Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Paisley Bishop Tartaglia states that - Gayness causes Pancreatic Disease

Cardinal Ray Burke sponsored protégé bishop Philip Tartaglia of Paisley Scotland, soon to be Archbishop of Glasgow (poor bloody funking Glasgow), has jumped into the medicine science realm and questioned why nobody has questioned why British MP David Cairns died suddenly at age 44.  It was not the disease of Acute Pancreatitis but his Gayness?
Anger as archbishop suggests MP who died from organ failure at age 44 perished 'because he was GAY'
One of Britain’s most senior Roman Catholics has sparked fury by suggesting an MP and former minister died because he was gay.

The new Archbishop of Glasgow, Philip Tartaglia, said society had kept ‘very quiet’ about the death of Labour MP and former Scotland Office minister David Cairns.

Mr Cairns, a former Catholic priest himself, died in May last year at the age of 44 from acute pancreatitis.

But Bishop Tartaglia questioned why his body ‘just shut down’.

(Bishop Tartaglia’s office refused to offer the bishop’s opinion on other world events like the pending outcome of the Galileo Trial in Rome.)