Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Giant Statue of Mao 121 Feet High Taking a Dump In Chinese Countryside Erected in China

Armed Extremists Mormon Rebellion in Oregon – Government Property Seized - Media's Candy-Assed Treatment of Armed White Thugs

The fuckiing bullshit media PC police are out posting this armed seizure of Government property in Oregon by a bunch of traitorous Joseph Smith wanna-bees, break away Mormon religious extremists as “militiamen” or “Anti-government protesters” (i.e. MSNBC).  

They are grown men with guns who don’t want to sit up in their temples in their Sunday White Underwear outfits but would rather be wearing white sheets in the desert, living in tents and beating up all their wives etc.

No fucking different than ISIS or Al-Qaeda, Sunni, Shia Muslim armed extremists, anarchists who want to tear my world down. Who want to steal my government owned land to sell or rent it to Koch Industries and set themselves up in the the State of Deseret according to their religious book of myths.

The British news media is already over this white male privilege thing. If gangs of unemployed blacks seized four square blocks of Baltimore and demanded to set up their own version of Utopia or Deseret, the national guard would already be bulldozing the dead bullet-ridden insurrectionist bodies out of the war zone.

Tell your media lies elsewhere MSNBC.

Their tiny penises, of these Mormon traitors, like their beliefs, should stay inside their pants and their houses of worship on Sunday in order to earn my respect and or tolerance of their weird private beliefs. That is what the first amendment is all about and not about hitting me over the head with a stick or shooting me in the back with an NRA approved WMD to steal my and or our common American national land held in trust for the ages and generations to come.

Ted Cruz is praying first for the traitors to resolve this peacefully and second that cops don’t get killed. No heart in that Pansy.

Rick Santorum identifies with the Deadbeat Bundy Polygamist Mormons and Company and blood cousins who can’t earn a living out west like their ancestors. Which is why Santorum wants the government to give land to these Domestic Terrorists. Goverment Welfare to his white male cronies. 

Well if there are no jobs in the prairies for your cows to eat free government grass, then you leave and emigrate if you don’t like the USA. Leave! Join your male comrades in the Middle East and kill and steal in the name of your mean false desert gods.