Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mark Rylance, British – Considered the Best Stage Actor of his Generation on both sides of the Atlantic

"Olivia" in Twelfth Night

Stephen Fry, the British actor, writer, director making reference in a YouTube piece stating that Mark Rylance was the greatest living stage actor on both sides of the Atlantic.


Richard III


Run for Congress? - Raise Taxes on the Uber-Rich - Cut All Congressional Pensions and Benefits



Bishop McFadden of Harrisburg Drops Dead – His Legacy in Philadelphia Child Abuse Glory Hole Days Played Down in Eulogy – Liked Basketball – No Mention of Children

Bishop McFadden of Harrisburg dropped dead on May 2 at a Pennsylvania Bishop’s Convention / Conference.

They brought in the green temporary bishop of Allentown John Oliver Barres to give a flowery eulogy to a monster that appears to have been there when as personal secretary to Cardinal Krol, cases of child abuse in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia got filed away rather than be addressed.

Krol with his Polish friend in the Vatican that owed his papacy to king maker Krol would cover up for him same as for Marcial Maciel. What are friends for if not to help cover up corporate mismanagement and or downright evil?

“It was during McFadden's service as a secretary to Cardinal Krol that Krol is believed to have excused and enabled the sexual abuse of hundreds of children within the Philadelphia Archdiocese.” (Wikipedia)

I must say that officiating at his funeral was Archbishop Chaput who I think was wise not to deliver the eulogy and or did not want to touch the Krol-Belivaqua-Rigali child abuse regimes/era toxic waste site in the form of the corpse of Bishop McFadden.

Allentown Diocese Bishop John Barres today recalled Harrisburg Bishop Joseph P. McFadden's gentle nature and love of basketball as Barres delivered the homily at McFadden's funeral Mass…

…Joseph McFadden may have been a kind and gentle priest and bishop, but he always played to win,” said Barres…
And his way to win as a priest and bishop with a rich interior life and a vibrant missionary spirit was a nonstop full court press for the glory of God and the salvation of souls,”…

(Sniff. Sniff. Not a dry eye in the house.)

Bishop McFadden as monsignor preceded Monsignor Bill Lynn as pastor of St. Joseph’s “Rich Bastards” parish in Downingtown, Pa.

Bishop McFadden as auxiliary bishop of Philadelphia was also instrumental in the closing of the two best High Schools in the racially mixed city, Northeast Catholic and Cardinal Dougherty in Philadelphia owing to the changing minority demographics within the city limits. His vision of the burbs only for new RC high schools in Philly I also think belongs to McFadden as part of his legacy.

Thanks to “Dave” for the Allentown link.

RIP Bishop McFadden. (I don’t really mean it. Just a press statement of sorts on the topic of your funeral like the so many press releases you signed off on in your lifetime. lol)

Joe McFadden true legacy comes from District Attorney Seth Williams at the conclusion of the Monsignor Lynn trial:

"Many in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Philadelphia hierarchy had dirty hands. They failed to realize that the church is its people."