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Tea and Crumpets with Jorge Videla, first Dictator of the Junta, with Father Bergoglio, aka Pope Francis, the Lover of the Poor

World Trade Center NYC - Old and New (Rising)


Pope Francis I - The Great Whitewasher of Tombs - in the Dirty (Secret) War - now in the Vatican?

"In a written declaration to the courts concerning the abduction of Yorio and another Jesuit, Francisco Jalics, Bergoglio said there were no documents in the episcopal archive relating to the disappeared. But the priest who succeeded him, José Arancedo, sent Judge Martina Forns a copy of the record of a meeting between military dictator Jorge Videla and Bishops Raúl Primatesta, Juan Aramburu and Vicente Zazpe in which they speak with extraordinary frankness about whether or not to say that the disappeared have been executed—because Videla wants to protect the murderers.
"I’m not so sure Bergoglio was chosen to cover up the church’s current rot—the Vatican Bank’s transparency problem, the pedophile priests who’ve been exposed across the globe. It wouldn’t surprise me if, instead, Bergoglio launched a moral crusade to white the apostolic sepulchers."

"An Argentine court received documents indicating that Bergoglio was well aware of the practice of appropriate the children of the disappeared."

"Bergoglio is a conservative populist, like Pius XII and John Paul II: inflexible on matters of doctrine but open to the world and, especially, to the poorest among us.  When he gives his first mass as Pope and speaks of those exploited and prostituted by the blind powers-that-be who have closed their hearts to Christ; when his journalist friends write about how he always took the subway or the bus (a habit not confirmed by a priest who served as his chauffeur when he led the Argentine Jesuits, and who remembers Bergoglio talking enthusiastically about the political project of Admiral Massera, a member of the military junta); when the faithful hear him reciting homilies with the gestures of an actor and the plain speech of a simple man of the people, there will be those transported with joy over this supposed renewal of the Church. In the Archdiocese of Buenos Aires, he did all of that and much more. But at the same time, he sought to unify opposition to the first Argentine government in many years to adopt policies favorable to the less fortunate; he accused that government of being rigid and confrontational because it had to contend with the same blind powers-that-be he chastises in his speeches, who dislike paying their taxes."

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Pope Francis’ Confused “Complicated Past” – Some Argentine Players – The Process – Second Junta – The Dirty War – Etc.

Orlando Agosti, Jorge Videla and Emilio Massera, during the National Reorganization Process

Jorge Videla -- March 1976-March 1981 President of Argentina

Roberto Viola -- March 1981-December 1981 President of Argentina

Leopoldo Galtieri -- December 1981-June 1982 President of Argentina

Pio Laghi and the archbishop of Buenos Aires, Juan Carlos Aramburu act kindly with the leaders of the Process, Jorge Videla, Leopoldo Galtieri, Omar Graffigna and Armando Lambruschini

Second Military Junta, July 1981.Cardinal Aramburu, General Viola,
General Galtieri, Brigadier Graffigna, Admiral Lambruschini

Leopoldo Galtieri

General Haig and General/President Galtieri discussing the upcoming
consequences of going to War with Britain over the Falkland Islands. 

General Haig praying to his god he could talk Margaret Thatcher
 from going to War in the Falklands and blowing the cozy little setup
 in Argentina with the CIA training camps for the Contras protected by the Junta.

President Galtiere and the Great Peacemaker John Paul II

A young Father Bergoglio SJ, a deer caught in the headlights
of Argentine history,
a nobody in the scheme of things 1976-1983

Freedom of Expression Restored 1983
Victims Remembered
Wall of Metropolitan Cathedral


Everyday Real World in America - Philly Street Corner under the "Frankford El" - Where's my phone?


Vatican Denies Francis’ Denial of Human Rights as the "Black (Jesuit) Pope" of Argentina – Did his Duty - Protected Prestige of Church and Property too

Denial of the Denial of the Denial.

Reform of the Reform of the Reform.

The Brand new Shiny new RC Church!

(don’t kick the tires - PLEASE!)

"There has never been a credible, concrete accusation against him," said Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi, adding he had never been charged.

 The spokesman blamed the accusations on "anti-clerical left-wing elements that are used to attack the Church".

 Jorge Bergoglio, now Pope Francis, led Argentina's Jesuits under the junta.

