Friday, February 28, 2014

Corporations Start Wars and Screw the Veterans That Fight in Those Wars Via Their Tea Party Republican Stooges

Corporations Start Wars and Screw the Veterans That Fight in Those Wars Via Their Tea Party Republican Stooges.



Have you used your Credit Card Five Times Today? Do you Love your Corporation Gods or Not?

Have you used your Baal Card today?

Oh great Corporation Gods, whose bounty we live off of, whose incredible vision and power bring food from the earth and transport it to supermarkets and CoffeeBucks, we are not worthy. 

Forgive us and help up to keep up our credit ratings or we are not worthy of the life you give us.

Remember to use your credit card everywhere you go. Use it for a newspaper, a cup of coffee, the subway etc.

Unless you use your credit card at least five times a day, it will be considered inactive and points will be deducted from the all-important monthly and overall total average New Corporate Credit Scores.

Life without credit is life without the blessings of the Credit Card Gods!

Stop using or abusing your credit or - Become Homeless! - Drop off the grid and die apostates of the new religion of the New Gods, the New Corporations.



Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Flame and Light of Religion

Most these days in religion, I have to say, seem attracted by the flame and not the light of the gospels.


Religion in America - A Beast - A Monster - Ready to Destroy Us

If anything the recent SB1062 in Arizona aimed at Gays would have been used on Jews, Muslims, Mexicans etc.

Religion is big business in America, a tax-free pest ready to consume us all unless tamed or roped in with changes in the tax codes.

Religious scruples belong in your home, in your neighborhood and your community. I do not know where any so-called "Sacred Scripture" where hating your neighborhood is a virtue but such is life in confusing Global Culture America where corporations are our new gods and the God of our youth is a distant memory to most of us old geezers.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Arizona Businesses Gearing Up for “Homosexual Labeling Law” AKA “Arizona Religious Freedom Revival” Act

State Designated Minorities Must Eat on Picnic Tables in Parking Lot
next to the Crippled Area for those using Wheelchairs Etc.???

So as to not offend our Christian Customers...

As Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is rattling around her two brain cells in her pretty little head as to whether to sign the Arizona Religious Freedom Bill, Real Business are gearing up for what is turning out to be “Proper Homo Labeling” in order to keep cash flow going into the future.

Welcome to Arizona!


Senate Bill To Name May 12 a Federal Holiday – “Arizona Religious Freedom” Day

Arizona Ghosts Die Hard

Rumors have it that Senator Mike Lee of Utah is about to sponsor a Bill in the Senate to name the late Arizona Governor Evan Mecham’s birthday May 12 as a national Holiday – “Arizona Religious Freedom Day”. 

Senate co-sponsorship automatically with Senator Ted Cruz of Texas and House Sponsorship of Bill said to be with Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota.

Yah-Hoo. Whoever said this ain’t a Christian nation?


President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda Will Spent His Last Days In Prison For Crimes Against Humanity

The Nazis were judged for their Nuremberg Laws. So too will be the President and Top Legislators in Uganda and the Monied American Evangelicals pushing an agenda of hate in that country.

Ugandan 'homosexuals' named in Red Pepper paperBBC News               
A Ugandan tabloid has named the country's "200 top homosexuals", a day after President Yoweri Museveni signed into law a bill toughening penalties for gay people.”

As was expected this “Homosexual” football is not a religious matter but rather the beginnings of a political purge or political witch hunt of all who oppose the government in many cases. 


Monday, February 24, 2014

Dewey Arch New York City 1899 - 24th Street and Fifth Avenue - Cross Street Broadway - Madison Square


Dysfunctional Baldwin Family of Long Island Being Mouthed I think through Alec Baldwin’s Latest Rant and Tantrum

Of course Rachel Maddow is full of herself and phony. She has survived as one of the longest people on MSNBC. Baldwin wants to shoot the breeze on a Saturday night talk show with his drinking buddies and he yells “Faggot” again at some ambitious paparazzi taking pictures of him or his new wife and kid and they cancel the show. It was not the first time so called limousine liberal Alec has used the offensive term. He forgot. He sorry. Did not work this time.

