Monday, July 9, 2012

Re-energize the World with the Light of Truth and Soul of Compassion

CEOs lead the world? Yeah right.

Those in the world with the capacity to change the world are out of touch. The child’s fable of the Emperor Has No Clothes keeps coming up over and over again on the Internet to describe all the inept, corrupt, uncompassionate, uncaring spreadsheet systems of control, non-leadership, and incompetence in place in the world today in business, government and religion.

Two-thirds of the hungry of the world are women.

Two-thirds of the illiterate of the world are women.

Two-thirds of the poor of the world are women.

That can't be an accident; that has to be a policy.

Where are the leaders who will change these things?

Speech given to the 2012 graduates of Stanford University by Sister Joan Chittister  ... 

But how do we know what it means to really be a leader and how do we know who should do it?
There are some clues to those answers in folk literature, I think. The first story is about two boats that meet head on in a shipping channel at night.

As boats are wont to do in the dark, boat number 1 flashed boat number 2: "We are on a collision course. Turn your boat 10 degrees north."

Boat 2 signaled back: "Yes, we are on a collision course. Turn your boat 10 degrees south."

Boat 1 signaled again: "I am an admiral in her majesty's navy; I am telling you to turn your boat 10 degrees north."

Boat 2 flashed back immediately: "And I am a seaman 2nd class. And I am telling you to turn your boat 10 degrees south."

By this time, the admiral was furious. He flashed back: "I repeat! I am an admiral in her majesty's navy and I am commanding you to turn your boat 10 degrees north. I am in a battleship!"

And the second boat returned a signal that said: "And I am commanding you to turn your boat 10 degrees south. I am in a lighthouse."

Point: Rank, titles and positions are no substitute for leadership....


Papal Tiara of Paul VI – the Last Italian Pope *

Like everything else in a changing world, the objects that once displayed power and might are now doorstops in our temporary trash recycle culture.
One such object is the Last Tiara, of the centuries old symbol of Roman usurpation of power, in the form of the triple crown of popes.  The above Tiara was used to crown Pope Paul VI in 1963.
Paul VI was the last Italian pope *, discounting of course the very short 33 day reign ended by the murder of John Paul I by Bankers and Mafia Dons, banking customers?, not satisfied with the Vatican’s banking services etc. Couldn’t they just return the toaster to the bank and close their accounts? Geez.
Well anyway, the crown is currently in the Pilgrimage Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington DC.
I saw this object when it was doing a national tour for charity in the late sixties. Paul VI gave up his crown to feed the poor.  What sick twisted logic and thinking back then in the church during and after Vatican II.  Mama mia.
I saw the object in the lobby of a bank in downtown Philly at the SW corner of Broad and Chestnut Streets, the Wall Street type financial center of Philly in its day.
I see on Google Maps that that bank lobby is now selling music DVDs and Video Games and across the street the one time main branch of the Girard Trust Company, a marble replica of the Pantheon in Rome, which is now a mere entrance way and lobby of a five star hotel.  Talk about the current disposable trash culture.  Must be getting old or something.
When I saw Paul VI’s tiara I was young and still a catholic.  I took some photos and showed them to my uber-Catholic aunts and uncles and their response was something I will always remember. That as Irish Catholics there was a pope, in a holy card, but I-talians, on a personal level and personal prejudice level, were another matter altogether.  Whatever.
With the arrival of the Global Media Rock Star Pope John Paul II and his private political agenda in Poland and his “reform of the reform”, turning back the clock to the middle ages to forget Vatican II, this last crown of the last Italian pope is no doubt just another cash cow relic to fleece the pilgrims in the Washington shrine.  Vials of the real Blood of Christ relics down the next aisle for your shopping consumerism pleasure. LOL
The crown BTW sat on the altar of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome during the last sessions of Vatican II during the early reign of Paul VI.  No doubt besides relic status, the papal tiara has trophy status of sorts to the Neocons, Satanists, Masons, Bankers now in control of the Roman Catholic Church in Rome.  
Have a nice day.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Statute of Limitation Loophole May Finally Bring USCCB Treasurer Bishop Bransfield to Justice for Sexual Misconduct

Apparently, Bishop Bransfield’s, of Wheeling WVA, name got mentioned in the Monsignor Lynn trial in Philly and having the bishop as the center of accusations of sexual misconduct in conjunction with another miscreant friend priest (guilt by association?).

Bransfield crossed the state line of Pennsylvania in 1980 when he went to work at the USCCB parish church, the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington DC. The Pennsylvania statute of limitation on the accusations against Bransfield froze in 1980.