 Correspondents say that like other Latin American churchmen of the time, he had to contend, on the one hand, with a repressive right-wing regime and, on the other, a wing of his Church leaning towards political activism on the left.

 One allegation concerns the abduction in 1976 of two Jesuits by the Argentina's military government, suspicious of their work among slum-dwellers.


Kentucky – the “Free Gay Porn” state – Cheap Bastards – LOL – According to Search Engine Survey

Kentucky Senators Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell

An interested little Brit journalistic article.

In the US as a whole the most searched-for term was "MILF", followed by "Teen" and "College". However, there were significant differences between certain states. 

In Mississippi, the top search term was "Ebony", which also topped the list in South Carolina, Arkansas, Louisiana, Alabama and Georgia. 
The people of Vermont preferred "Lesbian", while in Kentucky, the most popular search term was "Free gay porn".

“The truth about any one of us would shock all the rest of us.” lol


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Bitch Fight – Ted Cruz vs. Diane Feinstein – She has more Balls than Vagina – He has more…or whatever that is for those People up in Canada where his birth certificate claims he was born…

Canadian American (So-Called), Ted Cruz Recently of Texas (from a driver's license I.D.?)

Washington (CNN) – Saying she felt "patronized" by Senate colleague Ted Cruz, Sen. Dianne Feinstein explained Thursday why she felt the need to raise her voice in anger at the Texas Republican during a debate over gun control.

"I felt he was somewhat arrogant about it," Feinstein said of Cruz's suggestion the Senate Judiciary Committee was ignoring the Constitution during its debate over banning semiautomatic firearms.

She spoke on CNN's "The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer."

(Documented?) Texas Employees - Ted Cruz con Rick Perry


Matthew Fox on Pope Francis I - First American Pope (South America) – Author of The Pope’s War - Video

First American Pope - Francis I

For my readers, an excellent insightful video which I recommend with transcript, comments from Matthew Fox, a theologian, Episcopalian priest, formerly RC, author of the current book The Pope’s War. Commenting on the current pope, “Opus Dei” and “Communion and Liberation” cults, the renewed  Catholic Inquisition etc..

Thanks to Jayden Cameron over at Gay Mystics commenting on Bilgrimage  for this video lead.


Pope Francis - The First 24 hours of RC Glory

It took a lot of reading but I am not certain which Saint Francis the new pope is dedicated to, the Francis of Assisi or Francis Xavier.

Francis of Assisi is the name I heard repeated over and over again by the many news outlets on Cable. 

It spread by word of mouth by these news mannequins giving the rabble the official version of joy and hope and God?

Francis of Assisi has been the so-called model of the simple archbishop of Buenos Aires hiding the assets of his church in the fear of literally thousands of lawsuits from the offed relatives of the regime 1976-1983 that Gorge Bergoglio managed to survive, co-exist with, prosper under with the convicted war criminal Videla’s regime etc.

A fellow blogger on a political blog wanted links of direct connections with the junta generals and Bergoglio. I am afraid there are none. Those links and or documentation got purged from public view decades ago.

I am afraid that just like John Paul II and Benedict XVI, we have to accept at face value Pope Francis or is it Francisco’s disgust of those nasty putty tat Generals that he survived under to become as “God” intended a great man in white. 

John Paul II of course survived slave labor in a mine while moonlighting in the resistance and Benedict was forced to join the Hitler Youth. He never told us whether he enjoyed the Hitler Youth, being a place where his father could not beat him up or have to witness the domestic violence of his father to his mother etc. 

Or that the Hitler Youth as the spies of the German nation were the ones who beat up the minorities in the streets. But of course by the time Benedict came of age, all the good minorities had already been disappeared by the regime. Etc.

Here I am not being sarcastic but definitely cynical.

As for Francis and his hiding political prisoners for the regime on the island in his vacation home in the middle of the River Plata - No doubt in the summer time, one could sit on the veranda of that vacation home owned by Francis or is it the Jesuits and with a little radio info sit and watch the junta throw victims, commies, pinkos out of planes and helicopters into that River Plata from a mile up and watch the splash of white foam on the Horizon that had once been a human life, a child of god. 

Some other god and not the one true white Christian GOD that is. What joys and or mercies! 