And there is this feud with this kid, shitty rich from all the Transformer movies, that Alec cannot stand Shia LaBeouf, yeah that’s his real name. Well over a year ago, the kid who is no actor got tossed from a Broadway show associated with Baldwin before it opened and well Alec only wants professionals in his ranks on stage. Or whatever. This Kid LaBeouf is a slightly older version of Justin Beaverhead, and is in the news recently fighting his way through pubs in Britain and bars in New York to prove his testosterone level if not his acting ability and to prove he is no LaBoof if you know what I mean.

A rivalry perhaps born of jealously by Baldwin of a younger more successful version of himself? Or is it some sort of abstract sibling rivalry with one of his brothers getting abused, verbally and with fists from Pops who did a real fucked up number on all the Baldwin brothers in terms of Alcohol and Drugs etc. later in life. Alec only seems like the one normal Baldwin brother most times or does he have the most cash to hire the best publicists to make ugly rumors go away in the media?

And Alec’s recorded emotional outbursts to his then teenaged daughter on the telephone leaked to the press and no doubt at the behest and angst of the his wife Kim Basinger who probably knows Alec best being married not only to him but his whole brood and band of brothers. They used to have a nest of them down in Tucson once upon a time where they hung out in cheap digs in between acting gigs and in relative anonymity which you can do in a climate sometimes so hot you forget your own name. And it was a great place to smoke the local delicacies right next to the border. (wink, nod)

And his daughter Ireland, walking so without confidence in public with her new stepmom and half-sibling, looks so miserable. It that born of self-doubts common to her young age or just not wanting to be there?

His bothers have their problems in life and Alec seems as the oldest the caring nurturing one of the brood. I remember his perfect quick wedding of recent years. A ceremony in the Old St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Little Italy/Chinatown and then a reception at nearby NYU in some functional conference Gym like space. All so very chic and New York. I have to imagine that for so many in the RC faith it is part of belonging to family tradition that keeps that branch of Christianity functioning from the gelt from the guilt from the hatch them, hitch them and bury them cash only services. And let’s not forget the rush annulment of his marriage to Kim. Those things coming Fed-Ex from the Vatican cost a pretty penny.

All in all Alec Baldwin wants to leave New York and move to California. I wish him luck and I hope he can salvage the archive of his life’s work in movies. (Aside – He has not made that many really good movies for a so-called star in New York Hollywood.) So far his choice of acting gigs might be blamed on this agent Daffy Duck. But then again he likes to blame everybody else…


Sunday, February 23, 2014

Rocco’s Little Chicago Tucson Arizona – A Great to Eat if you are not an Asshole Arizona Politician

In Arizona’s boom and bust economy it is surprising that I run into a piece of an old acquaintance from Tucson, Rocco of Rocco’s Little Chicago Pizzeria along the main east west drag East Broadway on Internet News.

I can remember when Rocco’s was searching around for the right spot to put his version of Chicago and its style of pizza and Italian food on the local Menu and under the Stripes and Stars Chicago City Flag inside the restaurant.

His wife was a fellow co-worker at a local HMO before it was sold out to the Corporate Global Spreadsheet, before you had to dial a 1-800 number to help you with your primary care doctor or your meds and reach perhaps in those days Minnesota which is probably Mumbai these days.

The corporate culture of that local HMO was such that everybody was a member of a team and almost like family. So it was not hard to keep up with the progress of Rocco starting a business with limited capital and in the boom and bust economy of an old cow town, university town of Tucson.

I was pleasingly surprised to see that Rocco had posted a sign restricting service to the morons in the state legislature over this recent religious right to discriminate law. The sign above.

I wished him and his wife and baby luck at the grand opening of Rocco’s in the late nineties before traveling back east to a more stable long term work environment. I even gave him a collage of old newspaper stuffed into the seat of a shaker chair I bought there in a thrift store. Rocco said he was going to hang it in the bathroom.

Doubt is something as brilliant and as valuable (sarcasm) as one of my works of art has survived the tourists.

Rocco Bathroom Art Reminiscent of College Days spent in Saint Petersburg Russia Comrade

Was back in 2007 visiting my son in college but missed getting to say hello to Rocco. Hello Rocco. Good Man! Even Better Pizza!

