Thursday, July 19, 2012

Michele Bachmann – Batshit to Apeshit Crazy in One Easy Step

What ever happened to “God told me to run for President.”?

Now I guess God has told her to strap on a dildo and pretend to be Joe McCarthy?

She wants to investigate the less than white skinned assistant to Secretary Clinton for being what she is - of Middle Eastern descent. How do you spell racist?

We won’t go into her husband’s Store Front sex shop “therapy” racket.

This is pure crazy.  Lock her up in Bedlam.  Learn how to behave or is this just typical acceptable GOP congressional behavior?

But how do you spell Straight Jacket?

For instance, Bachmann's former campaign manager, Edward Rollins, said in a Fox News opinion piece that his onetime boss is being extreme and dishonest. 
“Having worked for Congressman Bachmann’s campaign for president, I am fully aware that she sometimes has difficulty with her facts, but this is downright vicious and reaches the late Senator Joe McCarthy level,” wrote Mr. Rollins on Thursday.

Heterosexual Oath of Loyalty Now Required for Employees of Chick-Phil-A

Company Memo
From: On Top
Subject: Employee Oaths, CONFIDENTIAL
With the guarantee at Chick-Phil-A that no queer chicken is sold at our pure Christian franchise outlets, employees, besides being forced to the sign the Manhattan Declaration of Christian Bigotry pledge to gain or retain employment, must now sign a Heterosexual Oath of Loyalty to the company. ...
...blah, blah, blah, etc.
In other words you must now swear:
… I have always been 100% of my time since birth of the Heterosexual persuasion…
… That I have never engaged or fantasized about non-Heterosexual activities…
…And that if I am not now engaged to or married to a Heterosexual Christian, that I will save my body juices for the Honeymoon coupling without birth control on my Christian wedding night….
…That I will spy and make notations of all movements of fellow employees and customers into and out of our Heterosexual Only bathrooms…
…so help me, the one true pure white meat Christian Chicken god!
(Sign in ink, blood optional.)
“This in order to best serve our 100% pure white meat luvin Christian Heterosexual customers with only the best hand-made artisan raised, killed, plucked and cooked chicken.” As currently updated and noted in our Chick-Phil-A employee manual.

_____________ This Page Left Intentionally Blank______________


Ross Douthat’s Poison Pen on Religion – New York Times - “All the news that’s fit” to be bought

If you can define the parameters of an argument, you will likely win the argument.
There is a poison in American Religion. It is politics.
It started in the eighties when one third of a modern day version of an Anti-Christ in the form of Ronald Reagan, an actor, was helped into his cushy CEO crony job with the aid of southern bigots aka as “born again” Christians in the form of Jerry Falwell Incorporated. 
The television evangelists labeled their Edsel version of religion televangelism.  There were no warning labels on the make it up as you go along programming and or snake oil product and the resulting wealth brought out the vote for a washed up black and white film “B” Hollywood Actor in 1980. Every marketing success spawns repeat and imitation.
There is a poison in American Religion.  It goes beyond the Bush “Black Purse” ongoing bribe given to churches to dole out soup but not condoms to the poor.
There used to be a fairly decent Religion section the British Newspaper The Guardian. It disappeared one night that coincided with the visit of King Benedict the German of the Vatican 108 acre based money laundering empire.
In fact, I don’t recall The New York Times ever being big on religion or where religion would be booked except in the leisure section is in fact it ever existed.
I guess no doubt the editorial staff heard about all the Religious Politics or is it Political Religion that has poisoned the modern and or virtual American Town Square. FOX NEWS moronity sells papers so to speak and attracts sponsors.
On to the scene of the past few years is the Harvard educated Conservative Ross Douthat to explain modern religion to a seemingly godless liberal New York Times readership. No truth to the rumor that the NYT needed an emergency midnight loan to survive one day back when and the Knights of Columbus, the Roman Catholic Church’s “Black Banker” came through in a pinch, and Ross now has a bought desk, boutique stall, at the grand old lady of news as a concession or condition of that emergency Vatican backed loan?
Anyway, I keep seeing wanna be memes popping up from time to time based on the NYT Vatican Desk in the form of  "TC" theologically correct Ross Douthat articles on a truly global news site that has room even for a token puissant or is it pissant opinion pundit like Douthat.
Memes flow through the blogosphere. There are whole chucks of Catholic and or right wing “Born Agains” or the new flavor of the month title is “evangelicals” blogs that repeat, reverberate and praise the Douthat Vatican echo chamber.
There was quite a stir about the dangerous “Pantheism” theology threat of the Movie Avatar that Ross probably got nominated for a Pulitzer on.  Straight off the secret? GOP/RCC daily talking points sheet. Wink. Nod.
In a way, Douthat is the Ivy League version of the Beer and Sauerkraut Bill Donohue at the Catholic League directed toward the Church Militants, “igorant enlightment” for the lower classes on the right and wrong American Catholic PC political opinion and positions of the hour, day and month these days.  It is not like the Catholics ever read the NT.
Which brings me to the latest politically labeled religion piece by Ross trying to piss on Mainstream American Protestantism.
I have read many blogs in response of this piece of political trash masquerading as religion.
Give it a read and form your own individual opinion while you still have that option in a "free" America.
When did any Christianity become “Liberal” or “Conservative”?
Those are political terms!
And once this form of "Boutique Journalism" courtesy of the RNC and Ross Douthat interjects terms like liberal or conservative into the opinion page of the Beard NYT, then the parameters of the argument are already set. The argument is won by the controlling out of touch corrupt 1% elites trying to use one more ploy to prostitute religion into a political matrix of the 2012 election.
Christianity is neither liberal or conservative. It just is.
And for those of you that need a visitor’s guide to Christianity, take the Douthat tour and drink in his religion and in the end wake up in bed with dross of the soul.
Your soul.