Don’t hold your breath on justice though.  It is Montgomery County where White, Relublican and Catholic are synonyms.  The original accusations from 2007 against Bransfield got lost in e-mails in the County Prosecutor’s office there just like similar charges of evil got lost in the Sandusky Paterno Pedo State Cover Up.  Democrats may not be less perverted than Republicans but the Republicans can sure cover it up better in Pennsylvania.
Bransfield has been the leader of the Wheeling-Charleston Diocese since 2005 and an elected treasurer for the U.S. Catholic Conference of Bishops. Before that, he spent more than two decades working at the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington and rose to become its rector, a prominent post within church circles.A nephew, Sean Bransfield, is a vice chancellor for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. Another relative, Msgr. J. Brian Bransfield, is a ranking officer at the U.S. bishops' conference. 
Michael Bransfield had never been publicly accused of misconduct until his name emerged during the trial for Msgr. William J. Lynn and the Rev. James J. Brennan.Two men testified that they talked to or saw Bransfield during years they were serially raped and molested by one of his friends and seminary classmates, Stanley Gana.One of the witnesses said Gana regularly put him on the phone with Bransfield when Gana was serially abusing him in the 1980s. During one phone call, he said, Bransfield told him: "I'm going to have Stanley put you on a train and come down and see me sometime." 
The second witness reported seeing Bransfield driving a carload of adolescent boys near a farm Gana owned in Northeast Pennsylvania. 
"They're his fair-haired boys," Gana allegedly told the teen as Bransfield drove away. "The one in the front seat he is having sex with." 
Prosecutors in the case also took aim at Bransfield after a priest from his diocese unexpectedly resisted a subpoena to testify at the trial. In the sidebar conference, Blessington told the judge that he believed Bransfield was behind the delay.

we are young by fun


Saturday, July 7, 2012

Babies as a Commodity for Cash in the Catholic Church – Videla sentenced in Babies for Crime and Profit Scheme

The aging ex-Argentine dictator gets yet another sentence of 50 years added to his imprisonment in a baby stealing ring among his cadre of military thugs.  An estimated 13,000 pregnant prisoners of Argentina’s “dirty war” disappeared.  It is now thought that those women were executed once they gave profit to a profitable commodity like a new born baby.

Ex-Argentine dictators Videla, Bignone convicted of having babies stolen from slain dissidents
The baby thefts set Argentina’s 1976-1983 regime apart from all the other juntas that ruled in Latin America at the time. Videla other military and police officials were determined to remove any trace of the armed leftist guerrilla movement they said threatened the country’s future.The “dirty war” eventually claimed 13,000 victims according to official records. Many were pregnant women who were “disappeared” shortly after giving birth in clandestine maternity wards. 
Videla denied in his testimony that there was any systematic plan to remove the babies, and said prisoners used their unborn children as “human shields” in their fight against the state.

My mind is thinking how the Media, the MSM reports these facts and then sort of drops them off at a dead end street or parks them in a 1960s VW van on some cul-de-sak somewhere in the hopes that the public does not make any connections, speculations on where 13,000 babies disappeared to in the middle of a military junta regime in Argentina.

I prefer to follow timelines.  I see that the theft of children in Argentina took place within a similar timeline when Catholic Hospitals in Spain sold 300,000 babies stolen from their mothers in the 1960-1986 timeframe as quoted in the press.

The time frame in Argentina is 1976-1983 with the 13,000 number.  Did the dictator’s commanders and soldiers just post index cards on barracks bulletin boards, “Wanted: Baby for a Childless Military Family”?

Did the military ratline reach back to the remnants of Franco’s Spain to help out or was the business mechanism already in place in Argentina for the sale and placement of babies as in the Catholic Hospital System in Argentina?

Makes you wonder where Videla’s conviction the other day could lead if we had real journalists left to lead on such a story.

I am reminded of all this of late American religious liberty and religious freedom talk in this election year. It starts back earlier than the present USCCB PR campaign of “religious liberty”.  I think having to do with losing the very lucrative baby adoption process that Bishops in Illinois had to give up because of discrimination against Homosexual/Gay Couples who want to adopt children, a civil right.

That Catholic Charities does not start at home but at the bank vault it would seem and the well is drying up for many bishops there who can no longer exclude gays from the adoption economic equation of Catholic Charities subsidized by Uncle Sugar (Fed Gov).