Real Tucsonans Stay In Summer
And are not Stupid enough to
Turn away Business LOL


Saturday, February 22, 2014

Street Scene New York City 1900 - Intersection of Broadway and Park Row - Across from the Old Federal Court House and Post Office

Street Scene New York City 1900 - Intersection of Broadway and Park Row - Across from the Old Federal Court House and Post Office

Rolling Out The New Banner of The New Evangelization of The New American Christianity - in Arizona, Kansas, Utah.....

Rolling Out The New Banner of the New Evangelization of The New American Christianity - in Arizona, Kansas, Utah.....


Ted Cruz Family Photo with Mom and Dad

Ted Cruz Family Photo with Mom and Dad.

How warm and touching. So full of many family values.


Feel Good Hate the Gays Bill in Arizona Awaiting Jan Brewer’s Signature

Arizona governor Jan Brewer has yet to decide to sign the Hate Gays Religious Exemption bill out of that state’s Mormon dominated Legislature.

The Valley of the Sun in the State of Deseret and in the American state of Arizona has a feel good to hate Gays anti-cupcake bill ready for Jan Brewer to sign.

The thought, the outrage that cookie and cupcake makers would have to make a Gay Wedding Cake is too much for some in their Mormon Long Johns to accept.

A religious exemption, a permit to hate wherever and whenever the spirit moves you to do it will be protected by this piece of horseshit Arizona bill.

I know that they don’t pay the legislators much in Phoenix but this is a total waste of taxpayer chump change generally wasted on these white inbred clowns, out too long and brain dead in the Arizona sun. 

If the prophet Joe Smith could not have a gay wedding to add many husbands to his many wives and not have a Gay Wedding Cake, then nobody else is deserving of such. 



Muslims Value Human Life More than Christians or Corporations?

Muslims clerics are putting a cabash (fatwa) on sending human beings one way to Mars in a so called “suicide” mission where humans cannot expect a ride back to earth. Costs too much. Hurts the corporate bottom line. 

Apparently Christianity and Christianity drenched with Corporate Greed Thinking has not thought to comment on the discounting of humanity in outer space same as on Earth on the Corporate Global Spreadsheet regarding future Martian profit motivated missions to that red planet.

Apparently Wall Street and Wall Street’s Pentagon’s armies have not yet won the global war on Islam for dominance in the new Global Culture thingy.


Friday, February 21, 2014

15 Park Row New York City - Nineteenth Century Splendor


Commodity Art


Dinosaur Jesus Comments on Subhuman Mongrels


The Present Disconnect With Reality in the United States

I am viewing a BBC show Graham Norton and the American Actress Julianne Moore is describing how she took on dual citizenship as a British Subject in 2011 in honor of her Scottish grandmother. I have to wonder why people needs two citizenships unless they are hedging their bets and they or their children more likely will need citizenship other than American to herd onto some refugee boat bound for Europe in ten or twenty years. Or if you retire in the UK you can get NHS healthcare allotted to all citizens there. You do not get social security shipped off shore if you are not an American citizen and do not remain living in the United States etc.  The rich hedge their bets and arrange for the cheapest taxes. It is all part of the game of life I suppose.

I have to wonder when and where this dual citizenship came up in our culture. It slipped in the back door when Israel, an ally, gave automatic Israeli to all ethnic Jews worldwide as a means to prevent another refugee bottleneck that happened in Europe in the nineteen thirties when Jews were denied exits visas from Germany and denied entrance visas all over the so called civilized world. That as many as a million Jews probably had the means, but the not political clout, to leave Germany and Europe when the Fascist ethnic cleansing thing started. And I have also read that Hitler was never rabidly anti-Semitic until he settled in Catholic Bavaria and Munich where the anti-Semitic rhetoric was necessary to build the vote for the National Socialist Party.

That political expediency for some wealthy paranoid minority dictated that so many millions were directly targeted by the Fascists. What bothers me at times is that the Public Relations of the Jewish lobby push the six million deaths of the Holocaust and few realize that twice that number probably perished in total and included political prisoners, gays and other ethnic minorities like the Gypsies.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Candy Ass Wisconsin National Guard - Get a Life Jerk Offs

These kids with jobs and opportunities handed to them on a silver platter. These are the people who will be shoving my generation soon into the Soylent Green dog food machine or figuring a comfortable way to have my ass shoved into a crematorium at the Concentration Camp and have their cake and eat and too. 

