Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Subpoena Bishops Adamec and Bartchak Regarding Paterno Sandusky Pedo Cover Up

Archabbot Nowicki; Bishop Adamec; Bishop Bartchak; Rev. Laffey; Mrs. Paterno

The family of Joe Paterno are asking for a release of all the e-mails now painting a picture of Joe Paterno as a major player behind the scenes in cover up of Jerry Sandusky’s normal shower behavior with little boys in unsupervised Penn State Sports facilities. 
No doubt, the image of Paterno is more important than the lives of children ruined in this massive corporate level cover up of criminal activities.
Since Joe Paterno and his wife raised millions of cash to build their own church on campus, (Saint) Suzanne Paterno “Catholic Faith Center” Church.  No doubt Joe, when the e-mails look like he agreed to let Sandusky be turned into authorities,  took a 180 degree turn against the law and into cover up.  He did a U.S. Catholic Bishop thing on Sandusky regarding pedophilia cover-up.  The best person to talk to that would be both retired Bishop Ademec (bishop at the time of the Sandusky e-mails) and recently installed bishop Bartchak in 2011 of the Altoona diocese in charge of the Penn State stake.
These two bishops and other religious were thick as thieves and or like flies on honey at the dedication of the seven million dollar Paterno Memorial Church built on campus, August 2011, pictured above.
Of course you may have to offer Adamec and Bartchak immunity to share their confidential discussions with Joe Paterno.  But in the end, Joe was probably dumber than a door nail and probably acted on what he thought was the (typical) “moral authority” of the Catholic Church.
The e-mail discussion involving former university president Graham B. Spanier, athletic director Tim Curley, and ex-vice president Gary Schultz took place two weeks after graduate assistant Mike McQueary reported seeing Sandusky sodomizing a boy in a locker room shower, a decade before Sandusky's arrest on 52 counts of child sex abuse, and well before the molestations of at least three of the former defensive coordinator's victims. 
Though Paterno did not write any of the leaked missives, he is referenced in them as having weighed in on the debate.

Eris Cantor’s Formula for Success – Recipe for Economic Chicken Soup

There was a speech that the mighty Majority Leader of the U.S. House of Representatives was supposed to give to the elite students at the University of Pennsylvania at the Wharton School of Business no less (bow your heads). 

And of course I have on more than one occasion in this blog have complained about the whole post WWII Service Economy Economic Model espoused to the highs priest of our age, MBAs, in Ivy League enclaves such as Wharton, Brown and Harvard who have learned a lot of crap in class and flushed the middle class in America down the toilet to justify their Masters of Business degrees when all they really are if you look at them and their business methods in practice, are nothing more than a Privateer or Pirate’s license to whittle down pensions and benefits in any company, ship the sweat overseas without the benefits and increase the pig’s hog share of bonuses to the upper echelons of management. 

Mr. Eric Cantor, the Majority Leader of the U.S. House of Representatives wanted to give that speech at Wharton but alas his pressing business in Congress made him permanently cancel the speech.  Luckily a press release of the undelivered speech has come down to us lowly peasants to hear and understand the workings of the minds of Republican Betters like Mr. Cantor whose only vision for the economic future of America is Mr. Cantor’s grandmother’s recipe for Chicken Soup.

The speech is here for any who want to read it in its entirety.  

The long and short of it is that the students at Ivy League students are fucked if they think that an Ivy League degree guarantees a cushy job for life at the expense of stockholders who want results and not welfare for their Ivy League educated employees.  Or sort of in my humble opinion.

That the only way for someone to succeed in America is his father’s and grandmother’s model of economic success and start a business. Take a risk. Dip into your savings or borrow from your parents and relatives and make a successful business that is free from Government regulations, personal responsibility to the community and free of course of taxes.  It is so easy. Mr. Cantor’s rich life experience, business background, the success of his father and grandmother is all that is needed to succeed in America.

That a little nine year old black or Hispanic girl in the ghetto who has a supposedly equal fair playing field in America to achieving success just like his grandmother.  The nine year old girl will just have to work harder than most if the lazy little shit wants to escape poverty.

He also used the model of a single mother in a rich suburban setting as someone who will have to work harder to succeed.

Success like a successful Eric Cantor is easy once your parents and grandparents waste a lifetime of eating their own shit and saving every nickel and dime to achieve ultimate success solely in narcissistic little maniac tin gods like Eric Cantor.

