Thursday, August 23, 2012

Medicare Vouchers – Redeemable only at an I.M.A. Bain Capital Crony Healthcare Company Store

Medicare Voucher System – take the worthless piece of scrip government I.O.U. and present it at your local office of the I.M.A. Bain Captial Crony Healthcare Company Store.

Old story of the 19-th century done all over again with a modern scrip(t).

The “Medicare Voucher”, “Scrip”, “Trade Token” “Food Stamp” healthcare will be inferior and cost much much more than the value delivered.  No Bang for the Buck. No competition. Take it or leave it old people.

A Con Job of the Man, the Robber Baron Man who wants your soul at His (Bain Capital) Company Store. 

Todd Akin – The Mind of a Serial Rapist? – GOP = Angry White Man’s Party

Representative Todd Akin’s 13th century wives’ tale about “Legitimate Rape” being good birth control up there with abstinence and wishful thinking makes me wonder what sort of cocoon this man has been living in all these decades.
It makes me wonder what kind of mind, a delusional mind, minds that surround him in the Angry White Man’s Party in Congress aka the GOP.

And you have this young guy Paul Ryan standing next to Todd Akin and sponsoring legislation that defines “forcible rape” and you know Paul has never had an original thought in his entire life. All his life he has poll parroted the official Party Line of the Angry White Man’s Party and gotten handsomely rewarded for it in politics.  

The only black men I imagine Paul Ryan has even seen, being from pure white Nordic Wisconsin, are the security guards in the Capitol. (Or when he is so resentfully in the Oval Office?) I doubt he has ever even said a “Hi, how are you?” to those guards, that wage slave servant class of the Congress. 

So, in a way the definitions of rape that so easily roll off the lips of Todd Akin are the words of complete and total ignorance or they are the words from the mind of a serial rapist? Or of a long standing serial rapist mentality as part of some subculture? Not that Todd has ever raped anyone that we know of.  But one has to wonder the way he treats women verbally, he must have learned at an early age that women were automatically inferior to himself based solely on the fact that he was born with the first class unquestionable male entitlement of a penis.

A culture of (male owned) property entitlement and not people entitlement is what America is currently all about I think.

And I have to say, I am tired of all the outrageous coded talk of the Angry White Man’s Party and the kkkristian fundamentalists who spend 110% of the time talking about nothing useful for the economy or the day to day life in any American community.

I realize of late that so many men in American Politics of the GOP are reitierating the same shit their father said, their grandfathers said, their great grandfathers said etc.

The stupid utterances of Todd Akin went global.  They are talking about that ignorant man and base level, corrupted level, of human sexuality framed in eternal superstition and ignorance in America.  They are talking about this in Africa and even undemocratic China.

The GOP of course is denying complicity in the Serial Rapist mentality of so many in the Angry White Man’s Party AWMP and for Todd Akin letting the cat out of the bag so to speak that excuses most rape within the realm of white male entitlement.  

The rest of us are supposed to live with these, their bizarre outrageous lies about human sexuality.

And in a way, the Southern Strategy of Richard Nixon and raising the South and its mongrel culture of religion, guns and rape (male entitlement) to the forefront of American Culture is what we have to live with at this moment in time until a lot of these Angry White Males die off and the rest of us can get on with living a diverse tolerant life together as a nation.

I do not think that Rep. Akin left the cat out of the bag last week so much as he metaphorically published pictures (lightbulbs went on ! across America in a visual brain epiphany) of the secret room out behind the barn where Massa Todd secretly (in his mind at least) rapes his slaves, both male and female or was it that his great great grandfather did such in the good old days before the Civil War. And the sins of the father are troubled upon the generations to come in any family. 

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Otters on the Thames - Greenwich

President Michael D Higgins of Ireland Rant – Against White Trash War Mongering Tea Party in United States – May 2010

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Christopher Wren - Saint Paul's Cathedral London

Christopher Wren - 1632 ~ 1723

Interior - Saint Paul's Cathedral London - 1708

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Broad Street - Philadelphia - 1895

Broad Street South - from City Hall

Broad Street North - from City Hall