Scott Walker's Wisconsin National Guart - no Fucking Bang for the Buck!


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wisconsin National Guard Plays While Governor Scott Walker Runs For President

It is a crime to get caught in Scott Walker’s Wisconsin National Guard. The crime is not the party and the secret orgies, just getting caught. So GOP.

A US National Guardswoman has been disciplined after apparently posting a photo online of soldiers clowning about around a flag-draped coffin.

The Wisconsin National Guard suspended the member from honour duties, while saying it was taking steps to protect her after she received death threats.

The image's caption read: "We put the FUN in funeral - your fearless honor guard from various states."

The Wisconsin National Guard said the coffin was empty.


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

American Gothic - 2014


Secret Wall Street Drag Club – Closeted Kappa Beta Phi – Making Fun of Queers, Bitches and the 99% Losers – All Funded on Cheap FED Cash - Ha Ha

Wall Street on the Rag - Kappa Beta Phi Secret Drag Club

To kick off the fraternity’s 80th dinner, investment banker Wilbur Ross (known as the group’s “Grand Swipe”) welcome the crowd with a speech that emphasized the “importance of continuous drinking, both in bull markets and bear markets” and mocked the better-known academic honor society Phi Beta Kappa as homosexual wimps. Later, when the inductees performed in drag, some in the audience threw wine-soaked napkins at them.
Among them were RBC Capital Markets executive Rich Tavoso, who warbled an off-key parody called “Mama, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Traders” and was booed. Private equity executive Paul Queally cracked bad jokes, both sexist (“What’s the biggest difference between Hillary Clinton and a catfish? One has whiskers and stinks, and the other is a fish”) and homophobic (“What’s the biggest difference between Barney Frank and a Fenway Frank? Barney Frank comes in different size buns”). At the time of the dinner, Frank was a powerful member of the House Financial Services Committee and the namesake of the Dodd-Frank legislation that more tightly regulated Wall Street.
And investment banking CEO Warren Stephens donned a Confederate flag hat and sang a parody of “Dixie” with the lines:
“In Wall Street land, we’ll take our stand, said Morgan and Goldman. But first we better get some loans, so quick, get to the Fed, man.”

Before Changing into Victoria Secret Panties Bras and Dresses, Dresses, Dresses


snowboarding in nyc

Nights on Broadway - Bee Gees

Monday, February 17, 2014

Tennessee State Flag - Unions R 4 People - Scopes Trial Was Wrong

Senator “Monkeyman” Corker and Dinosaur Jesus Oppose Unions in Tennessee, the Scopes Trial State

Monkeys in Tennessee don’t deserve no evil unions. It is a right to work state which means a right to no rights state. It’s in the Spreadsheet Bible.

The Republicans appear to be afraid that the UAW vote will eat into Tennessee's hard-earned as a right-to-work (read: anti-union) state. A UAW victory at Volkswagen, moreover, would be its first at a foreign-owned auto plant in the country. The politicians have expressed fears that other manufacturing companies will shun Tennessee if the UAW cracks open the door.

By far the most cynical expression of this view came from Corker, a former Chattanooga mayor, at a press conference on the eve of the vote. "We know these discussions are having a dampening effect on our economic growth," he said, "and we're concerned that if they actually come in and win this election -- then obviously it's going to be something we can overcome -- we will overcome --"


Sunday, February 16, 2014

Speadsheet Bible Sliced and Diced Into Statistics and Profits for The New Ignorant Classes in America Courtesy of the Oligarchs, FOX NEWS, GOP etc.

Spreadsheet Bible Jesus Riding Pet Dinosaur "Spike"

Of course you cannot deny the existence of the bones of Dinosaurs, but since the Earth is only 6,000 Years Old in a Perfect Market Economy Capitalist world, and you are on your own foraging for food and seeking shelter under decaying infrastructure underpasses etc., it is highly likely that Jesus, who defends Free Market Capitalism rode a Dinosaur according to homeschooled children's coloring books. 

