Thursday, September 5, 2013

Paid Foot Soldiers in the Army of Hate - Tom Starnes of Fox News, Martin SSempa, Benson Ndehi ?

Bill I think you have been pwned and are a victim of a long chain, feeding chain, frenzy, from paid hate soldiers on the Right. 

Your friend Benson in Kenya is little more than a cyber space version of a street corner drug spotter, a filter, a front, for another paid hate soldier, the reverend and former (I was never GAY!) dancer Martin Ssempa of Uganda, in the hot drug spots of a city, internet, balanced discussion forums - and on the side he sells mailing lists, spam lists, twitter lists.

Kiva, Strathmore University, and Opus Dei: Another Reader Response, "We Don't Want Homosexuals and Homosexual Sympathisers Funding Africans"

I see your friend Benson or Njonjo, the Geraldo Rivera, of Kenya Twitter media fame, sits all day being a clearing house for information and sending it through the Pneumatic tubes of the internet thingy to inform his fellow Africans about what to see or not see in the outside European and Global Culture.

That somebody at Opus Dei without a doubt probably sent an arrow, a twitter, a little bird, an e-mail to attack you with his native African sounding name to prove that you the great evil faggot (pardon my French) is going to ruin Africa while he and his other twitter drug spotters of sorts create a virtual wall of reality in which to judge the outside world over their man made wall. 

Since the North American Fortress is falling. Time to build a whole brave new world from which to dominate and attack the rest of the world in the future from, in the penthouses (?) of Africa (or is it really just still the penthouses of Fifth Avenue NYC – Rupert Murdoch and Koch Brothers high in the heights Heaven land etc.)

Here in visuals is a feeding chain of sorts in reverse from Benson to Tom Starnes at Fox Radio who I cannot determine if he is a paid employee or merely an outsourced contractor being paid or paying for time on the air  - “BoutiqueJournalism”.

And the ultimate story in terms of hate and or whatever is how A Christian Company – a Christian Cup Cake company in Washington State got bullied out of business for refusing to bake a Lesbian Wedding Cake??? 

Truth is if you send away customers, any business will go out of business one way or another. Putting a hoped for magic word like "Christian" in front of your business name is just plain superstitious if not downright bad business in a firmly secular nation like America.

Six Degrees of Separation between anything you write in defense of your sanctity as a human being, a child of God and How the Feeding Chain of an Army of Hate can reduce you to nothing in the uncivil discourse of the defunct American Town Square, now the planet's new city dump.

1 - Photo Benson

2 - #TeamFollowBack

3 - Homo

4 - Martin Ssempa photo

5 - Gay Bullies Strike Again

6 - Todd Starnes Opinion Page Fox


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