To refresh your memory:

And the American Skinny on the Illinois Adoption Bottom Line:

In Illinois, Catholic Charities in five of the six state dioceses had grown dependent on foster care contracts, receiving 60 percent to 92 percent of their revenues from the state, according to affidavits by the charities’ directors. (Catholic Charities in the Archdiocese of Chicago pulled out of foster care services in 2007 because of problems with its insurance provider.)
When the contracts came up for renewal in June, the state attorney general, along with the legal staff in the governor’s office and the Department of Children and Family Services, decided that the religious providers on state contracts would no longer be able to reject same-sex couples, said Kendall Marlowe, a spokesman for the department.
The Catholic providers offered to refer same-sex couples to other agencies (as they had been doing for unmarried couples), but that was not acceptable to the state, Mr. Marlowe said. “Separate but equal was not a sufficient solution on other civil rights issues in the past either,” he said.
Catholic Charities in the Diocese of Rockford decided at that point to get out of the foster care business. But the bishops in Springfield, Peoria, Joliet and Belleville decided to fight, filing a lawsuit against the state. (NYT 12-28-11)

Of course all this present article, of making possible connections along a time line came together for me while looking up the Argentine Papal Nuncio during the Videla Regime in Argentina in the person of Cardinal Pio Laghi.

From left to right, Cardinal Paolo Bertoli, dictator Jorge Rafael Videla and Pio Laghi

Pio Laghi
Laghi was named Nuncio to Argentina on 27 April 1974. His six years in Argentina coincided with the worst excesses of the military dictatorship in what was known as the dirty war. Many in Argentina believe that the church hierarchy supported the generals in their misrule, and that Laghi - who played tennis regularly with one of the leaders of the junta, Admiral Emilio Eduardo Massera - turned a blind eye to the murder and disappearances of thousands. "Perhaps I wasn't a hero", Laghi later said of his time in Buenos Aires, "but I was no accomplice".[citation needed]The debate that his conduct generated was enough, however, to ruin any chance he ever had of becoming pope.[citation needed] 
Pope John Paul II transferred him as Apostolic Delegate (10 December 1980) and later (26 March 1984) Pro-Nuncio to the United States, where he was entrusted with emplacing conservatives in key positions, such as Bernard Francis Law in Boston and John Joseph O'Connor in New York.

Pio Laghi was BTW Primary Consecrator to the level of Bishop in Rapid City South Dakota of – Charles Chaput – in his salad days out west being groomed no doubt for speeches on “religious liberty” just like the one he delivered as key note speaker in Washington DC on July 4 as culmination of the USCCB’s attack on the Department of Health and Human Services, the guys who cut the checks for “Catholic Charities”.

Golden RULE = Their Gold.  Their Rules (HHS).


Friday, July 6, 2012

Put women's rights over bishops' wrongs

Nuns Drive for Faith, Family and Fairness

There is a fight going on in the American Catholic Church regarding control between the Wall Street Money Guys, the Bishops and the traditional “love your neighbor” nuns and other progressives who actually believe in Jesus’ message of humanity.

In the Los Angeles Times of 4 July, a full-page advertisement similarly announces that "It's Time to Quit the Catholic Church" and urges liberal and nominal Catholics to vote with their feet and "please, exit en masse." In March, a similar ad also appeared in the New York Times, and in May, it appeared in USA Today and the Washington Post. 
The controversial billboards and advertisements are directed against the US Conference of Catholic Bishops' recent "Fortnight for Freedom" and Catholic dioceses that are currently suing the US Department of Health and Human Services over its ruling that US women be offered birth control as part of their insurance plans. This campaign to leave the Church appears on the heels of the Vatican crackdown against the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, an organization that represents most of America's approximately 57,000 sisters. In April, the group of sisters was reprimanded for reportedly supporting women's ordination to the priesthood and the rights of homosexuals. The nuns also were accused of not taking strong enough stances against abortion and euthanasia.

The billboards and newspaper ads are sponsored by the Freedom From Religion Foundation, a watchdog group founded in 1976 by Annie Nicol Gaylor and her daughter, Annie Laurie Gaylor, who is the Foundation's current co-president and author of Women Without Superstition: No Gods, No Masters. The Foundation and its 18,500 members should be applauded for promoting women's rights to access contraception apart from religious interference. The group should also be commended for its nearly 35-year commitment to erecting a higher wall separating the church and the state: it seeks to end government funding for religious activities and works to halt illegal religious instruction in secular institutions. … 
… This week, a group of bold nuns, who envision economic justice as God's will, is concluding its nine-state bus tour to protest the budget proposal of Congressman Paul Ryan (Republican, Wisconsin) that would cut social services like Head Start, food stamps, and housing subsidies.

Because This Man Lived - 600,000 Americans Died - Robert E. Lee

America’s bloodiest war was the Civil War which cost Americans 600,000 precious human lives.
Lincoln offered Leadership of the American Army to Lee, thought to be a brilliant military strategist. With Lee in charge of an American Army, the war would not have lasted six months.

Lee refused because he believed in Virginia and Slavery more than he had any Allegiance to any union of the United States of America.  By any interpretation, he was guilty not of local bad manners but was a traitor to his national identity, something his ancestors signed off on in the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. 

