Friday, November 7, 2014

Politically Correct Storm Troopers Like Ben Affleck Have Destroyed Democratic Party with PC POISON

"I am PC Pure!" - "You are a moron Ben,"

I stopped writing over at Daily Kos because one day I did not know the lexicon of 100% liberal culturally pure words. And with the use of one politically incorrect (unacceptable word in any circumtance) word which I used metaphorically “Rothchild” in a, theoretically I thought, discussion of nineteenth century economics related to the American Civil War – I was attacked instantly by dozens of Kos Nazis or “Kossacks” – attacked instantly and totally accused of “anti-semitism” in dozens of comments rendered in a matter of tens of seconds.
If you think you are liberal or progressive or believe in science, if you don’t believe any of that the KOS way, you are an outsider and eliminated or shunned, voted rated down down or commented to death by 100% politically correct lefties – the pure or purist wing of that party that just lost so badly in Congress.
Ben Affleck, to protect his politically perfect version of limousine liberal PC, regarding the fanatic ragheads in the east and their war on the west, attacked Bill Maher as a act of loyalty to his own ego and the PC niche he has carved out regarding Politically Correct Fantasy Arab Interpretation Hollywood style history.
The Republicans have the poor, the ignorant. The poor will always be with us. Their base is secure forever.
The politically correct minefield, mindfield that the left has to go through to prove oneself and or one’s cause pure and correct and abstract and not real to the man or woman in the street - college professor PC ideal classroom model - is the problem the Dem Morons like Ben Affleck have until the Dems can crawl back into power as a politically party of real people and not PC clones.

Movie-Book Deal Worth Millions to Glory Seeking Navy Seal Robert O’Neill

Photo: Associated Press

Traitor, disloyal to his oath and comrade Seals is worth it to this greedy "patriot" Robert O’Neill. That and a target painted on his back to half of Islam. I sure hope the American Taxpayer does not have to pay money to protect this disloyal sad sack of human shit.

Robert O’Neill, 38, told The Washington Post in an interview that he fired the two shots that killed bin Laden. He first recounted the story in February 2013 to Esquire magazine, which identified him only as “the shooter.”
One current and one former SEAL confirmed to The Associated Press that O’Neill was long known to have fired the shots that killed the leader of the international terror group responsible for the Sept. 11 attacks.
Defense Department officials confirmed today that O’Neill was a member of SEAL Team Six and was part of the bin Laden raid. But they said they could not confirm who fired the fatal shot, noting that other SEALs on the mission also fired at bin Laden.

If O’Neill discloses classified information during the interviews he could be subject to an investigation or action by the Justice Department, the Defense Department officials said. They spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the matter by name.