterdam, which is when they saw Mutallab approach the gate with an unidentified man.

Kurt and Lori Haskell are attorneys with Haskell Law Firm in Taylor. Their expertise includes bankruptcy, family law and estate planning.

While Mutallab was poorly dressed, his friend was dressed in an expensive suit, Haskell said. He says the suited man asked ticket agents whether Mutallab could board without a passport. “The guy said, 'He's from Sudan and we do this all the time.'”

Mutallab is Nigerian. Haskell believes the man may have been trying to garner sympathy for Mutallab's lack of documents by portraying him as a Sudanese refugee.

The ticket agent referred Mutallab and his companion to her manager down the hall, and Haskell didn't see Mutallab again until after he allegedly tried to detonate an explosive on the plane.
I saw the link briefly listed on Drudge and yesterday it showed up in Google news spotlight but only briefly. Finally today a legitimate new source, the Detorit Free Press has followed through on the story.

FBI probes account of Michigan couple in Flight 253 case
Lori Haskell said that FBI agents spoke with her and her husband, Kurt, Tuesday morning after the two spoke to news media outlets about Kurt Haskell's account that he saw an older, well-dressed Indian man help suspect Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab in his effort to board the flight in Amsterdam, Netherlands, without a passport.
I expect a deadend on the story. Nip it in the bud so to speak. Dallas style coverup?

No sooner than this failed plot got some media steam than Senator Joe Liebermann got out his price placard, wearing it on his back, his vote and opinion for sale at various scales – gets on the "we have to invade Yemen" bandwagon because this is where the terrorist was trained etc.

Yemen is Saudi Arabia’s back door. If the Saudis can’t handle it, well it is time to do a “Mission Accomplished” and march into Riyahd tomorrow. Why settle for the toe nail clippings in Yemen when you can eat the whole roasted cow just a few more miles down the road.

The Romans stayed in power for centuries with Bread and Circus. There is plenty of Circus – the Media. But where is the Bread (oil)? Where is the Bread? Forget the Fear Factor bullshit. What’s in it for us the American People to turn a blind eye to global injustice and eternal war?

It is time for some sense in our foreign policy. The tail of the dog, the fifth column, the enemy within, has got to stop wagging the nation - wagging us to death.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Failed States of Israel and Palestine ?

If God is an energy, then I perceive a connection of energy waves and in the same direction or at a same intersection at present.

A curious thing happened in Poland a little over a week ago. Somebody stole the infamous death camp sign over the entrance way to Auschwitz – “Arbeit Macht Frei” – “Work Will Set You Free”. The saying and the truth about Auschwitz are at two different ends of any communication spectrum. Over a million men, women and children died there at the hands of the Nazis – mostly Jews but also “Roma Gypsies, Poles, and Soviet prisoners of war.” No accurate count, only guesstimates of the numbers of this inhumane act toward humanity. The records were destroyed. Who would want to keep records of such things, such evil things.

Polish Police Find Stolen Auschwitz Sign

The thieves were caught. The sign was broken into three pieces. One story is that some collector was willing to pay two to three million dollars for this historic artifact. One has to wonder if the collector had an agenda whether it being admiration for the Nazi killing machine or for the up close and personal memento of the twentieth century holocaust. Or perhaps a billionaire needed to fill a space on the wall of his or her private art gallery in an east side Manhattan townhouse and thought the object a good investment. Once displayed, discerning wealthy guests could make an offer and a profit might be made. It, the sign, is representative of an impressive piece of human history – sad though that history may be.

All that aside, I have to wonder if perhaps the sympathy towards the Jewish entity as a faith and people has worn off in time. The Pope went there to Auschwitz and made a politically correct speech about how the Holocaust should never happen again. But did he mean it? Yes of course he did. But sometimes words and actions have opposing energies.

One has to wonder when the energy of a sacred object such as this stolen sign – when did it turn into secular energy and a prize to be carted away and sold. The death camp is a museum and visited by all people on an international scale. The thieves appear to have been local. Their parents or grandparents no doubt lived down the road and probably did not know what went on in Auschwitz. But human nature tells me that these locals in the 1940s no doubt heard rumors or made up stories. Making up stories or passing around rumors is one thing. The true horror of it all is something quite on a different scale and scope.

The present German born Pope recently signed off on Pope Pius XII and put him on the road to sainthood. Some, in fact many would disagree that Pius XII is saint material. Controversy still surrounds his knowledge and actions public or secret in reference to the rounding up of millions of European Jews during the first years of his rule. The Vatican Archives are not yet fully open to public scrutiny as to what the Pope knew and when he knew it or why he was so silent within his walled castle of the Vatican.