That and he liked the old male Southern tradtion of shtupping your mulatto slave half-sister or half-brother as a young man and then shtupping your mulatto slave daughter or son later in life. The Southern Hillbilly myths about incest and inbreeding were a Southern Trickle Down Tradition I believe.

Without a birth certificate for any slave, without citizenship, there could be no charges of rape in any Southern Court of “Law”.  Plausible deniability.  lol (small letters)

That is what all this Republican Birther Bullshit is all about. Revival of old Southern Traditions.

It is altogether fitting that they plowed Robert E. Lee’s slave plantation under, recycled it into Arlington National Cemetery where honorable men and women who have served the United States in the Military are laid to an honorable rest. 


German Courts Rules That Circumcision Is Mutilation - Civilization Vs. Religious Superstition

Cut versus -

A botched circumcision to a four year old Muslim boy in Germany has led to a court ruling that circumcision is mutilation or body harm.  It also opens the can the worms regarding the religious tradition thing of the mean desert god theme as well as adults initiating a child into religious beliefs and practices that should be made only by legal adults themselves. 

Circumcision ruling condemned by Germany's Muslim and Jewish leaders
Jewish and Muslim leaders were united on Wednesday in their condemnation of a German court's decision to in effect outlaw the circumcision of boys after a judge deemed that the religious practice amounted to bodily harm. 
Representatives of the two religious communities called the ruling insensitive and discriminatory, saying it was an attack on centuries of religious tradition. 
A judge at a Cologne court said that the circumcision of minors went against a child's interests because it led to a physical alteration of the body, and because people other than the child were determining its religious affiliation. 
Religious leaders said the court had stepped into a minefield with its decision, which undermined their religious authority and contravened Germany's constitution.
The bottom line on circumcision once you get past the religion and superstition part of it is in the old Testament.  In that old Testament, battle after battle of ethnic cleansing in Palestine takes place.  In the heat of the battle, it gets very hot, how do you identify friend from foe? If a warrior strips off his armor or clothes in the heat and blood bath of battle, or is left dead on a battlefield stripped of his armor and identification, what better way to identify both the living in a fight or the dead for a proper religious burial than to see if the living or dead is friend or an foe, cut or uncut on the tip of the penis. 

- versus Uncut


Thursday, July 5, 2012

John Wilkes Booth - Founder of the Southern Sore Losers Branch of the Republican Party

He's White.  He's Male.  He's Southern.  He belongs to the NRA.

He is Mitt Romney's choice for a Vice President. 

Modeled on closeted Southern States Rights Saint John Wilkes Booth.


The more things change, the more they stay the same. 


Corporate Mantra – Screw Your Neighbor – Lifeguard in Florida Saves Life and is Fired – Thomas Lopez – Jeff Ellis Management

More of this “f*ck your neighbor” corporate personhood horseshit in the news with a lifeguard in Florida fired for saving a drowning victim because the victim was outside designated corporate franchise territory.

All this contract, skimmed profit, white envelopes to people who award no-bid contracts, the outsourcing by city and town governments stuff sometimes goes too far. Kind of like the fire department letting your house burn down because you have not paid your local fire department protection tax etc. 

Screw your Neighbor - the new Corporate Personhood Mantra.

Can’t this Jeff Ellis Management corporation, but is a person, but without any personal moral responsibilities according to the Thomas/Scalia f*ck you I got mine Supreme Court, can’t this corporate person be held in contempt or in negligence to help save a non-corporate life form - a human being? 

No Moral Responsibilities for the Corporate Person – the New Man.

Doesn’t Right to Life Florida State have any Good Samaritan Laws to make insurance companies not have the right to charge more for liability in the case of Thomas Lopez, a lifeguard, saving a life outside a designated franchised for profit geographic area?

Florida, the Right to Be F*cked State.  I’ll wouldn’t be caught dead in it - drowning or otherwise!

Read the shit here below for yourself:

Unf*cking believable!


Horse Drinking Fountain - Philly - 1947 - S 9th and Clinton Streets

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Mavis Chocolate Drink

Cardboard display advertising, 1920s (lush)

"Chief Outtatown" Chaput of Philly is Out of Town and Out in Space Claiming People are his, I mean, God’s Property

Charles Chaput, current temporary archbishop of Philadelphia

PEOPLE grant FREEDOM to themselves in a Democracy Archbishop Chaput - not you.! Never "people" like you. 

You desecrate this American Holiday – Holy Day – July 4 – with your German Nazi style USCCB rhetoric, you sons of Satan.

It’s the Fourth of July and everybody is at a barbeque and the Bishops are out gathering bodies for their new world order.

