Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Christian Nation - Stephen Colbert

In other words - Put up or shut up!


Kiosk Government USA – Carne Ross

I ran into this independent thinker and doer on Colbert tonight called Carne Ross, a transplanted Brit that got caught up in America’s energy flow.

Without going into too many details and the little bit of research I have done some reading. His ideas, based on Occupy among others, flows of thought energy that favors leaderless democracy. And surely with the internet participation in town halls and decision making on a micro local level is possible right now.

It is like it has taken democracy something like two hundred years to come to the impasse and the realization that central control, central king like decision making is not needed in perhaps 80% of the things and needs of everyday people.

They want to do away with the post office when the P.O. is the ideal place to become the focal point of local and federal government, not as a stand in line, hand me something center, but a place where paper tax forms could still be had both for state and national government. 

The Post Office from the very beginning was designed to be the glue of our republic and keeping the paths of communication open in a vast land mass. 

That the Post Office like in some European governments could be the center of micro-banking to offset the behemoth monster banks and brokerage houses that feed on the blood of the masses these days.

And the P.O. could serve as an information center of computerized government for other needs.

This flows along with my idea that we must return to local control of creating and servicing mortgages on Main Street and ignore the capitalist vampire mantra that all good comes from mega capital.

There are creative people and ideas left in this dying old world.  

A new world of ideas and accomplishments are yet to be discovered.