Saturday, March 7, 2009

Rape is OK ? - Abortion is not !

A CATHOLIC archbishop has sparked controversy in Brazil by saying the mother of a nine-year-old girl who had an abortion on Wednesday following a rape is automatically excommunicated for allowing the procedure to go ahead.

Archbishop José Cardoso Sobrinho of Olinda and Recife also declared that according to canon law the doctor who performed the abortion is considered excommunicated, along with anyone else involved.

The child was raped by her stepfather, who has since admitted abusing her over the last three years. Abortion is generally illegal in Brazil but allowed in cases of rape or when the pregnancy endangers the mother’s life. Irish Times - March 7, 2009

Another Lunatic RC Bishop - Jose Sobrinho of Brazil - has ruled or has gleefully quoted RC boilerplate dogma that “Abortion is Wrong” and everyone directly connected with the abortion of a nine year old rape victim in Brazil is excommunicated.

Even the President of Brazil is embarrassed by this monumental lack of humanity displayed by this cookie cutter hack cleric.

RAPE IS NOT WRONG? Abortion is! Where is your humanity Jose? Next to your bottle of Jim Beam?

The good Archbishop excommunicates a mother of a nine year old rape victim who has the courage to go ahead with an abortion for her daughter.

The archbishop denies excommunicating anyone. Backtracking on quotes, “misquoted”, now that the shit has the fan globally and put this despicable act of RC hierarchy verbal uncaring humanity under a microscope. He is merely quoting RC boilerplate BS that automatically excommunicates the mother, the doctor performing the abortion and his medical staff.

The excommunication does not come down on the nine year old rape victim or the miserable Shit that raped her.

Brazil is a Catholic country where abortion is illegal except in extraordinary cases such as this.

No doubt the good archbishop sleeps well at night knowing he has perpetuated and protected the RC male molesters code of “ethics”.

Rape is not a sin? Abortion is.

This bishop as a person would seem to be a Dick who hates vaginas.

This is not Christ!

My prayers to the victims here and for the courage of a mother to protect her child even if it is after the fact.

It is a sad world where sadistic RC clergy run the world in some cultural backwater like Brazil.

Of course the Vatican rubberstamps have chimed in agreeing that this abortion was a breach of God’s law. Cardinal Re (photo above) is quoted to have said “that the twins had the right to live" and attacks on Brazil's Catholic Church were unfair. Twins in a nine year old womb and they want it to go to term????

Does God’s law always ignore the victims? One would have to search Deuteronomy to find a more despicable display of men hating women attitudes than Archbishop Sobrinho of Brazil and Cardinal Re backing him up 1000%.

Cardinal Re of the Vatican is another pot of puss to dissect. You may remember that Cardinal Re pulled a Pontius Pilate in which he “roared” when given the papers to sign and lift excommunication on the SSPX bishops including the Holocaust Denying “bishop” Richard Williamson. If he disagreed, why didn’t he act on his conscience - refuse to sign - or offer to resign.

Why can’t we get rid of Williamson - it all keeps coming back to Williamson - as least he is honest, though a putz, in his Jew Hating beliefs. He is dangerous too in that the other three bishops of SSPX did not publicly share his anti-Semitic views (notice I said “publicly share“).

Don’t bishops have hearts?

Jesus did!