Monday, October 24, 2011

Screw the Poor and Jesus - St. Paul's Cathedral London

There was that politically correct PC moment when Saint Paul's Cathedral said that Occupy London or Occupy the City (Coke Dealers aka Financial Advisors) - that they let this bunch of protesters camp out on a corner of this third rate architectural monument to Christian ego. (Christopher Wren!!!!- Yawn!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

But the phone calls have come from "the city" as the coke dealers, the secular bishops,  in control of their "Wall Street" there - and it is time to evict the poor, the hippies, the pseudo-Jesus types claiming, talking for the poor and the homeless morons and it time to clean the street and get back to normal business. (don't forget the whores and the Cuban cigars! - a necessary deductible business expense)

The queers in charge of St. Paul's have scurried to comply to their money masters and evict the radicals, the homeless, the Jesus want to be-s.  Whatever.

It is time to tear down Saint Paul's stone by stone, a monument to Christian greed, terror and out of control ego.  While I do not know is if the taste for children is as strong in the Anglican faith as it is in the church of Rome. (irrelevant-overruled)...................................

It is time for the people to turn Saint Paul's into something useful, like a car park as they call it there and or a parking lot as we call it here.

Jesus, the real Jewish Jesus, would approve.


And throw Nelson's bones into the street too, out of his borrowed from Henry VIII coffin while you are at it - etc.

Have a nice day and or a nice British revolution.


Tear this Cathedral Down!!!!