Saturday, September 1, 2012

What Do Mormons Taste Like? – Cardinal Dolan – Archbishop Niederauer

"Mormon Broker" Niederauer
"American Pope" Dolan

PROVO, Utah -- The fight to defend moral principles is linking Mormons and Catholics like never before.
"In recent years, Catholics and members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have stood more frequently side by side in the public square to defend human life and dignity," Francis Cardinal George told nearly 12,000 students, faculty and community members gathered Tuesday at BYU.
"I'm personally grateful that after 180 years of living mostly apart from one another, Catholics and Latter-day Saints have begun to see each other as trustworthy partners in defense of shared moral principles." --- Cardinal George, President of USCCB, Feb 24, 2010

The very gay marriage between the male rulers of  the American Roman Catholic Church and the male leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is a secret marriage as of this moment.

But on a timeline, the official merger of Catholic and Mormon Mutual Self Interests in America is about on schedule.

The former Catholic bishop of Salt Lake City George Niederauer sent out a money help call to his friends in the Mormons mostly, but definitely elites only, Country Club in Salt Lake City in early 2008.  He needed the cash to fund Prop 8 on the November 2008 ballot to deny the civil rights of Marriage Equality for Gays.

Like why gives Gays rights like marriage when celibate priests are (?) trapped in unmarried celibate hell?

The Mormons gave Niederauer a “we’ll think about it”.  Nothing much might have come of a Catholic Bishop begging for chump change in his current hate campaign against the gays except that in April 2008 all hell heck broke out in Temple Square, regarding the arrests of break-away Mormons practicing the “P” word (polygamy) at the Zion Ranch in Texas.


The Mormon elites talked it over at the Country Club and decided that giving Niederauer the scratch to attack the gays would keep the media off the child rape forced marriage polygamy thing.  Besides the Catholics in charge know and appreciate the finer details of the bible and the modern secular misinterpretation of child rape and have hundreds of lawyers and PR people on retainer to deal with such things. Giving the Catholics the money to attack the Gays will be a good thing to offset this unpleasant Mormon thing in Texas.

Makes sense. To me at least. And I am a believer that the timeline in history is a better neutral interpreter of historical events than the mere opinion of scholars.

Prop 8 was a success.  Bigger plans and elections to sway, fix and change America back to the good old simplistic days of “Leave It To Beaver” Mormon American Morality. Whatever.

Public display of warmth between two hostile to each other, in the past, groups was necessary.  And who better to seal and private deals than with a Cardinal, president at the time of the whole bishop boys union, the USCCB.

Cardinal George also addressed the opposition that Catholics and Mormons have faced for their joint advocacy of human rights and dignity, citing the response from Proposition 8 opponents in California as an example.
“What I most regret is not the opposition, that is understandable ... And those of us who have gay people in their family as I have, know the anxieties and the conflicts in their own life. And we have to be there for them and love them and support them.”
But when Prop. 8 opponents “respond by thuggery, by quasi-fascist tactics, then the common good, our whole society, stands in great jeopardy,” Cardinal George said.
Opposition to the efforts of Catholics and LDS members should be expected, he added. “But despite that, if we stay together and go forward, … if we simply continue to talk together, (it) will in the end bear much fruit.”

Which leads us on the timeline to August 30, 2012 when Cardinal Timmy Dolan, Archbishop of New York City, President of the USCCB, “the American Pope” is led into Mitt Romney’s hotel suite in Tampa, full of Mormons, elites and relatives, and Cardinal Dolan does the obligatory bow to the next president of the United States and Dolan kisses Mitt’s wedding ring in Italian Roman, “our thing” respect.

Which leads to the opening question.  Tim, what do Mormons taste like? Their ring fingers at least?

Timmy has to protect his church’s tax free status after having drooled over his boy Ryan and bowed to the Man Mitt. Off to Charlotte and the Dem Convention for the minimum sake of pastoral appearances.

BTW, I am not all that interested in knowing what Barry’s butt tastes like since Dolan will be kissing an awful lot of Democratic butts this coming week in Charlotte with his Janus faced smile after his one real performance in Tampa this past week.

The Catholic Temple - Salt Lake City

*   *   *

Bill Donohue – Catholic League Down Low Kabuki Theater - Groeschel - Dolan - Cordileone

EWTN - Catholic Kabuki Theater - host Raymond Arroyo

Bill Donohue is in rare form. His unpaid interns are cranking out the comic book screed to help illustrate the Kabuki Down Low Theatre of the American RCC of late. Shakespeare never could make this much shit up out of real history, that is going on lately in the local rectory.

I was genuinely touched by his piece on the aging Father Benedict Groeschel who empathizes with that “poor guy” Jerry Sandusky and blames the victims of child abuse and rape as forcing vulnerable adult priests into abusing and raping them.

I know that Groeschel’s show on EWTN is a cash cow for his merry band of Franciscan brothers but don’t let reporters or people from the district attorney’s office tap into the long term memory of a lifetime professional shrink, apologist and coverup-er, enabler of priest problems and crimes. Don’t let him near a tape recorder. Time to park that Model T in the garage permanently, if you know what I mean.

My compliments to the author/intern on that one. No spell check errors.

Bill will be on with Kabuki master Raymond Arroyo, inspiration to me regarding Catholic Kabuki as practiced on the Catholic TV network EWTN, on Sunday and Monday. Check your local listings.

Bill will be discussing Cardinal Dolan’s last minute invitation of hisself to the Democratic Convention in Charlotte to protect his 501 (c) (3) tax status after fawning on the GOP and all but endorsing the Romney Ryan Ticket.  I am going to watch and listen to Bill defend his drinking buddy and personal friend Tim Dolan.  Donohue will probably not reveal any yummy gossip from Tim like “what do Mormons taste like?” in that scripted kabuki interview with Ray Arroyo.

And finally onto Bishop Cordileone and his DUI this past weekend. Bill quotes I think from some porn site to excite the reading audience and paint the picture of what a Sodom and Gomorrah San Francisco is and poor holy Sal Cordileone who has to inherit it, such a horrible evil place, and must attempt it to bring it back to the one true Plaster Catholic god.

Gay blog sites have also picked up on this theme. Why? San Francisco is a city where men [read: gays] are free to walk around naked in the street in front of women and children. They can even walk into McDonalds totally nude and park themselves next to Ronald McDonald, provided, the law says, they place a towel on their seat (hygiene matters). Next month homosexuals will whip each other in the street and have sex in public at the Folsom Street Fair. This is the city that Cordileone will soon inherit. 
(the only thing missing above is the booze and the words “catholic seminary” written over that MickyD’s front door girl)

Which leaves us with questions as to how fast Sal got his boy toy out of the country under varying short term media descriptive labels (now erased), labels such as “young priest from overseas” to “foreign exchange student from Germany” to “young male companion” in the passenger seat with 88 year old mom in the back seat as Chaperone or dare I say it Pimping for Junior and or providing cover/beard, plausibility.  I ran into a few mother daughter acts in my dating days and the mom, gay son act variation too once from a relative etc.

In any case, Bill and Ray on EWTN will be great theater this weekend.  My regards to Bill’s ghostwriters, on this rather exceptional energetic cranking out the script/screed lately.