Monday, May 6, 2013

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Cardinal Dolan’s Imaginary Childhood Friend “Dirty Freddie” Threatens Ten People of God on Steps of the Decaying, Falling Down Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in New York

Cardinal Dolan got imaginative in his blog some few days ago and invented a story to reinforce his perhaps personal but definitely institutional hatred of gays.

He told the story of his sainted “Silk Lace” Irish Catholic mom and her rejection of his probably imaginary childhood friend “dirty Freddie” because Freddie had dirty hands.

Somehow in the story, Timmy had been playing with Freddie and Timmy somehow came away from the experience with unsoiled hands

Silk lace mom insisted that Freddie clean his dirty paws before he could sit down to Mrs. Dolan’s home cooking.  In the story little Timmy had invited little Freddie to dinner without conditions.

But grownups and Catholic Bishops who now “love” gays insist that they somehow have to wash their sin from nature away before darkening the doorways of decaying old cathedrals or churches in the RCC.

Apparently a bunch of gay activists dirtied their hands in protest on Sunday, in empathy for the shabby treatment “Dirty Freddie” got at the hands of the Cardinal’s mom and her imagined silk lace importance in the scheme of things, and tried to enter St. Patrick's with those dirty hands. 

Tough love Freddie!  Don’t want the neighbors to know that you ate here and left with dirty hands intact.  Etc.

That Timmy Dolan leads by example. And since he had no adult social skills, or parenting skills or heterosexual sex in his life, he deferred the way he should treat or “love” them – other people – based on mom’s limited life experiences.


It goes without saying that the peaceful protestors were threatened with arrest and criminal trespass by the Cathedral Manager and backed up by 10 NYPD cops on site and in face.

Moral of the story. When the Cardinal of New York makes up stories like childhood imaginary friends, you better listen – OR ELSE!

Welcome to the New World Order of all things sacred or at least (the very least) Catholic. 

Shabby Chic Saint Patrick's Cathedral - New York


To Bury the Dead – Once a Christian Virtue – American Christian Nation in Tag Only? - Tamerlan Tsarnaev

I have to say that the treatment of the dead regarding Tamerlan Tsarnaev, a dead alleged Chechen American terrorist who can’t get a cemetery to accept his body. That the proper disposal of his mortal remains is mired in hip dip typical American street shit un-Christian politics of late. The politics of Cheney-Obama, torture and drones?

That the secular world is a brutal species but unfortunately still wrapped in the obsolete label, tag, name only grass root tea party abstract concept aka Christianity.

Two things I do not like. 

Names of foreigners like Tamerlan Tsarnaev that I can’t pronounce.

And a so-called Christian Nation???, where burying the dead used to be a virtue if not downright sanitary, from a brain dead nation that prefers to fuck the dead for their alleged crimes in life.

Hell! They even buried Lee Harvey Oswald some place in Texas. Back then we were still a Christian Nation. Half a century ago. Or so the rumor goes.

American White Male Erect Penis (all full three inches of it) Vengeance, cave man values rule in this country these days along with pounding your chest and screaming “I is a Christian living in a Christian nation!”.  

Yeah right.

Have a nice day.