So too, the never complete, perhaps failed state of Israel reached an anniversary yesterday regarding the twenty two day pogrom – Operation “Cast Lead” - against the Palestinians in Gaza of one year ago. This attack on the next door neighbor of Israel cost the lives of 1,000 adults and 400 children. It all took place while America was paralyzed in an economic disaster and between the changing of the guard at the White House.

Sad that the Jews have built walls between themselves and their neighbors. Sad that walls keep others out – out of sight – and walls also traps those within. Is the walled state of Israel a giant Ghetto that replaces the historic presence of Jews in European culture to a place of confinement in the middle east? I hope not.

In any case, whether walled up in the Vatican or walled up in Gaza, who is to say who knew what and when they knew it. Who killed and who died and who pressed the buttons to agitate a response is subject to stories and rumors. Human nature being what it is, there is probably a little bit of truth in everything. Truth is perhaps an energy and a sign of the inner light and energy of God within both Jews and Arabs in the so-called Holy Land.

Perhaps the stealing and recovering of a sign from Auschwitz is not the energy of an angel but a true sign to look hard at the words, actions and historic content of things at hand as well as being a reminder of things past – bad things that got worse – because nobody took a stand and said – Enough is Enough!

Humanity must be recognized as humanity no matter what the propaganda or political agenda dictates. The value of every human being as a child of the light and energy of God must be recognized and respected by all. ALL.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Suicide Virgin Humper Tries to Blow up Plane in Detroit

Some fool Arab wanted to blow up a passenger plane over Detroit. You say he isn’t Arab. The money for this Al-Qaeda bullshit is from Arabia – that is all I have to know.

Christ! You blow up a plane over Detroit, who would notice – it’s Detroit!

And to kill two hundred and eighty odd strangers plus crew for some weird religion – bizarre. Human sacrifice is obsolete - it is the sign of a very primitive superstitious idol worshipping religion. And I thought American Fundamentalists were weird. Religious weirdoes of the world – get your heads out of your asses!

There are an awful lot of lonely Muslim guys in desperate need of virgins in Paradise out there that want to blow up other people in order to get at the real good out of this world stuff.

I am sick and tired of foreigners who come into a country, eat our food, use our institutions of higher education and then leave with a bad attitude or chip on their shoulder and want to blame us for their failings and inadequacies as a people or as part of a culture.

Apparently the worshipers of the Prophet guy who think they are superior and just don’t get western civilization had better sit down and think twice if they want to live on my planet.

Freud or some other lunatic said it best when you can peg these guys as transferring all their hostilities they have for their parents, their native culture, their native land or native religion and do not have the courage to challenge what is wrong there and come over here to punish us for their inferior local culture.

You don’t see us running over there to eat their food, use their institutions of higher learning etc. What is wrong with that formula? Am I the pig or are you? Oink. Oink.

Until the Muslims look into the mirror darkly in terms of a spiritual sense, their staged pretense at being a religion as a key into a spiritual realm is quite iffy if you ask me. Well you did ask me. You are reading this.

Stay in the forest, desert, jungle – eat your own shit and leave my precious western civilization alone. We have been building this civilization for at least ten thousand years.

We have enough problems trying to cope with the good and bad of modern day life without having to look over our shoulders for losers from Islam that think suicide is a good thing – FECK OFF!

If you cannot act like human beings, then try to pretend to be part of the brotherhood, sisterhood of mankind. If you do not have love in your heart for your fellow human beings – who needs you? I don’t!

There are enough losers in the west without putting out a welcome mat for the likes of your suicide virgin humpers.

We have to live on the same planet. We have to share many of the same resources on this planet. It is simply bad manners to keep acting like the worst thing around and still think your religion is the end all in belief systems. Well it ain’t!

Your shit stinks just like mine. Get a life. Get a belief system that is not a fantasy and an excuse to hate, maim or kill!

Have a nice and not a bloody day you ugly fanatic so-called Islamists.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Joe the Pope Stumbles at Midnight Mass

Since the beginning of the age of Darwin certain scientific methods apply to all things. Cause and effect in one such conundrum.

Joe the Pope stumbled the other night at Midnight Mass which was not at midnight. The 82 year old pontiff with a busy seasonal schedule wanted to go to bed early and get some rest for the next day. Midnight mass started at 10 pm. When you change anything around away from its norm – you have cause and effect. If you want to get to bed early, you are not staying up later than the homeless and the wandering crazy people particular to every urban center on the planet.

A young woman, 25, jumped the barricade separating the processional column of clergy including the Pope from the attending crowd. The security guards tacked the possible assassin and in the collateral damage (catalytic reaction) the would be assailant drags the pope to the floor by grabbing onto his garments.

Scuffle over. The pope is unharmed. An aged French cardinal gets a broken leg. The pope, the superstar of the evening, puts on his usual great performance.

Moral of the story. Security at the Vatican is as lax as at the White House where two publicity seeking clowns walk into Obama’s first State Dinner for the Prime Minister of India. They get photos with everyone and slip away as people are being seated for din-din and where there are no place cards for two party crashers.

