Sunday, May 27, 2018

Memorial Day - Illinois Peace Day - 1915

The M.A.G.A. = A.D.H.D. POTUS(y) of Donald Trump

Fred and Mary Trump spent a fortune on locking their middle child Donald in a Military School (rich code for problem child reform school back when btw) before they both succumbed to Senility and or Alzheimer's. 

Since getting control of his parents fortune through lawyers and guardianships etc. Donald Trump has been in denial about his undisciplined youth that might owe itself to some modern middle class discriptives like dyslexia and or ADHD.

Our Asian allies and enemies are no doubt at the moment trying to cope with the undiagnosed and unrecognized forms of mental illnesses that Trump is probably paranoidedly hiding in plain view to the American and global publics as well as functional illiteracy verified and or certified by his "gentlemen"'s C's @Penn. 

And for a person who does not believe in African American Hawaiian State issued birth certificates or vaccinations (that cause autism - myth?) for babies, playing to his white on the surface trailer trash, food stamp using, welfare cheating Gawd and Guns, Mob Base, he has gotten awful far in a world full of gullible burb financed college diplomas controlling both corporations and the news media, his shouting a lot of sound and fury but signifying nothing btw (again). 

But his poorly written modern day Shakespearre Marvel Commic Book tragic life is just too much sometimes to follow one more time, him, around the room on his tricycle. 

Friday, May 25, 2018

Converting Kim Jong Un to the one True White Male Evamgelical God Proving a Bit of a Challenge to Chrisian Brother Donald Trump

Heck! No time for foul language. 

There is a whole heathen country that needs the hear the word of Jesus and his message of White Male Superiority over Nature in Prime Virgin Yellow Pagan Devil North Korean territory.

But we know that President Trump is divinely blessed and anointed by hand, by so many hands of pure White descending from Adam A-merican Chrisians to move America forward. To make American great again. 

As words of encouragement to our Commander in Chief, in the words of the late great Billy Graham. "Bring on the Rubes!"

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Revival of Whitecapping of Minorities by Trump's Mob Base

Bullies operate from the threat of violence. The person(s) threatening others have strength through body, mind or mob power to intimidate and punish others with words backed up with that real or implied threat of violence.

Trump operates as a bully in his hate delivery to his hate base. Bullying language to women, the disabled, people of color, people of other religions or beliefs.

Until now, Trump has not attacked the Gays that I know of. But his base hears the dog whistle and hears code or whatever and Gays are part of the Neanderthal menu of the right and their H8 Menu.

His base is motivated and empowered to yell at people for speaking Spanish in restaurants in NYC, one of the two most diverse sections of real estate in the United States, the other being Los Angeles.

Empowers them to slap people in airplanes and their service dogs. Empowers them to assume that a person of color asleep on the couch of a common room of a dormitory in an I-Vee league college, that that minority, could not possibly be a student there, does not belong there and call the police on them etc.

The recent incident of a half-assed telephone app taxi company like LYFT throwing two gays out of his gypsy (registered, inspected, insured-?) cab into the street at a red light to leave his place of business, his car, because they kissed in his back seat.

These gypsy cab set ups are sold as free enterprise and free of government regulation but they are built on premises that the person doing the selling of the product, the cab ride, is free to make a living. Only problem is that in a real world with government the people who work hard to own a taxi cab license and or medallion to earn a living, do so in conforming to community standards to operate and serve all who pay for the services. They have responsibility to conform to a greater and wider good that serves all people.

Problem with Whitecapping Gays and threatening them with indirect and or implied violence, a hidden gun or knife, a fist or a baseball bat, to dump them in the middle of traffic is that an underlicensed enterprise operating on an app operates from his or her small bubble and or community standards. That all who do not conform, the disabled, people of color, of other faiths and of the Gays, operates in a narrow world empowered by an evil and biased entity in the White House.

Whitecapping minorities, bullying them, implying violence by one or a group, to do immediate harm is UnAmerican and NAZI and does not belong in this land of the free and the home of the brave. 


The Whitecapping movement started in Indiana around 1837,[6] as white males began forming secret societies in order to attempt to deliver justice independent from the state. These groups became known as the "White Caps". The first White Cap operations generally aimed at those who went against a community's values. Men who neglected or abused their family, people who showed excessive laziness and women who had children out of wedlock are all prime examples of possible targets.[7]
As whitecapping spread into the Southern states during the 1890s, the targets became drastically different....

