Monday, May 21, 2012

Bain Success Formula = Increase Debt - Issue IPO - Declare Bankruptcy

The Solution is Venture Vulture Capitalism.  Drain the blood out of the middle class worker. 

Increase Company Debt - Issue IPO - Declare Bankruptcy.

The new Bain American formula for success, job creation and lazy "rich boy" capitalism.


American Bishops - USCCB - Yawn, Yawn, Yawn, Yawn...


Mitt Romney - Mormon Hate Money - Polygamy

Among the revelations stemming from Willard Mitt Romney’s tax returns – now being combed with the exigetical intensity usually given to sacred texts – are his contributions to homophobia. Most directly, his family foundation gave $35,000 to two “pro-family,” anti-gay groups. For Mitt, of course, that’s nothing. But he also tithes — gives at least 1/10 of his income to his institutional religion, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints; in the last two years, that amounted to more than $4 million. 

The Mormons, in turn, are big funders of the homophobes. Mike Signorile says, “The church itself gave over $180,000 to help pass Prop 8 [the 2008 anti-same-sex-marriage referendum in California]. The church was fined by the California Fair Political Practices Commission for not reporting its numerous financial contributions to the cause.” The Mormons also have a network of small, strange NGOS, circling around a few post office boxes in Arizona, that carry on similar struggles at the United Nations.

It seems to me this opposition has a large component of sour grapes.   Deep in the Church festers a feeling of: If we didn’t get to redefine marriage, why should you?

In Memoriam Brigham Young
Marriage Equality - Mormon Style

Hanging on a Philly Street Corner - July 1925 - 21st and Market