The security at the midnight mass looked like they hired some husky tall moonlighting Italian policemen for the evening event. These days all corporations and all governments seem to be staffed by part time, minimum waged temporary staff and guards.

The young lady of Swiss Italian background had apparently done the same thing last year and in the same bright red clothing as at last year’s Christmas midnight mass – so much for my theory of staying up later than the crazies. The temp guards from last year who grabbed this same jumper before she touched the pope were not on duty or not looking or screening the people coming into the mass this year? People were admitted by ticket only.

Which goes to my previously stated assumption, of the fact that only tourists fill in the gaps of the big events like midnight mass – staged for the cameras. So easy to get tickets like at your hotel front desk. No real Roman would go out on a cold winter’s night for midnight mass at St. Peter’s. Romans may show up on a warm spring day for Easter in the plaza but other than that, few if any of the native population participate in the ancient rituals of the church.

Which brings me to my previously stated position, that only a few hundred or a few thousand Romans go to church on a regular basis. Which puts the Bishop of Rome as supposed premier moral leader of the Christian world as a shepherd to an active flock as large (or as small) as any Jesus got in his barnstorming days of preaching.

In any case, the pope is a symbol of Christiandom. I personally do not want to see him harmed. He and his office are deserving of global respect.

Besides, who would I have to call Joe the Pope? Better the pope you know than the pope (next pope) you don’t know. But then again I have already named him Pius XIII and Joe the Pope has yet to give him a red hat. (cause and effect).

If and when the rabble and crazies do storm the Vatican with torches and pitchforks, it won’t be with Joe Ratzinger, the current German pope in residence.

In the meantime, the Vatican better spend a few more lira on competent full time security staff.


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Human Light Holiday - 2009

The so-called War on Christmas did not have much energy this year. Everybody is recycling lights and decorations, those lucky enough to still have their own home. The economy and the massive PR efforts on politics in Health Care legislation has exhausted any patience or tolerance for additional nonsense about the right way to celebrate Christmas – the right talk and the right walk etc. this year.

Indeed Senator Coburn’s recent Prayer on the United States Senate floor to pray for God to strike down Senator Byrd, 92, in a wheelchair, to not make it for a rare One A.M. Senate vote on Healthcare says it all to me about the mean spirited Grinch like love of GOP "Christ-Inane-ity".

The War on Christianity is a self inflicted wound like flagellation. The more you beat yourself, the holier you and your cause becomes? Yeah right.

The War on Christmas is largely I think a time killer on entertainment news which in the Bush years would not dare investigate or report misconduct in government.

Make an artificial enemy out there and blame them for America not being as white or as Christian as it used to be.

Ran into an interesting article about how many foreign born or non-Christians deal with “the December Dilemma” because they do not celebrate their cultural or religious holidays in December.

For many, December's a dilemma
"We definitely had a little bit of anxiety in childhood," Tarin said. But that changed as he grew up and refined his American Muslim persona amid the American atmosphere of diversity and tolerance.

Now, where he and his family live in northern Virginia, "we don't celebrate Christmas. We celebrate our holidays" -- pointing, for example, to Eid al-Fitr after Ramadan and Eid al-Adha after the hajj pilgrimage. But he welcomes the goodwill of the season -- the gift-exchanges with non-Muslim neighbors and the requests from schoolteachers to talk about Muslim holidays.


Interfaith couples celebrate their diversity during the Christmas season. Jeff Silver, a certified public accountant who is Jewish, and Shweta Gupta, a dentist who is Hindu, are planning their marriage next year. They will have an interfaith household and said they hope to raise children to understand both of their traditions. At their home in Atlanta, they've set up a holiday tree decorated with Hindu and Jewish ornaments.


Non-religious Americans embrace a December "secular holiday" called HumanLight.

Patrick Colucci, vice chair of the HumanLight Committee and member of the New Jersey Humanist Network, said the holiday can uplift "atheist, humanist and nonreligious" people who feel left out and isolated during Christmas.

Which brings me to the Human Light holiday celebrated today December 23. Never heard of it before today. It is a man made holiday by Humanists to make – I won’t say non-believers but perhaps non-conformists – have a day of celebration and gathering in the midst of all the other pagan year end celebrating.


The energy of the diversity of America is sometimes a surprise and delightful.

Happy Human Light Holiday to you all !

(– and that includes Bill O’Reilly and Bill Donahue too. XOXO)

Monday, December 21, 2009

tolerance as a reason in this and every season

People and individuals keep on searching for meaning to life and circumstance in this cold, materialistic, godless, secular global culture.

Some people are writing columns to say that the movie Avatar is a vehicle to sell nature and pantheism. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar and not a penis. Sometimes a computer enhanced cartoon or Hollywood fantasy is just a computer enhanced cartoon or just a Hollywood fantasy.

