Saturday, December 24, 2011

love is all you need - love actually


Cardinal George of Chicago – old Nazi – Godwin’s Law – Mormon Gelt – Great Hate of 2012 Underway

I guess when old Nazis like Cardinal George of Chicago need some spending cash for the holidays for their misters or mistresses, they need to call up Salt Lake City and get a talking point memo and check, cash money transter, to bash the gays.

No doubt the half senile old geezer likes calling the LGBT community KKK, no doubt the old geezer does not want to invoke Godwin’s law into the conversation.  No doubt the Roman Catholic Adolph Hitler is still too sacred a territory to touch and cannot be cited to invoke Godwin’s law.

I find the GREAT HATE OF 2012 – (the great Mormon Catholic Hate Alliance against gays in the 2012 election year) (cash for hire hate) the ongoing hate of the Mormon Hierarchy and the RC Hierarchy is underway in the true spirit of CEO Christmas – their way – not mine – and even before the calendar turns to January 1, 2012.

Is there a moral equivalent to Godwin’s law to shut up old Catholic or Mormon hate geezers like Francis George and Thomas Monson, who compare a life community in the United States to the KKK – If they could, these haters would give Jesus another 40 lashes for good measure to teach him his real place in their scheme of things.

One good fallout of this great test of moral courage for all Americans of good heart and soul is that maybe the evil, the Satan, in the hierarchies of these two church institutions merged, will burn itself out and the rest of us, including the LGBTs, can go on about our lives in peace and tranquility as the real God of common people intended after 2012.


Peace on Earth but only to men and women of good will.