Sunday, April 22, 2018

Sean Hannity a Slum Lord in Georgia with Help of HUD Loans from his Crony "Secretary" You can call him "Ben" Carson

Amazing living on the misery of others. Buying up foreclosed housing in the recent meltdown. Oh the sacred untouchable holy dogma of capitalism!

No wonder Ben Carson can afford $31k dining tables ("conference table") that most secretaries of government departments take with them when the government condemns the property as used and only one secret bid only of 10 dollars to bid on the condemned table and Ben and his whole family can dine on KFC in style in this retirement from government "service" and looting the treasury.

Scooping up low income housing apartment complexes with the help of HUD loans apparently to the rich these days and buying luxury condos in New York. 90 million the current estimate of Hannity's treasure trove built on the rents of the poor on section 8 just like Fred Trump, father of idiot son Donald.

And getting free Real Estate legal advice from President Trump's mob lawyer Michael Cohen too.


Ain't American great! Again?