Thursday, September 13, 2012

Coming World Tsunami of Ignorance through Religion – Crony Vested Mormon Ponzi Charity Etc.

I am wondering what is the real Jew deal is regarding the latest Ed Wood Hollywood flick “Plan 9 from Planet Mohammad” to incite riots in Egypt and force Obama’s political hand in a close election to let Israel INC. start a war for profit in Iran?

Religion really sucks on a world stage.

My number one rule for the global common culture thing is – Never let the common cultural (religion) context thing mix with the global commonality. It is of course a two way street.  Don’t be the UglyAmerican tourist type and come from a global cultural sphere and insult the isolated, insulated common cultural context. (Manufacture and or pretend some Respect.)
Nothing new in anything I am saying. It is just the old extinct for the moment American Town Square expanded onto a global grid. The town square has been with us since the beginning of the common human culture of the last 100,000 years or so. The virtual local and global town square of present day reality needs a lot of tweeking before it gets back to a classic scale of working right in the right balance of family, country and the religion thingy.


Hello! Earth to Romney. Earth to Romney.

There are people and lives and livelihoods down here on the ground aside from you Family, you Religion and you Business.

Yes Mitt. It is all about YOU!

Pssst.  Pssst.  The CEO job you are applying for is not just about You or You Family, You Religion, You Money. Mo’ Money. Mo’ Money. Mo’ Money.

The CEO or POTUS is about managing a government that has reign/rein over 310 million people.

To paraphrase Comrade Stalin’s famous quote. One person is real while a million is merely a statistic.

And that kinda brings me to Spreadsheets and Business and Profits.  You, like George W. Bush, never really worked a day in your life.  Jerking off on business spreadsheets, chopping benefits, chopping jobs, chopping up lives all in favor of the bottom line is something a robot can do but not a real man doing a real job BTW.

And the connecting factor to humanity is empathy and not social-pathy or narcissism.  Reality is Not a Spreadsheet.  That is the delusion all of humanity is trying to work their heads around at the moment in this transitional age from the local to the global and the future balanced local and global town square of all mankind. 

I am sorry that you think that paying Social Security to the elderly or the disabled is not like the Crony Charity Ponzi scam you Mo’mons practice.

I have heard and read how that all works. If you are heavily vested in the tithing thing for decades and so are all your relatives, you open up a warehouse full of Aldi Supermarket generic type dry and canned goods (all full of HFCS btw) and the unemployed or the temporarily disabled get a meal – Mormon Magic. 

The Mormon Meal Deal is all about profit for the church and all about doling out "charity" (dividend on investments) to your cronies should the need arise.

I have heard and read about Mormons, newly joined and in trouble, especially single wed or unwed mothers, and the answer is for the unvested Mormons to give up the kid and start over and this time get it right next time finding the right man to take care of you.

What does it cost for Mormons to give real charity to strangers or the unvested? Too much apparently Bishop Romney.

What does it Profit a Bain Man to gain the whole world and miss his rocket ship flight to the planet Kolob when he dies?

Your Joe Smith seafront property in Arizona land scam sounds a little bit like Ronny Hubbard’s swampland in Florida land for sale scam called Xenu.  Whatever.

Jesus said to love your neighbor. To feed and clothe and shelter the stranger. The Samaritan. That is the Christianity I sort of grew up with and or understood it to be once upon a time before the Age of Neocon American Bishops and the fundamentalist Right becoming vested, entitled with the government in the “faith” based charity racket for profit business of what MBA Bush set it up to be.

Bush for being an inbred idiot was not that stupid. He hired the right people. He hired Karl Rove, an atheist to get an inbred idiot into his “faith based” office and keep him there.

While it is not PC to say that most Mormons who married their half-siblings and first cousins for generations are a little bit inbred, I won’t say it Mitt.

You break the mold on that theory.  I am still scratching my head on how they got George W’s brain got into a male model’s body?

The secret is not so obvious when the empathy thing for humanity comes lacking in the package.


Have a nice day.


Pig Shit Irish! - White Trash American Bishops – in Charge in America? – USCCB

"Silk Lace Irish"? - No! Pig Shit non-registered Missouri sex offender.

When did the American RCC get turned into a fascist arm of the Tea Baggers Party?

When did Chaff Farmers from the Midwest dare to come to the East or West Coast of America and soil the bishops’ chairs in the civilised parts of America?

There are three tiers of Irish BTW – Shanty – Silk Lace (Curtain) – and Pig Shit Irish.

Bishop Robert Finn lets “boys be boys” and let his BFF priest buddy father Ratigan keep his kiddie porn collection of “art” photos of little girls, and Finn only technically got convicted of aiding and abetting or something like that.

In most American States he would now have to be a “Registered Sex Offender”.  Which makes me think that Missouri does not register sex offenders or the wording of the crooked deal cut with Missouri Court officials saves “Silk Lace” Bobby from having to register as a sex offender.

The Vatican is Silent.

The Pig Shit Irish Archbishop of New York, President of the USCCB, is silent.

The pope may not be liable to lawsuits as Finn is not an “employee” in the eyes of the American Courts.

Which makes me think that maybe the World Court should start a case against the Bishop of Rome for aiding and abetting a convicted aiding and abetting child abuser.

Any Catholics in Kansas City that still contribute cash to Finn are obviously part of this criminal empire and are equal aiders and abettors of perversion.

Don’t lower my Shanty Irish status to Pig Shit (guilt by cultural association) just because crooked micks like Finn, Dolan and Burke are in charge of the American RC church!