Steve Jobs is the only kind of jobs the Republicans will back in any economic scheme.  If you can’t go out and start a business like Steve Jobs, invent some little electronic trinkets and make billions of dollars, your failure in life you deserve.  The formula is so simple.  If you cannot hear or understand, you must be stupid or a Democrat.

The Recipe to Mr. Cantor’s Grandmother’s Chicken Soup is a guarded trade secret for the 1%.  It tastes great to Eric but to the rest of us it is just another large empty bowl of typical Republican Fuck You I Got Mine attitude toward the American 99% and rest of humanity.

“Eat Eric eat. One more spoonful for your Nanna.” (Puke)


Chateau Elysee – Hollywood Sin Palace – Scientology “Celebrity” Center

The Chateau Elysee, an old hotel apartment building in Hollywood is now the Scientology Celebrity Center.

In its day it was the hot spot of Hollywood’s elites.

Residents included some of the most famous names of the 1930’s and 40’s. Most notably Bette Davis, Errol Flynn (room 211), Edward G. Robinson (room 216), Carol Lombard (room 305), Edgar Rice Burroughs (room 408), Humphrey Bogart (room 603), Clark Gable (room 604), Ginger Rogers (room 705), Ed Sullivan (room 501), Gracie Allen and George Burns (room 609) along with Lillian Gish, Katharine Hepburn, George Gershwin, and Cary Grant.

I found a floorplan of the old hotel before it was redone by the Scientologists and it reminds me of an old west side New York big family apartment with a tiny living room, dining room, kitchen and five bedrooms all along a hallway setting.  I could not but help wonder why a superstar like Tom Cruise would hole up here instead of his 35 million dollar Beverly Hills estate as recently described in the press?

The answer is simple.  Ring after ring after ring of security and privacy from the prying eyes of the  world. No doubts the private sins committed by the Hollywood elites in the 1920s and 1930s there, are still committed here.

People, rich people, “celebrities” who buy into scientology, buy into it not so much for the fa├žade of tax deductible “religion” but rather for the Public Relations output and guaranteed privacy of bunker like (womb) “luxury” style apartments designed in early twentieth century New York City and currently  hidden out of public view in Hollywood USA.

The more the world changes, the more it stays the same. 


The Death of the Catholic Standard and Times – an anticlimactic PR Release in Philly - Jobs Lost

June 1951

They are closing down the old Catholic Standard and Times in Philly.  Apparently there is a seventeen million dollar deficit in the archdiocese of Philadelphia, eleven million of which foolishly spent on the defense of monsignor Lynn and company.  The Catholic Standard and Times in Philly was where a good Catholic used to get a full dose of any Catholic story not carried or fully carried in the WASP Evening Bulletin, Daily News or Philadelphia Inquirer.

The once weekly newspaper was cut back to monthly over a year ago.  That tells you at the Catholic Brand is no longer a strong brand in Philly.  It says that the number of Catholic households that subscribe are down.  It tells you that fewer people bother to read these days.  Fewer advertisers too. That Public Relations and cash to the Catholic League for propaganda instead of Catholic news is deemed more important from on top and trickled down to the least common denominator nobody Catholic member still bothering to show up in a pew on any Sunday.

“These are good men and women who have served the Church well,” said Archbishop Charles Chaput, O.F.M Cap. “I take this action with great reluctance, as one of several urgently needed steps to restore the local Church to a healthy financial footing. Every departing employee has the sincere gratitude of the Archdiocese and will be treated with maximum consideration.”
They have served their church well and now they can be discarded now that they are no longer needed. Typical GOP trickle down "humanity" speak. Now that Satan, the GOP, it would seem has taken over the Roman Catholic Church in America. Downsize, Outsource, Offshore Invest.

Forty odd jobs are disappearing with this ancient enterprise.  No history of its founding anywhere in Chaput’s chronically smug sounding PR pronouncement.  These pronouncements sound like they are written and rewritten and preformed verbally over and over again in front of a mirror or in front of toady subordinates that praise every sentence, word, comma, period.  One would think that archbishop Chaput has no time for sleep in his zealous discharge of his duties.  In fact, how can he sleep knowing that he is doing a slow decimation of the church of my ancestors in Philly.  Oh well.

I do remember that the Catholic Standard and Times as an institution goes back at least  to 1892 because the image of the 400th Century Anniversary of Catholic Columbus’ discovery of America, from a stamp, was once part of the front page title header.