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Pillow Talk - Donald Trump and Sean Hannity - Life Imitates Art

Pillow Talk - Trump and Hannity

On the phone, he and the president alternate between the “witch hunt!” and gabbing like old girlfriends about media gossip and whose show sucks and who’s getting killed in the ratings and who’s winning (Hannity, and therefore Trump) and sports and Kanye West, all of it sprinkled with a staccato fuck … fucking … fucked … fucker. “He’s not a systematic thinker at all. He’s not an ideologue,” one person who knows both men said of Hannity. “He gives tactical advice versus strategic advice.”
The talks may be more important for Trump than for Hannity in a therapeutic sense, even if it’s nearly impossible to accept what we’re seeing from the president reflects any kind of therapy. “He doesn’t live with his wife,” one person who knows both men said of Trump, explaining that he lacks someone “to decompress” with at the end of the day. When they spoke a few hours before Trump welcomed home the newly freed Americans who’d been held hostage in North Korea, he and Hannity told each other how proud they were, how happy the news made them. “You can’t function without that,” this person said, adding that Hannity “actually likes him” even though “he knows how nuts he is. He’s decided that you’re all in or you’re not.”

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

FLOTUS Melania Trump - B-e-e Yourself - Be Best

Kanye West's Use Of Coded Evangelical Hate Word "Choice" not a Good Choice for Media Star - His Bad

My cousin, from a different aunt?, Kanye West, a rapper whatever that is, but is of some importance in the public sphere with the mindless talking heads of the media, is perhaps going through some mid-life crisis and is by general consensus a person of color and or "African American". 

Kanye's fame and or not intelligence and or wisdom also owes to being married to some reality  show talentless star of the Kardashian tribe and or breeders circle not unlike some third rate racing horse in a sense of "raw beauty".

Well anyway, cousin Kanye wrapped tight in the Michael Jackson bubblewrap world of money and fame recently made a comment that "Four Hundred Years of Slavery" amongst black people in America sounded more like "Choice" and not victimization. 

While I am certain Kanye is guarded by a dozen bodyguards and will never be beaten up I think or shot by cops after being stopped for a "broken tail light" on his limousine, I feel certain that he probably watches too much gilded chrstianity on TV like Joel Osteen etc. and gets his ques from pimp mobsters like Donald Trump as to what rants in public will get ya respect. 

That Kanye in kissing up to his white Massa ideals, just threw his whole race under the bus by in a coded way talking to the Trump Base that Choice in Slavery in code is code for Choice in Welfare and we all know from Ronald Reagan about dem colored "welfare queens" traveling around in cadillacs while people like Ronny and his White Hollywood NRA crowd refused to pay taxes for all these cheating welfare people mostly of color etc. 

I tuned into my favorite people of color show on Viceland cable channel and saw how "Desus and Mero" were not only cautious in how they treated Kanye's Black Foot in his Mouth coded hate message about "choice" but also saw the hurt in their eyes as to how this is supposed to to be a role model for their race. 

Sad. Whatever. Current America. 

Saturday, May 5, 2018

As Jesus said: "Autism will always be with us."

There is a need of late to put all variables on the Wharton Global Spreadsheet into some meaningful but really (truespeak) meaningless dribble to connects the dots and make a buck off of meds from the Pharmas to treat something that in large degree has always been with us.

That children used to grow up with social skills interfacing with parents, grandparents, siblings, pets and or farm animals for tens of thousands of years.

That 90% of the success of the Industrial Revolution ( as an extension in part of the Iron Age label and or timeline? ) was plugging people into the repetitive behavior of factories in with big machines run by steam and coal.

That repetition in plowing straight lines in a field meant larger food yield at growing season's end. That feeding animals on time and in repetition with positions of the sun in the sky meant survival of the Species. 

Now in the middle of transition from an old world order toward a new global culture based mostly on the virtual reality of computers and the Internet, old first world (service cultures) that have shipped boring repetitive factory jobs overseas to "third world" cultures to grow the profit margins of the Corps and left a generation or two of Americans at least as dysfunctional as in when you lose yo
ur job, any job you are displaced and or dysfunctional. 

Which leaves a whole generation of single parents with single children to wonder why these kids cannot interface with non-existent parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings, farmyard animals, function in some "normal" flip a switch or pop a pill way of lazy, dumbed down lately way of thinking. 

Of course there are the hard core cases of Autism but the invention of the Autism Cloud or is it Spectrum Disorder way of thinking is perhaps a spreadsheet way of thinking to include all sorts of minor disorders, even left over trash items under old labels like ADHD into an acceptable label for Health Insurance Companies to dole out treatments, pills etc on a tiered by age, ethnicity, degree of how it relates to the latest Flavor of the Month Disorder like ASD. 

But that is only my opinion. 

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Do Not Resuscitate: Life In Trump's Great White Evangelical A-merica

It is now a cliche and the subject of some legal interpretation if tattooing "Do Not Resuscitate" on your body is enough for an ER to not treat you in America. But try and get passed the admittance desk and your lack of health insurance and the point becomes moot.