Perhaps the one or two well connected guests that got away, living in his cellar (dungeon) paid the Jesuits well enough by selling off the family estates for the “Opps, We lost a Prisoner” bullshit along with giving the regime a cut of the bribe money etc.

A half way negotiation religious retreat house for profit for those who looked like they could gather the gelt for bribes?

And then there is the other Francis, Francis Xavier, a victim of political persecution of Spain in that as a native Basque he saw his ancestral castle torn down and he under some act of vision and or Stockholm Syndrome goes off and converts all the yellow devils in Asia for the Pope and or the Jesuit Party.

Two things about the “Francis Thing” already and less than twenty four hours into his overlapping wane cover administration with his co-emperor Benedict in the shadows -

- one is that pure Uber-White American Catholic type people feel comfort I think in a new coded word, are calling him by the anglo “Francis” (a sissy sounding name from the times of my Catholic youth) - taking great orgasmic body language pleasure in using the name "Francis" (Fox News) and that he is, get this, of great relief!, of Italian (European) descent, not Hispanic inferior race quality. 

These Ubers already have 22K gold fringe on the millions of Holy Cards already being printed of Pope Francis I.

- two - The name Francisco like the city out west has a much more romantic or artistic connotation sound to it, perhaps even a gay sound dare I say it. STAMP IT OUT!

So, there you have it, the new pope, ready to serve the Jesuits RC church and an offset to the growing power of the growing disease, the rot in the timbers that will literally bring St. Peter’s Basilica to dust in our lifetimes, the Opus Dei crowd and their termite colonies of drones forming everywhere on the planet.

Have a nice day. 


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Is Pope Francis Elect’s Hands Covered in the Blood of Argentina’s Dirty Little War that Killed and Tortured Tens of Thousands - Crimes of the RC Church in Argentina

Mothers of the Plaza of May Seeking Information About their Missing Relatives in Argentina

Did the RC Church profit from the sale of Babies of Female Prisoners who disappeared after they gave birth in Prison?

The aging ex-Argentine dictator gets yet another sentence of 50 years added to his imprisonment in a baby stealing ring among his cadre of military thugs.  An estimated 13,000 pregnant prisoners of Argentina’s “dirty war” disappeared.  It is now thought that those women were executed once they gave profit to a profitable commodity like a new born baby.

Did Cardianl Bergoglio aka Pope Francis give aid and comfort to the monsters that ran Argentina 1976-1983? 

What one did not hear from any senior member of the Argentinian hierarchy was any expression of regret for the church's collaboration and in these crimes. The extent of the church's complicity in the dark deeds was excellently set out by Horacio Verbitsky, one of Argentina's most notable journalists, in his book El Silencio (Silence). He recounts how the Argentinian navy with the connivance of Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, now the Jesuit archbishop of Buenos Aires, hid from a visiting delegation of the Inter-American Human Rights Commission the dictatorship's political prisoners. Bergoglio was hiding them in nothing less than his holiday home in an island called El Silencio in the River Plate. The most shaming thing for the church is that in such circumstances Bergoglio's name was allowed to go forward in the ballot to chose the successor of John Paul II. What scandal would not have ensued if the first pope ever to be elected from the continent of America had been revealed as an accessory to murder and false imprisonment.

Above photo related to the:

Missing Persons / Victims in Argentina's Dirty War


How Can GOP Oppose Fair Immigration Reform with a Latin Pope Francisco I Ruling in Rome?

Spanish Speaking Future American Citizens Scaling the Pat Buchanan Memorial Border Wall in Texas

Spanish is in!

Spanish Culture and Music is in!

European Culture is about to take a back seat to 21st century global reality?

Pat Buchanan is out if not already dead!

How can the GOP oppose Immigration Reform when the Pope in Rome is a native Latino?

An Argentino!


Praise Ye The Father - Chinese - It is becoming a global culture every day.


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Terry Moran, ABC News - Exclusive – Down Low Interview with Red Hat Justin “Big Frank” Rigali, on the Pope Thingy – I smell an Emmy for Terry (covered in J..)!

Terry Moran ABC News Interviews Red Hat Justin Rigali About the Holely Spirit and his Vote for Sale for Pope

Fresh from his hideout in Knoxville, Terry Moron Moran of ABC SHOES News corners Big Frank Rigali, retired religious crime boss out of Philly, for like an interview thing on the pope thingy. 