"Chief (from) Outtatown" Charlie Chaput of Philly is preaching at the Knights of Columbus cult national Goddess Center in Washington D.C. telling all good Catholics how to think in the twenty-first century. 

They get Bishop Lori to organize the pagan rallies, bonfires, spiritual cross burnings against Obamacare.

Then they get the drunk in charge "narrowback" Bishop Dolan to buy the New York Media. Hic!

Now Archbishop of Philadelphia fresh from a victory, per the Catholic League and Bill Donohue, of the Monsignor Lynn Child Rape Trial in Philly - Chaput begins to emerge as high priest of Philadelphia and wanna be usurper of its sacred Secular Freedom history, a re-interpreter of Freedom and History.  We don’t need any cheap Johnny(Red) come lately American Bishops trying to re-imitate the perfection of the founding fathers Jack! They got it right the first time round. 

To paraphrase the late Senator Lloyd Bentsen in his Vice Presidential debate with Dan “Potatoe” Quale – I know the founding fathers archbishop Chaput. You are no founding father type – Far from it.

What a bunch of Puntch Hall losers.

His core message was that people don't belong to their government, they belong to God, and only when they live by God's plan are they truly free. Hence they are obligated, like the martyrs of the Church, to defy government acts that the Church calls unGodly.

And indirectly, we all have to listen to God’s Overseers, the American Catholic Bishops. Yeah, right.

That sounds like good old fashioned King George III tyranny and slavery to me!

Well Fcuk You Charlie Chaput and fcuk the mangy horse (probably stolen) that you rode into Philly on!

Get a real job you parasite.  You bum!

If you don't like living here in America, go back to Rome.

Bishops' favorite Nag - "Religious Liberty"

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Subpoena Bishops Adamec and Bartchak Regarding Paterno Sandusky Pedo Cover Up

Archabbot Nowicki; Bishop Adamec; Bishop Bartchak; Rev. Laffey; Mrs. Paterno

The family of Joe Paterno are asking for a release of all the e-mails now painting a picture of Joe Paterno as a major player behind the scenes in cover up of Jerry Sandusky’s normal shower behavior with little boys in unsupervised Penn State Sports facilities. 
No doubt, the image of Paterno is more important than the lives of children ruined in this massive corporate level cover up of criminal activities.
Since Joe Paterno and his wife raised millions of cash to build their own church on campus, (Saint) Suzanne Paterno “Catholic Faith Center” Church.  No doubt Joe, when the e-mails look like he agreed to let Sandusky be turned into authorities,  took a 180 degree turn against the law and into cover up.  He did a U.S. Catholic Bishop thing on Sandusky regarding pedophilia cover-up.  The best person to talk to that would be both retired Bishop Ademec (bishop at the time of the Sandusky e-mails) and recently installed bishop Bartchak in 2011 of the Altoona diocese in charge of the Penn State stake.
These two bishops and other religious were thick as thieves and or like flies on honey at the dedication of the seven million dollar Paterno Memorial Church built on campus, August 2011, pictured above.
Of course you may have to offer Adamec and Bartchak immunity to share their confidential discussions with Joe Paterno.  But in the end, Joe was probably dumber than a door nail and probably acted on what he thought was the (typical) “moral authority” of the Catholic Church.
The e-mail discussion involving former university president Graham B. Spanier, athletic director Tim Curley, and ex-vice president Gary Schultz took place two weeks after graduate assistant Mike McQueary reported seeing Sandusky sodomizing a boy in a locker room shower, a decade before Sandusky's arrest on 52 counts of child sex abuse, and well before the molestations of at least three of the former defensive coordinator's victims. 
Though Paterno did not write any of the leaked missives, he is referenced in them as having weighed in on the debate.

Eris Cantor’s Formula for Success – Recipe for Economic Chicken Soup

There was a speech that the mighty Majority Leader of the U.S. House of Representatives was supposed to give to the elite students at the University of Pennsylvania at the Wharton School of Business no less (bow your heads). 

And of course I have on more than one occasion in this blog have complained about the whole post WWII Service Economy Economic Model espoused to the highs priest of our age, MBAs, in Ivy League enclaves such as Wharton, Brown and Harvard who have learned a lot of crap in class and flushed the middle class in America down the toilet to justify their Masters of Business degrees when all they really are if you look at them and their business methods in practice, are nothing more than a Privateer or Pirate’s license to whittle down pensions and benefits in any company, ship the sweat overseas without the benefits and increase the pig’s hog share of bonuses to the upper echelons of management. 

Mr. Eric Cantor, the Majority Leader of the U.S. House of Representatives wanted to give that speech at Wharton but alas his pressing business in Congress made him permanently cancel the speech.  Luckily a press release of the undelivered speech has come down to us lowly peasants to hear and understand the workings of the minds of Republican Betters like Mr. Cantor whose only vision for the economic future of America is Mr. Cantor’s grandmother’s recipe for Chicken Soup.

