Sunday, September 18, 2011

Search and Success with your Second Half

An interesting article. 

Priest pens spiritual survival guide for recession

“…Maybe you’ve been laid off from a job you held for years. Perhaps you’ve experienced a nasty divorce. Or maybe the crisis is more subtle: You suddenly realized that you’ll never have the life you dreamed of living.

Any life-changing moment can knock a person down. But it can also open doors if, as Rohr puts it, a person learns how to “fall upward.”

Rohr, a 68-year-old Roman Catholic author and internationally known speaker, says older Americans face a problem: Religious leaders aren’t paying much attention to them.

Much of contemporary religion is geared toward teaching people how to navigate the first half of their lives, when they’re building careers and families. Rohr calls it a “goal-oriented” spirituality.

Yet there’s less help for people dealing with the challenges of aging: the loss of health, the death of friends, and coming to terms with mistakes that cannot be undone, he says.

Rohr’s new book, “Falling Upward: A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life,” is his attempt to fill that void. It also functions as a spiritual survival guide for hard times as millions of Americans young and old struggle to cope with “falling”: losing their homes, careers and status….”


Take Wall Street Back from the Crooks

(Wall Street Protest April 2009)

There was a peaceful protest in downtown Manhattan yesterday with the intent to occupy Wall Street which the police did not allow them anywhere near Thieves Alley.

Estimate of the crowd in the foreign press - 20,000.


Main Street Media pretty much ignored, blacked out the event.  

Lame Stream Media is talking about Sarah Palin's horny habits with many men of different colors and her cocaine problem.  

Michele Bachmann continues to stumble with her indirect criticism of the Pharmas and their experimentation on us Lab Rats.  

And all the other male Republican candidates still come across as a bunch of dancing fairies to me.  Ballet?

Unconfirmed reports of Obama still hiding under his desk at the WH afraid to make any decisions. ?

What are we afraid of ?  A bunch of coke head CEOs running the Wall Street Casino - running America into the ground for fun and profit???