Fourth class reporter on the slide interviewing a piece of human shit like Rigali hiding from all his child abuse failures in Philly. (imho)

Roger Ailes, please hire Terry ASAP at Fox News. Please............ Don't let this once great TV "journalist" grovel at the feet of swine!

Rigali’s  journey to Rome began nearly two weeks ago from the small city of Knoxville, Tenn., where he has retired. Amid the faithful of Knoxville, a public prayer service was held in his honor, with 1,000 local Catholic high school students and community members in the pews. 

At the airport he was cheered like a rock star as he headed to his plane.At a layover in Atlanta, I met up with him.

Next stop: Rome.

After arriving, I asked him if he knew yet in his heart and mind whom he would vote for in the conclave.

“This is a very serious election that involved listening,” Rigali said. “It involves weighing different candidates and this cannot be done a priori. It can’t be done before you go in and you decide. You have to be open to the process that is taking place and we believe the Holy Spirit is with us.”

Last week, Rigali joined the other cardinals to say farewell to Pope Benedict XVI, and then they got down to the real work here: Meetings and more meetings, where the politics happen — and in coffee breaks too.

“The coffee breaks are a component,” Rigali said. “It gives us the opportunities to speak with the cardinals, some we know more, some we know less. It gives us the opportunity to exchange our thoughts.”

But this was a different reality today — a deeper reality, they believe. After their oath, after their prayers, the simple command was said: “Extra Omnes,” which means “outside all,” or colloquially, everybody out who is not a cardinal elector.

Please Roger Ailes - Hire Me at Fox News!


Swiss Guards Covering up the Sex Crimes of the Vatican? Who has Police Jurisdiction in the Largest “Gay Sauna” in Europe in Rome – The Rome Police or the Pope?

I have to wonder if the Lateran Treaty gives police jurisdiction in matters of crimes and or sex crimes by clergy reported to authorities in the City of Rome - to Italian or Papal forces? To whose police department do these crimes get reported to?

In this case below where the Vatican may own the majority share of some palace condo complex with a big gym sauna hookup in the basement, who gets called when a Cardinal rapes an of age, but non-consenting adult working out at this gym?

Do the Rome Police take the report and hand it over to the Swiss Guard/Private Police Force protecting the Vatican City State and properties claiming diplomatic immunity under the Vatican seal – are these reports filed and forgotten in the Swiss Guard Barracks/Police HQ – or do they simply get shredded immediately as matters of state security.

Who gets those reports of drunken Cardinals running naked in the streets of Rome in the early hours of the A.M.? And who cover ups or destroys these theoretical reports??? (theoretical - yeah right)

That the drunken, sex crazed priests, bishops and cardinals can do anything they want to and expect sex crimes reported to legitimate authority to be taken care of, a policy reflected worldwide, macro, in the abuse of millions of children in the past five decades?

That while many would want to shift blame to “homosexuals” and their so-called disordered natural state – perhaps the crime is in that closeted homosexuals commit crimes too just like the heterosexuals but get and have a better chance of covering up the crime along with the heterosexuals in the Vatican or in Rome in buildings flying the Vatican Diplomatic Flag? 

The First Gay Political State (closeted of course)?

There was some real bad crime covered up under the John Paul II / Secretary of State Sodano administration in the form of blaming, perhaps framing Swiss Guard Cedric Tornay for some other cover up of sex crimes in the Vatican Hierarchy that Cedric’s boss Alois Estermann knew too much about?

Ask Cardinal Rigali what he knows.
Cardinal Rigali traveling on a free dime through life even after the Philadelphia Child Abuse Fuck Up on his watch.  A free ride because of what he knows about the sex crimes of the higher ups in the Vatican as father confessor to the Swiss Guards and one of the keystones and or stepping stone for this moron's rise in the ranks of the hierarchy with no other credentials of intelligence and or humanity? -  

- and incidentally voting today with him, some unnamed sex criminals, red hats, about to name the next cover-upper of sex crimes worldwide and the Vatican in the New Pope – like New Coke – a temporary fad I would imagine.

I prefer Pope Classic, the real thing. None of the Shit I have seen or tasted for the past thirty odd years or so etc.