The speech is here for any who want to read it in its entirety.  

The long and short of it is that the students at Ivy League students are fucked if they think that an Ivy League degree guarantees a cushy job for life at the expense of stockholders who want results and not welfare for their Ivy League educated employees.  Or sort of in my humble opinion.

That the only way for someone to succeed in America is his father’s and grandmother’s model of economic success and start a business. Take a risk. Dip into your savings or borrow from your parents and relatives and make a successful business that is free from Government regulations, personal responsibility to the community and free of course of taxes.  It is so easy. Mr. Cantor’s rich life experience, business background, the success of his father and grandmother is all that is needed to succeed in America.

That a little nine year old black or Hispanic girl in the ghetto who has a supposedly equal fair playing field in America to achieving success just like his grandmother.  The nine year old girl will just have to work harder than most if the lazy little shit wants to escape poverty.

He also used the model of a single mother in a rich suburban setting as someone who will have to work harder to succeed.

Success like a successful Eric Cantor is easy once your parents and grandparents waste a lifetime of eating their own shit and saving every nickel and dime to achieve ultimate success solely in narcissistic little maniac tin gods like Eric Cantor.

Steve Jobs is the only kind of jobs the Republicans will back in any economic scheme.  If you can’t go out and start a business like Steve Jobs, invent some little electronic trinkets and make billions of dollars, your failure in life you deserve.  The formula is so simple.  If you cannot hear or understand, you must be stupid or a Democrat.

The Recipe to Mr. Cantor’s Grandmother’s Chicken Soup is a guarded trade secret for the 1%.  It tastes great to Eric but to the rest of us it is just another large empty bowl of typical Republican Fuck You I Got Mine attitude toward the American 99% and rest of humanity.

“Eat Eric eat. One more spoonful for your Nanna.” (Puke)


Chateau Elysee – Hollywood Sin Palace – Scientology “Celebrity” Center

The Chateau Elysee, an old hotel apartment building in Hollywood is now the Scientology Celebrity Center.

In its day it was the hot spot of Hollywood’s elites.

Residents included some of the most famous names of the 1930’s and 40’s. Most notably Bette Davis, Errol Flynn (room 211), Edward G. Robinson (room 216), Carol Lombard (room 305), Edgar Rice Burroughs (room 408), Humphrey Bogart (room 603), Clark Gable (room 604), Ginger Rogers (room 705), Ed Sullivan (room 501), Gracie Allen and George Burns (room 609) along with Lillian Gish, Katharine Hepburn, George Gershwin, and Cary Grant.

I found a floorplan of the old hotel before it was redone by the Scientologists and it reminds me of an old west side New York big family apartment with a tiny living room, dining room, kitchen and five bedrooms all along a hallway setting.  I could not but help wonder why a superstar like Tom Cruise would hole up here instead of his 35 million dollar Beverly Hills estate as recently described in the press?

The answer is simple.  Ring after ring after ring of security and privacy from the prying eyes of the  world. No doubts the private sins committed by the Hollywood elites in the 1920s and 1930s there, are still committed here.

People, rich people, “celebrities” who buy into scientology, buy into it not so much for the fa├žade of tax deductible “religion” but rather for the Public Relations output and guaranteed privacy of bunker like (womb) “luxury” style apartments designed in early twentieth century New York City and currently  hidden out of public view in Hollywood USA.

The more the world changes, the more it stays the same. 


The Death of the Catholic Standard and Times – an anticlimactic PR Release in Philly - Jobs Lost

June 1951

They are closing down the old Catholic Standard and Times in Philly.  Apparently there is a seventeen million dollar deficit in the archdiocese of Philadelphia, eleven million of which foolishly spent on the defense of monsignor Lynn and company.  The Catholic Standard and Times in Philly was where a good Catholic used to get a full dose of any Catholic story not carried or fully carried in the WASP Evening Bulletin, Daily News or Philadelphia Inquirer.

The once weekly newspaper was cut back to monthly over a year ago.  That tells you at the Catholic Brand is no longer a strong brand in Philly.  It says that the number of Catholic households that subscribe are down.  It tells you that fewer people bother to read these days.  Fewer advertisers too. That Public Relations and cash to the Catholic League for propaganda instead of Catholic news is deemed more important from on top and trickled down to the least common denominator nobody Catholic member still bothering to show up in a pew on any Sunday.

