Saturday, February 28, 2015

Scott Walker Fantasizes About Reagan Breaking the Air Controllers Union – Snakes on a Plane

Scott Walker was praising his idol Ronald Wilson Reagan (666) on Morning Joe's (MSNBC) daily RNC talking point vehicle – Joe being a Limousine “Conservative” living on the upper west side of Manhattan. Praising the god Reagan for hating the unions and indirectly implying himself to be political heir of Saint Ronny for a similar hate against the working classes. 

Scott and Joe’s circle jerk fantasy has to do with Reagan breaking the Air Controller’s union in a Brian Williams, Bill O’Reilly revisionist style bit of history – that somehow this union thing Shocked and Awed the Soviets into submission and onto their knees before the great re-purposed "B" Hollywood back lot Actor got turned into the Soviets' eyes as the greatest American President / Saint. Yeah Right.

If anything breaking the unions in 1981 broke the skies and twenty years later our enemies came via those broken skies "manned" by non-union wimps that would not protect the skies on 911 – 2001. 

Snakes on the Plane since Reagan.


Don't Hate Unions (please)

Culture and Economic War by the white 1% on Minorities (a rising future middle class) Continues.