This 24/7/365 knit picking over everything that does not conform to the traditional exceptional American concept of God is not a call to arms to preserve the traditional religionist culture. It is more a shouting in a warehouse, taking inventory, of obsolete aspects of the old Christian belief system before they are carted off onto the trash heap of history.

In my own personal search for a new meaning of the concept of God, I end this year listening to some Christmas Carols like the Brit atheist dilettante Richard Dawkins.

I am more convinced than ever that the current phase of belief in non-belief is wall paper glue filling in the voids of a yet to be printed or determined pastel belief pattern on that wallpaper that will be the norm for decades or centuries to come. Old paper comes down. New paper goes up. The practical and the mundane non-belief is a stop gap glue of many for the moment.

Many years ago as a native tourist investigating every nook and cranny of Independence National Historical Park, I came upon a gem of a colonial building. Back then the only entrance way was down an alley way and into a courtyard. The courtyard with gray paving stones and surrounding brick buildings and simple paned glass windows reminded me of something very plain but European. The RC church of St. Joseph’s was behind a very plain entrance way. Thus I found out that in History, this very pagan Jesuit church was allowed in Quaker Tolerant Pennsylvania in colonial times and still stands in present day downtown Philadelphia. Back then it was probably the only RC church for a hundred miles. It is also a gem inside architecturally in a very subtle kind of Baroque mixed with colonial style interior design.

This story leads me to the Quakers or Society of Friends, or I should say leads me back to Quakers because no matter what your beliefs or ethnic origins, if you grow up in Philly the subtle imprint of a Quaker sub-cultural essence lives on to this day.

This is not an endorsement of the Friends but in reading again in full detail their habits and beliefs I seem to be drawn back to the concept of simplistic beliefs in my personal search for God.

Indeed, the persistent agitator of George Fox against the established COE types is what no doubt got Charles II to settle his debts to the Quaker William Penn’s father’s estate with a land grant to his son a whole ocean away. Best to ship the pesky little religious varmints off to the New World than build more prisons. The Brits had yet to find and settle Australia.

One has to wonder in the recognizable shape of the Quakers that evolved in England, that someone like George Fox was not unaware of the various simplistic aspects of Islam. Perhaps there was a hidden mosque down some London alleyway in days of yore for a native tourist to discover and wonder at. Many books back then about Islam and the Gnostic thing but no hard manuscript evidence, only rumors, on the latter at that time.

I perceive some possible similarities between the two belief systems.

Quakers - the Religious Society of Friends
Among key Quaker beliefs are:

• God is love

• the light of God is in every single person

• a person who lets their life be guided by that light will achieve a full relationship with God

• everyone can have a direct, personal relationship with God without involving a priest or minister

• redemption and the Kingdom of Heaven are to be experienced now, in this world
It is in the inner light thing, this almost Gnostic thing that is a hallmark of Quaker belief.

The Quakers are also not very evangelical, preaching and recruiting to their belief system like some screaming Christian Constantine army press-gang thing.

The inner light of the creative force within endures. You must come to it. It does not necessarily come to you. Indeed, many people raised as a Quaker are not shining examples of this belief system like Richard Nixon as one example. But who is to judge really?

Putting beliefs aside I have to say that for a quiet bunch of unnoticed people in the woodwork so to speak they have founded and maintain many schools, universities – as well as maintain the ground work for doing what some would label as Christian but they themselves do not cling to any faith describing labels or agenda.

The most powerful thing I saw in my youth was a single force, behind the scenes in the widespread opposition to the Vietnam War, in the American Service Friends Committee and its lobbying efforts. At the height of the anger and discord in America around 1972, I remember how the city wanted to widen the road in front of a bunch of nineteenth century brick buildings. The buildings had to come down to make way for the widened street. One of the buildings I believe housed the local AFSC. When vacated I remember a home made sign of about a foot square made of shirt box cardboard and embellished with three simple words in laundry marker or dark crayon – it was tacked over the door of one of these abandoned buildings.

Those words were “Rendered unto Caesar”. Powerful words to make a statement about the then current injustice and unfairness of it all. Those words have lasted in my memory to this day and remind me of the power of simple actions to move governments from the wrong column of history and in to the correct wave energy of human history.

Enough of Philly tales. As this year ends I have two religious belief systems in mind that the world of Christianity, perhaps a dying and or going through a dramatic metamorphosis belief system, might consider in the future shaping of anything to be labelled Christian or Christ-like.

I am mindful of the Quakers and their beliefs and also of the dissident St. Mary’s in Exile Congregation in Brisbane Australia – two places I think I could visit in a service or meeting and where my eccentric at present and eclectic agnostic search for a new meaning or definition of God would be tolerated.

Have a happy and safe new year.