“These are good men and women who have served the Church well,” said Archbishop Charles Chaput, O.F.M Cap. “I take this action with great reluctance, as one of several urgently needed steps to restore the local Church to a healthy financial footing. Every departing employee has the sincere gratitude of the Archdiocese and will be treated with maximum consideration.”
They have served their church well and now they can be discarded now that they are no longer needed. Typical GOP trickle down "humanity" speak. Now that Satan, the GOP, it would seem has taken over the Roman Catholic Church in America. Downsize, Outsource, Offshore Invest.

Forty odd jobs are disappearing with this ancient enterprise.  No history of its founding anywhere in Chaput’s chronically smug sounding PR pronouncement.  These pronouncements sound like they are written and rewritten and preformed verbally over and over again in front of a mirror or in front of toady subordinates that praise every sentence, word, comma, period.  One would think that archbishop Chaput has no time for sleep in his zealous discharge of his duties.  In fact, how can he sleep knowing that he is doing a slow decimation of the church of my ancestors in Philly.  Oh well.

I do remember that the Catholic Standard and Times as an institution goes back at least  to 1892 because the image of the 400th Century Anniversary of Catholic Columbus’ discovery of America, from a stamp, was once part of the front page title header.



Saturday, June 30, 2012

Monsignor Lynn Begs for Mercy – Let the Bastard Rot in Prison! - Archdiocese of Philadelphia

Monsignor William Lynn is begging for mercy from the courts, to be released to house arrest until his official sentencing.  The Judge involved in the decision is not unsympathetic but she realizes what cowards and pussies the RCC clergy are who foster protection to pedophilia and its enablers in the ranks – bishops.  

They have a tendency to run off and hide in the Vatican and the Vatican officials will smack their cheeks and say something clever in Italian to the effect and waving their arms – “They are not here. We don’t know what you are talking about”.

I dare say even to this day, Cardinal Law of Boston, if put into a position of unprotected contact with the public on Boston Commons would be probably be torn to shreds by a just and angry mob of Boston citizens in real time judgment of real time people of a bag of human shit protected by a Vatican Passport under protection of a German Pontiff who has buggered, directly and indirectly through official cover up, more than a few altar boys in his time.
I dare say Bill Lynn pulled a Nuremburg Defense in that he was “only following orders”.

Show Monsignor Lynn as much mercy as all the pedophile priests, bishops and cardinals in Philadelphia have shown all their sexual victims – which is NONE!

I’ll pray for your soul Bill but I think it a total waste of my time.

Have a nice day.  Have a nice life in prison. 


Eric Cantor Has A List - Are You On That List?

Eric Cantor, the next Speaker of the House, in his dreams?, over John Boehner's cold dead orange body, has a list. Are you on it?  LOL

Rock Star Material?

Friday, June 29, 2012

Rep. "Mean Jean" Schmidt's Orgasm over Obamacare in front of the Supreme Court

"The took away the Individual Mandate!?"



An orgasm like Meg Ryan's in When Sally Met Harry out in the open on the false news from a telephone buddy that the Negro President's Individual Mandate had to been struck down.

Sick Puppy Republicans rejoice at the lose of Health Care coverage for their fellow Americans.

Sick fanatics in the ranks of the GOP.  SICK and HATEFUL. And ORGASMIC!!!



Boehner Cantor Bookend Racist NRA Vote on Attorney General Eric Holder

Shades of scorched earth Clinton Impeachment as Batman and Robin, Boehner and Cantor, white trash racists delivered on a NRA scored vote in the house against Attorney General Eric Holder.

The Racist Vote indirectly aimed at Barack Obama was a masterpiece of white sheeted solidarity.

The Pubs serve only boutique private interest groups like the National Rifle Association rather than any shared American view of the Public Good.

Shame on you.

Attorney General Eric Holder said Thursday’s votes holding him in contempt of Congress are the culmination of a misguided and politically motivated congressional investigation by Republican Rep. Darrell Issa and others who focused on “politics over public safety.’’Speaking in New Orleans, the attorney general called the House action “unnecessary and unwarranted’’ and defended his performance in regard to the failed gun-tracking program called Operation Fast and Furious that precipitated the unprecedented votes against a sitting Cabinet member. 
“Today’s vote may make for good political theater in the minds of some, but it is — at base — both a crass effort and a grave disservice to the American people,’’ Holder said.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cohocksink Church Philadelphia - Inherit the Wind

While doing some history research I ran into an image of a distant church spire circa 1910 with a view from 10th Street and Columbia (Cecil B Moore) Avenue in Philly.

("Cohocksink" - a Lenape Indian word for "pine lands".)

I found an image of the original church which looked much more exotic from the distance.

It had a troubling historic footnote, mired in race relations in the changing urban landscapes of 1900 America.

