Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Billionaire “Victim” Tom Perkins Whining How His Money Cannot Buy Him Any Respect From Poor People

There is this nutjob hiding most of the time in his penthouse on Fifth Avenue in New York that thinks like the American Catholic Bishops that he is somehow being persecuted by people speaking the truth or playing the “class warfare” card against Billionaires like him and that the poor are persecuting him in particular and they, the 99%, are like the Nazis and will soon putting people like him in concentration camps etc. Yeah Right Jack. How do you spell psychotropic?

He even has this prejudiced thing about people living in “Trailer Parks” having the connotation as something being like sub-human?


T.C.C. Daily Commentary - Jan 28 2014

6:15 AM

I had a dream last night. I was in Rockefeller Center. At first I thought that I had be laid off from my job but I had not worked in RC proper but in one of those newer add on in the 1960s buildings that claimed to be part of the greater Roc Center. Though I had worked in the International Building over twenty years ago and was part of the original setting of buildings with it lobby of black marble, terrazzo floors etc.

The disturbing part of the dream was that in the absence of workers, in a lay off ?, the building was not only being cleaned but refurbed ?for some other tenant.  The really frightening thing was that they had stripped away the bronze handrails of the art-deco masterpiece and I could not find anybody to tell me if they were cleaning or restoring these pieces of modern art. I wondered if it would be safe to use the stairs without handrails. No.

I am reminded of the last days of my having lived in Philly in the late seventies with the Italian mayor Frank Rizzo turning a blind eye as the Italian mob was stealing bronze plaques, memorials and statues all over the city and selling them for the price of scrap metal. Valdalism comes from the word Vandals, thieves, destructors, from the end of the last Roman Empire. Just a thought. 

The last thing I saw on TV last night was Gov. Christie on Rachel Maddow and his thuggery in western New Jersey squashing an indictment against the sheriff in Hunterdon County and the Attorney General that had squashed to the corruption indictment got a reward of one of those lifetime no show $200K jobs at the Port Authority.

Symbolically, the dream might be about the state of the state of Jersey but today is the state of the union and in a greater sense, this clown Christie wanted to be Godfather President of the United States. In a greater sense, the dream is about the state of the union?

9:15 PM

Am channel surfing to avoid TSOU by Barry in front of the Jerk Off Congress. Found a rerun of the Sopranos to watch. Five GOP assholes planning to respond to Barry. Pass the Vaseline and the Tissues.


Most interesting news of the say is how the Queen of England is down to her last million in budgets to fix up the palaces that have not been fully maintained in years. Hey, either rent out rooms or let the palaces and castles crumble. Like the Windsors don't have billions is secret Swiss Bank Accounts and Offshore and let's not forget all that Czarist gold still buried up at Balmoral they promised their cousins to hold in safekeeping. lol


State of the North American Union - Canada in Fact - Bieber and Ford