Saturday, April 7, 2018

Russian Immigrants are Nasty People -

Russian Immigrants are Nasty People -

Here in NYC when you go into a doctor's or a dentist's office, you get the nastiest Russian Immigrants who do not say "Hello" or "How Can I Help You?"? You usually are lucky if you get a grunt or a belch to acknowledge you presence announcing your presence for an appointment with doctor "x".

More like Boot Camp Drill Sergeants telling you how your shit stinks and theirs does not. The Mexicans have picked up on a few American Courtesies but the Russians, their mob mostly connections who came in originally under a religious label as "persecuted" got visas to first settle in Brooklyn - now the fuking pigs are all over the place and think their Commie Shit does not stink.

Now that Putin is our uncouth leader (at ease and comfort with Napoleon the Pig Trump), they refuse to speak English even in Grocery Stores they own. They cater only to their own you are NOT WELCOME and are ignored if you try to shop there etc.

Something wrong here Comrade Trump!


National Security Advisor John Bolton Shilling For Fake Russian NRA Membership Drive.