A day ahead of the papal conclave, faces at the scandal-struck Vatican were even redder than usual after it emerged that the Holy See had purchased a €23 million (£21 million) share of a Rome apartment block that houses Europe’s biggest gay sauna.

 The senior Vatican figure sweating the most due to the unlikely proximity of the gay Europa Multiclub is probably Cardinal Ivan Dias, the head of the Congregation for Evangelisation of Peoples, who is due to participate in tomorrow’s election at the Sistine Chapel.

 This 76-year-old “prince of the church” enjoys a 12-room apartment on the first-floor of the imposing palazzo, at 2 Via Carducci, just yards from the ground floor entrance to the steamy flesh pot. There are 18 other Vatican apartments in the block, many of which house priests.

 The Holy See is still reeling from allegations that the previous pontiff, Benedict XVI, had quit in reaction to the presence of a gay cabal in the curia.


Father Ted - Small, Far Away - Parts 3, 4


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Is the System Corrupt Enough to Make Tim Dolan of NYC the next Pope?

Tim Dolan was giving depositions just as he was borrowing a billionaire’s jet to hop the Atlantic and take Rome by Media Storm. But not to worry. The cemetery deal was about burying cash and not bodies – ha ha.

Then again I can remember Governor Fife Syminton III of Arizona running for Governor not to be governor but solely to avoid prosecution in the Savings and Loan fraund scandal in Phoenix and let’s not forget Governor George W. Bush of Texas about to be indicted in the Enron Fraud thing. Seeking and holding a higher office can keep the dogs of justice at bay sometimes. 

Now would be a good time for Tim to move on to bigger and better things.

God knows that Benedict was not Rock Star material.

And if the modern papacy is to be of the John Paul II model, the Rock Star PR Media fantasia thing, then Tim Dolan is the next pope coming from the PR, BS Media Capital of the Planet, New York City.

Seems like yesterday I had never heard of Tim Dolan from Milwaukee and he shows up unannounced to become the instant favorite son of Gotham City. Wow. Instant local media celebrity. Don't bother to check to see how dirty his laundry coming from Milwaukee is - his drawers etc. - (nasty business - the truth)

The nostalgia just overwhelms me with the thought of losing Tim to Rome and the Big House Time Show.

Yeah right.


Cardinals Do Harlem Shake to Elect Pope

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WTF - What do John Paul II, Ronald Reagan, Dick Cheney, Bush 41 & 43, Petraeus and Opus Dei have in Common? – Their Luxury Suites at Hotel Hell for all Eternity

Oscar Romero - Hugo Chavez
Liberation Theology - Sacred and Secular

"When Reagan was elected, two months later there was a meeting of his National Security Council in Santa Fe, New Mexico, to discuss one thing: How can we destroy liberation theology in Latin America? And they concluded: We can’t destroy it, but we can divide the church. And so they went after the pope. They gave him lots and lots of cash for solidarity in Poland. And in exchange, they got the permission, if you will, the commitment on the part of the papacy, to destroy liberation theology."

So, history and cheerleading of popes, what I call papolatry, will not cover up the facts. This has been the most sordid 42 years of Catholic history since the Borgias. And as I say, I think it’s really about ending that church as we know it. I think Protestantism, too, needs a reboot. 

I think all of Christianity can get back more to the teachings of Jesus, a revolutionary around love and justice. That’s what it’s about. And that’s why there’s been such fierce resistance all along from the right wing. 

The CIA has been involved in, especially with Pope John Paul II, the decimation of liberation theology all over South America, the replacing of these heroic leaders, including bishops and cardinals, with Opus Dei cardinals and bishops, who are—well, frankly, it’s a fascist organization, Opus Dei is.

It’s all about obedience. It’s not about ideas or theology. They haven’t produced one theologian in 40 years. They produce canon lawyers and people who infiltrate where the power is, whether it’s the media, the Supreme Court or the FBI, the CIA, and finance, especially in Europe.