But ideas no longer come from California but these days trickle up from the poor and the ravished economy of those who don't have college degrees or are the artificial middle class based on unearned equity on their houses whose value that did not readjust downward as a result of the economic ability of America to print dollars instead of take it like a man in the stock market crash of 2008 - where a great recession occurred and not a depression - yeah right.

Ideas stopped coming out of America S.R. (since Reagan). And as a result the way we communicate these days is through the PR and or PRESS office. Whatever lie you can sell is whatever truth we sadly live with.

And in between, reality and truth and lies and PR and politics and politics mixed with religion make it impossible for a civil discourse happen in a public forum stolen by the Russians in the last election to prop up a deadbeat pimp puppet presently in the White House.

One of the extremes in America was the result of the Culture Wars based mostly on turning birth control out of the Vatican turned into Abortion at your local polling place. And the lies there worked so well that right wing Pape religion's lies got adopted by the TV revival tent crowd who sell religion and fear and hell to the ignorant and the left behind in America.

Extreme opinions and intolerance have a great tradition in America. Indeed, the intolerance toward Quakers in Massachusetts is I think the beginning of resentment toward the Crown that led to Rebellion a century later.

Boston Martyrs

The Boston martyrs is the name given in Quaker tradition[1] to the three English members of the Society of Friends, Marmaduke Stephenson, William Robinson and Mary Dyer, and to the Friend William Leddra of Barbados, who were condemned to death and executed by public hanging for their religious beliefs under the legislature of the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1659, 1660 and 1661. Several other Friends lay under sentence of death at Boston in the same period, but had their punishments commuted to that of being whipped out of the colony from town to town.
"The hanging of Mary Dyer on the Boston gallows in 1660 marked the beginning of the end of the Puritan theocracy and New England independence from English rule. In 1661 King Charles II explicitly forbade Massachusetts from executing anyone for professing Quakerism. In 1684 England revoked the Massachusetts charter, sent over a royal governor to enforce English laws in 1686, and in 1689 passed a broad Toleration act."[2][3]

That the trickle town intolerance of the I-Vee league colleges of the North these days with their PC nonsense are as stifling as the Redneck Evangelicalism of the inbred South. It does matter if you are born and or raised on either side of the Mason-Dixon Line.

That civility in America is dead for the moment along with a functioning town square outside of the Mob Meter of Twitter or the snoop value of Facebook and a media controlled by corps. 

That I came again upon the Boston Martyrs when I was looking at a time line of The Titus Family that started in England and at this point of research have found themselves in Long Island in the 17th century with the local authorities stealing livestock to pay tithes of the COE meal ticket priest, from a genealogical history of the Mott family, on one Edmond Titus, son of an immigrant from England in 1635, one Robert Titus.

That Robert Titus's brother was first a Parliamentarian in the English Civil War before becoming a Royal is testament that the family was certainly COE and not necessarily a dissenter when arriving and settling first briefly in Brookline and then Rehobath Mass on the Rhode Island Border. that in something like 19 years a good old COE type sold off his property in Mass. and finally settles in Hemstead Long Island. This all before William Penn founds his Quaker colony that genuinely promoted tolerance in religious beliefs to all immigrant new comers.  

 I knew of long term imprisonment of a member of a Quaker Waln clan that eventually set in motion the Walns being one of the first families to settle with Penn in Pennsylvania. That Waln spent something like two or more years in jail refusing, on conscience, to tithe taxes for the repair of a local COE church before Penn's offer of resettlement in the new land might have seemed like an offer too good to refuse.

That Waln came to America already a dissenter, a Quaker, and Titus no doubt turned off by the extreme authoritarian and totalitarian views of a church-state in Massachusetts. That when religion controls politics, best to move out of state and seek better digs elsewhere. That Titus goes from Massachusetts and converts but is then a second class citizen whose taxes are expected to subsidize leeches working for the Church of England in Long Island. Plenty to rebel about from the status quo of the 1770s.

Extremes abound in early America. Little wonder the revolution started in Boston with the crazy Puritans up there. Little wonder modern day extremist PC views emanate from the left up there.

That even the Quakers could not escape the craziness and corruption of both the old and new world. That no sooner had William Penn got to Philly he was called on to be judge in a witch trial of a member of the local Swedish community now under English control.

That about the same time as religious fanatics were murdering 20 odd witches in Salem, Penn had to bide his time in official mask to deal with a matter he did not believe in - namely witchcraft.

Margaret Mattson

That in order to keep the law, a silly English law on witchcraft, Penn gave lip service and tolerance which goes a long way in preserving the Common Civility of the community. And coaxed the jury into a "Yes she is certainly a witch but unfortunately we did not catch her in any act of witchcraft." - defense/verdict.

So it goes. Or went.