Presbyterian Churches in Kensington
In 1890, Cohocksink was one of the large churches in North Central Philadelphia, reporting 696 members, and 544 pupils in its Sunday school. Ten years later it had lost half of its membership, and continued to decline for the next 15 years. As members moved away because of racial change in the community, leadership and financial resources dwindled, and internal strife further weakened the congregation. In 1915 the church asked the Presbytery of Philadelphia to dissolve it. The congregation's lingering resentment toward those they blamed for bringing its fellowship and ministry to an end found expression in this provision of its petition: "We favor and support the transfer. . of the property. . . to the Trustees of Presbytery, the church building to be sold by them. . . (but not to a colored church or organization)." Proceeds from the sale of the property were placed in a Cohocksink Presbyterian Church Memorial Fund, with income designated for the support of needy Presbyterian churches and missions in Philadelphia.

Which leads to the present day site of a once great congregation.

N Franklin Street and Columbia Avenue Today

"He that troubleth his house shall inherit the wind..." - - Proverbs 11:29

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The White Cocoon – Farewell to the White Baby Boomer Majority

It is difficult to get a handle on anything sane or regular in the present inane Presidential brand of election year politics. 

Some thoughts came together listening to a liberal radio talk show host, Stephanie Miller, which has the radio show televised to make visual time on the pathetic Al Gore Current cable channel.

Stephanie was quoting the rantings and ravings of Jan Brewer and company who drink Colorado River ditch water and still consider themselves sane under a 120 degree Fahrenheit Arizona summer day sun. 

Jan Brewer is the Governor of Arizona who so rudely points her finger in the face of Negro Presidents and signs, without reading, paranoid redneck anti-immigrant stuff coming out of the Mormon dominated Arizona state legislature.  

The Supreme Court shot down some of the hot air (dry hot air) of some of that legislation stuff this week.

While all this is going on, I am thinking about where a once great superpower and its culture should be on a timeline in a global economy and emerging global culture.

Well the thought occurred to me how all the boomers are aging and may be thinking about how all the white boomers, a majority now, live largely in segregated white gated communities or white heartland towns. Where exactly are they in terms of the aging mental thought process in that the white boomers, with a prime example like Jan Brewer, seem to be living in a bubble fantasy world on some different planet from you and me?

And to protect the majority, John Birch, uber-white culture of their youth, as they grow old and begin to die off, all this hate towards Obama and all this dysfunction in government to throw that negro out of the White House, that perhaps the bubble they are living in is really better described as a white cocoon.

Creationism has not yet destroyed high school Biology 101.  I am probably way off in what gets taught to kids these days and at what level in their education about the sex or mating and reproductive acts of insects such as butterflies.

Since this is sex education I am probably violating all Catholics and their religious liberty but from what I know or remember of the subject, ugly little worms like caterpillars get to a certain age not unlike the boomers and weave a cocoon into which they escape reality and where they basically die, restructure remold themselves out of all the chemicals in that cocoon life support system and are resurrected into butterflies out of that cocoon.

I just looked it up this morning to reaffirm what the process is.  The butterflies, usually multi-colored, mate and produce eggs that result in little bugs that eventually morph through their ugly worm stage and into butterflies after walling themselves up into a cocoon.

Well you know I see a parallel and or a metaphor here.  White boomer America is dying off and slipping from majority status of the population into minority status, day after day after day.

This election year cycle is ugly. The dysfunction of the white boomer Congress is pathetic.  It all reminds me of ugly little worms building a cocoon and waiting be reborn again in prime color, function and majority status. That’s the plan I think.  They will emerge from the wreckage of the economy and destroyed civil discourse that they are causing right now and they will somehow make a Hollywood type comeback in their careers just like Gloria Swanson in Sunset Boulevard. Yeah, right.

Well, nature throws fits, hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis etc.  Nature and or God likes to play tricks.

The thought occurs to me that evolution is indeed real and I am reminded about something I saw on some nature TV show that stated some statistic about how in England in the nineteenth century, a beautiful orange colored butterfly morphed into a brown color in order to use camouflage as a defense mechanism against predators.

You see the orange butterflies used to exist in a lush green valley until the industrial revolution with its soot and smokestacks had turned everything in the valley more brown than green. 

So the orange butterfly could no longer blend in with flowers where there were no longer flowers.  As a result the orange butterfly morphed out of survival necessity into a brown butterfly. True story.

In a way, the growing global culture is upon us, the white boomers are going into a cocoon stage of their existence.  In order to survive in the future, they will have to morph into common frames of color of the majority landscape. A little bit of irony perhaps will be evident then, there when history looks back at this time from that different landscape of the future.

That a beautiful creature mates. Eggs are produced and larvae hatched. A creature grows and survives and builds a spaceship to the future and what comes out of the spaceship after some time is anybody’s guess.