Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Nancy Pelosi in Rome - WTF!

I see that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is going into the den of the great white father for a visit. A lot of the great women haters of history club in the RC church would like to tie her to a stack and kill her because she serves her flaming liberal constituency in order to serve in the U.S. Congress. In reality if she pushed the boiler plate propaganda of the male only RC hierarchy she would be not be electable. You can’t have it both ways boys! You win or you lose in American politics.

No doubt she got a mild lecture from his holiness about the contradiction of her being a good Catholic and in advocating free choice for the people in her bailiwick.

Some want pope to scold pro-choice Pelosi

There were some rumblings in the media in September about bringing the hammer down on VP candidate Joe Biden, a practicing Roman Catholic, but not a lobotomized card carrying Catholic anti-abortion rhetorical zombie. I envisioned his being dissed by a card carrying hypocrite from the Republican Party in his full nine yards of red silk slamming Biden in an attempt to destroy Obama.

I was envisioning the same stab in the back that Democratic Presidential Candidate John Kerry got from unsolicited Archbishop Raymond Burke who wanders eternally around the RC hierarchical map with no Cardinal wanting him planted in their back yard. Then in 2004, Archbishop Burke took it upon himself among all the Cardinals, Archbishops and Bishops in the United States to say that if Senator John Kerry were to go to mass in his religious bailiwick of the Saint Louis Missouri Archdiocese, that John Kerry, a proven Vietnam War hero would be denied communion because of his pro-abortion stance. No doubt Ray got great applause in his secret chapter of the “he-man women haters club” for his saying, asserting the boiler plate anti-abortion spiel.

This past year, Archbishop Burke got promoted to Rome before he got a chance to screw Joe Biden the same way he screwed John Kerry on the Abortion code word issue thing. Four more years of RC approval of the Republicans in American power would surely have destroyed the planet and or caused its suicide.

I have to wander sometimes that if the about 17-20% of the American birth rate that does not happen because of Abortion, what is the Roman Catholic’s Hierarchy’s real opinion or where is the GOP’s checkbook for women who do bring unwanted children into the world. I see that a woman, who loves children in California, brought eight children into the world recently and is in hiding because she believes in life and many in the public are making death threats against her.

There is no balanced or hopeful middle ground in this inane abortion conundrum. Pot bellied religious bureaucrats, who have no known children, fiddle with political code word issues not unlike Nero while the world burns with real life decisions about life, money, comfort, love and respect for the theory of life. Churches close. Schools close. Hospitals close. It is definitely a wide stance issue.

Soon to be Cardinal and I predict next pope Raymond Burke continues to assert RC boiler plate PR releases.

Archbishop Burke says bishops' document helped Obama campaign

In an exclusive interview with LifeSite News, Archbishop Raymond Burke has charged that the US bishops' document on voting responsibilities, Faithful Citizenship, contributed to the electoral victory of Barack Obama in last year's presidential contest. Archbishop Burke-- who was Archbishop of St. Louis before he was called to Rome to head the Church's top canonical court-- said that the bishops' statement "led to confusion" by suggesting that Catholic voters might, in some circumstances, be justified in voting for a pro-abortion candidate. Those circumstances did not apply, the American prelate said, and mentioning them only clouded a straightforward moral issue. Archbishop Burke argues that the lack of clear moral guidance from the hierarchy was a contributing factor in Obama's victory, because many Catholic voters supported the Democratic candidate.

Perhaps there is hope in that some of the sane hierarchy in the RC church that do not want the right wing “Burkies” showing up without an offical invitation in their designated religious bailiwicks.

UK Cardinal says Burke can’t say Latin Mass at Westminster Cathedral

According to London’s Daily Telegraph, Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor has told a Catholic organization to rescind its invitation to former St. Louis Archbishop Raymond Burke to celebrate the traditional Latin Mass at London’s Westminster Cathedral in June.
On his Holy Smoke blog, the Telegraph’s Damian Thompson says the Latin Mass Society had invited Burke - now the head of the Vatican’s supreme court - to be the main celebrant at its annual Latin Mass at the famous cathedral. Canon law says only the bishop of a diocese - in this case Murphy-O’Connor - can invite another bishop to celebrate Mass at a church in his diocese.

And so it goes. Life and the rotation of the planet.