Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Ariel Castro’s Rape Daddy Visitation Rights Are Still Secure in Ohio?


Thank God! GOP Todd Akin and Paul Ryan’s Male Rights will be extended to Ariel Castro in case the Paternal Test of Amanda Berry’s child comes back positive.

The Link above goes back to August when it was briefly debated during the election about how 31 States in the United States extended levels of unregulated, unrestricted visitation rights to Rape Daddys.

Alleged Rape Daddy Ariel Castro in Cleveland is lucky in that Ohio is listed on map regarding his full male rights to visit his child, should it be his child, for the next twelve years or so. 

I guess the kid will have to visit Daddy on weekends at the prison? Whatever.

That unless Ohio has changed its Rape Daddy Rights Laws etc.

Homeowner Ariel Castro was charged with four counts of kidnapping and three counts of rape while his brothers, Pedro and Onil Castro, were held but faced no immediate charges. Ariel Castro will be arraigned in Cleveland municipal court Thursday morning, and officials say they expect additional counts to be made.

...Another woman, Amanda Berry, was rescued with her 6-year-old daughter. Cleveland City Prosecutor Victor Perez said he could not comment on the father, but said a paternity test would be conducted. Sources tell CBS News that the other two women helped deliver the baby while in captivity.

Kensington and Allegheny (K&A) - Harrowgate Philadelphia

Cheney / Obama Nation – Torture and Drones, Culture of Fear and Death - versus the “Nobodys” of the world, the Great Souls like Bradley Manning

At this stage of the coming Global Culture, in its ongoing development, you have those who now have the upper hand, the “people” who do not care about People - and the People who do care about other People.


Susan LaPierre’s NRA Women's Leadership Conference in Houston a Complete Success

NRA sometimes lobbyist and sometimes shadowy beard(?) wife of Wayne LaPierre raked in big bucks at her (Susan LaPierre's) NRA Women’s Leadership Conference and Auction at the exclusive River Oaks Country Club in Houston, charity money to be distributed to NRA like TAX-FREE charities like new gun development and gun education for women, kids and toddlers. All that and scheduled sexy quest speaker Sean Hannity too. omg!

One thing not discussed by all the merry NRA trophy wives in Houston at Susan’s luncheon were the statistics of death associated with free market firearms and their natural sequences of collateral damages to the stupid masses (below).

After the Luncheon, the ladies went on to do something equally really important for the Houston community and economy, they limo-ed over to a shoe sale at Neiman Marcus. lol

The following numbers tell the tale:

§  33: The average number of people murdered with a gun in the United States every day.
§  283: The average number of people shot in the United States every day.
§  40: The average number of children and teenagers shot in the United States every day.
§  10 times higher: The accidental-firearms death rate among children in the United States compared to other high-income countries.
§  31,000: The average number of homicides, suicides, and fatal accidents involving firearms in the United States every year.
§  6.9 times higher: The homicide rate of the United States compared to 22 high-income countries.
§  85 percent: The percentage of attempted suicides with a gun in the United States that result in fatalities.
§  8 times higher: The firearm suicide rate among children in the United States compared to other high-income countries.
§  500 percent: The percentage that the risk of homicide increases when a gun is present in a domestic-violence situation.
§  57 percent: The percentage of mass shootings that began with the targeting of a girlfriend, spouse, or former intimate partner.
§  63: The number of U.S. law-enforcement officers killed with firearms in 2011.
§  6.6 million: The estimated number of guns sold each year in the United States without a background check.
§  80 percent: The percentage of convicted criminals who acquired the guns used in their crimes through a private transfer.
§  90 seconds: The amount of time it takes to complete 91 percent of background checks.
§  38 percent lower: The number of women killed with a firearm by an intimate partner in states that require background checks for all handgun sales, compared to states that do not require such background checks.
§  2.5 times higher: The average export rate of crime guns in states that do not require background checks for all handgun sales at gun shows, compared to states that do require such background checks.