Jesus would not take a grimy little poor people's socialist funded bus to his preaching gigs. He saved up and used a Cadillac Chariot.

Jesus looked ahead, invested with his local financial adviser in a 401K heavily leveraged into a hedge fund, looking forward to a fat retirement fund.

He believed in this, in the hope that God would bless him and lift him out of his poverty if God thought he deserved it. 

This in case his dad did not ask him to commit joint Patricide/Regicide/Suicide and save everybody from hell etc.

Spreadsheetization of The Bible in the Global Culture to Support the Corporate Political Base

Spreadsheet Plus Bible Equals Numbers and or Creationism

Spreadsheeting the Bible Leads to Creationism and other political superstitious delusions.

People generally roll their eyes when I try to extrapolate how I see the whole new Global Culture thing as of and by the Corporate Spreadsheet.

They ignore me when I say that the Corporate Global Spreadsheet has reduced everything and everybody on this planet to commodity status and commodity value. 

That in many instances humanity has little or no cash value in the quest for obscene corporate profits and greed. 

That I assign a label as the Wharton Global Spreadsheet to the contamination and or destruction of our local culture(s) at the expense of this new corporate global money hegemony thing.

That as such, many people think they can ignore the present economics of humanity and still separately and equally apply old fashioned cultural or religious standards to things.

As such, I see on the right the usurpation of religion by politics to win elections and to take human rights and living wages away from humanity.

That the growth of ignorance in religion in my lifetime has I think grown exponentially and with no doubt help from the global corporate hegemony, directly or indirectly.  

That I truly believe that the current growth of fundamentalism and creationism and turning the black on white words of the bible into a commodity to be used for political and economic reasons rather than spiritual growth is due to the Spreadsheet-ization of the Bible into statistics and delusional facts to support the political base. 


Stooge Lawyer Ted Cruz - Petit Bourgeois Tea Party Leader of the Super Rich – Norm Chomsky

I do not quite understand who Norm Chomsky is but when he speaks the cognoscenti usually listen. Cognoscenti on the left you know, not the right. On the right you have the thugs, the Neanderthals led by “Constitutional” lawyers in carpet slippers who defend injustice and obscene corporate greed like Canadian Senator Tex Cruz carpetbagging currently in Texas. 

"He said traditional anarchists opposed the inherent inequality in the relationship between a government and its people or business owners and their workers, while Tea Party conservatives promote this imbalance.

“They’re in favor of having the population subordinated to concentrated private power, which should have no limits,” Chomsky said. “When they call themselves anti-government, that means they don’t want government to limit the capacity of concentrated private power to dominate the society. That’s very far from any anarchism.”

Tea Party conservatives present themselves as strict constitutionalist proponents of a limited government, a claim that Chomsky rejected.

“They do oppose too much state power, but that’s a bit of a joke; they also support state power,” he said. “They support the powerful systems that sustain private power, concentration of power, as opposed to traditional anarchists.”

Chomsky agreed that the Tea Party was a genuine popular political movement who members were almost entirely white, “petit bourgeois” business owners who tend to be highly nationalistic and had racist elements.

The group’s power and significance comes not from its numbers, he said, but by the heavy funding it gets from corporate backers and the favorable coverage it receives from some media outlets.

The Tea Party’s popularity is essentially a symptom of the rigged political system, Chomsky argued."


Genesis 24:10-11 Camels / Mercedes-Benz G-Class full-size luxury SUVs

Genesis 24:10-11 
10 Then the servant left, taking with him ten of his master’s 10 Mercedes-Benz G-Class full-size luxury SUVs loaded with all kinds of good things from his master. He set out for Aram Naharaim and made his way to the town of Nahor. 11 He had the 10 Mercedes-Benz G-Class full-size luxury SUVs park down near the well outside the town; it was toward evening, the time the women go out to draw water.

With carbon dating of the domestication date of Camels supposedly mentioned in the bible, apparently not only Fundamentalist Christians are going ApeShit but Israel’s Deed to Palestine comes into question with the questionable provenance of the Book of Genesis.