Steele's contribution was pivotal. He was the covert US figure behind the intelligence gathering of the new commando units. The aim: to halt a nascent Sunni insurgency in its tracks by extracting information from detainees.
It was a role made for Steele. The veteran had made his name in El Salvador almost 20 years earlier as head of a US group of special forces advisers who were training and funding the Salvadoran military to fight the FNLM guerrilla insurgency. These government units developed a fearsome international reputation for their death squad activities. Steele's own biography describes his work there as the "training of the best counterinsurgency force" in El Salvador.

Of his El Salvador experience in 1986, Steele told Dr Max Manwaring, the author of El Salvador at War: An Oral History: "When I arrived here there was a tendency to focus on technical indicators … but in an insurgency the focus has to be on human aspects. That means getting people to talk to you."
But the arming of one side of the conflict by the US hastened the country's descent into a civil war in which 75,000 people died and 1 million out of a population of 6 million became refugees.
Celerino Castillo, a Senior Drug Enforcement Administration special agent who worked alongside Steele in El Salvador, says: "I first heard about Colonel James Steele going to Iraq and I said they're going to implement what is known as the Salvadoran Option in Iraq and that's exactly what happened. And I was devastated because I knew the atrocities that were going to occur in Iraq which we knew had occurred in El Salvador."
It was in El Salvador that Steele first came in to close contact with the man who would eventually command US operations in Iraq: David Petraeus. Then a young major, Petraeus visited El Salvador in 1986 and reportedly even stayed with Steele at his house.
But while Petraeus headed for the top, Steele's career hit an unexpected buffer when he was embroiled in the Iran-Contra affair. A helicopter pilot, who also had a licence to fly jets, he ran the airport from where the American advisers illegally ran guns to right-wing Contra guerrillas in Nicaragua. While the congressional inquiry that followed put an end to Steele's military ambitions, it won him the admiration of then congressman Dick Cheney who sat on the committee and admired Steele's efforts fighting leftists in both Nicaragua and El Salvador.
In late 1989 Cheney was in charge of the US invasion of Panama to overthrow their once favoured son, General Manuel Noriega. Cheney picked Steele to take charge of organising a new police force in Panama and be the chief liaison between the new government and the US military.

Cardinal Dolan – Angelman Syndrome?

Should the Future Pope Need to Pass a Physical? 

– Besides the Balls Test to prove he is not a woman.

Angelman syndrome (pron.: /ˈeɪndʒəlmən/; abbreviated AS) is a neuro-genetic disorder characterized by severe intellectual and developmental disability, sleep disturbance, seizures, jerky movements (especially hand-flapping), frequent laughter or smiling, and usually a happy demeanor.

Currently at large in Rome


Taco Bell – USA Horsemeat Policy – Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell?

Safe at McDonald's? - Good Luck Horsey

The American press/media has kept a lid on the contaminated food chains in Europe whereby Beef Products like the mystery meat filler they put into Taco Bell tacos in the UK is actually mixed with horsemeat.

Just because the Americans don’t want to know, are too dumbed down on Medicaid Pharma test drugs, don’t want to test the filth that does not in many cases have to be labeled as filth on the label of the meat product - 

Does not mean that horse meat or Chinese chickens at KFC gorged on Chinese human feces is not being sold in American supermarkets or fast food outlets like Taco Bell or KFC.

Don’t ask. Don’t tell. Don’t wanna know!

LONDON, March 1 (Reuters) - Britain's food regulator said on Friday that testing had found horsemeat in ground beef at Taco Bell UK fast-food outlets, a discovery that puts new pressure on parent Yum Brands Inc, which is grappling with a food safety scare in China.

Taco Bell said the horsemeat issue is isolated to its UK market, where the Mexican-inspired chain has just three restaurants, and that it will step up testing of its beef.

On Monday, Yum said it would stop using more than 1,000 poultry slaughterhouses in China as it moves to tighten food safety and reverse a sharp drop in business at KFC restaurants in its top market after a scare over contaminated chicken.

Europe's horsemeat scandal erupted in January, when testing in Ireland revealed that some beef products also contained equine DNA.

It since has spread across the continent, ensnaring numerous well-known brands, prompting product withdrawals, consumer concerns and government investigations into the region's complex food-processing chains.

"My big bugbear is food labelling. The Trade Descriptions Act says a product can be named by the last place where something substantial was done to it.

"So we have Chinese chicken fed on human excrement, killed in China and brought to Britain and washed in saline and put in a bag and it becomes British chicken.