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Bishop Robert Finn to be Made Cardinal in Chicago (a rumor) – Why Not! – Hates Women – Hates Gays – Hates Kids Too!

Off the record Your Holiness…Yes Holy Father, I am happy to report that the American Courts are just as Corrupt as Ray Burke’s anything done for a bribe Vatican Court. --  Very good, my son. Very good indeed. 

In reaction to the locals in Kansas City Missouri on the Facebook page “Bishop Finn Must Go” and their retarded efforts to remove the pedophile protector and enabler Bishop Robert Finn from office a comment made by “I Sinton” in my recent article posted on that Facebook page:

I’m tired of all this requests for letter writing to the pope, respectful requests for Finn to step down and other rhetoric. The big guys who wear funny hats don’t care about the little people’s ( not leprechauns little people ) opinions. If you want Finn out of office, its simple.
Start a rumor, and all it needs to be is a rumor, that after he made the ‘Boys will be boys’ comment. He paused and said ‘If I could ordain women, I wouldn’t have this problem’. 
My bet is he will be gone by Wednesday.
How long have Catholics played the game ? You know the rules: 
Ordaining women = End of the world,
Children’s physical, emotional, spiritual welfare = who cares?
I’m from Philly. PA. We do things different than youse guys. Did you hear about the trial we had recently ? 


The Pink Palace New York - Ghosts of 452 Madison Avenue - Franny Spellman - Politics of Blackmail

The Pink Palace - 452 Madison Ave - NYC

For years
rumors abounded about Cardinal Spellman being a homosexual. As a result, many
felt–and continue to feel–that Spellman the public moralist may well
have been a contradiction of the man of the flesh. Others within the Church
and outside have steadfastly dismissed such claims. Finally, to make an absolute
statement about Spellman’s sexual activities is to invite an irresolvable
debate and to deflect attention from his words and deeds.

The dutiful
Times then had another former U.S. ambassador to Ireland and friend of
the Church, William V. Shannon, review The American Pope for the Book
. Shannon’s review was scathing, attacking Cooney for even bringing
the subject up at all: “Prurient interest in the sex lives of public figures
serves no useful purpose.”

A Jesuit
priest wrote a letter to the Book Review, published a few weeks later:
“Cardinal Spellman’s sex life does not matter, but [his] homosexuality
does… It matters to thousands of people whose jobs, relationships and whose
very lives are threatened because of their sexuality, all the while being forced
to view and eat the hypocrisy of their church. And it enrages people that church
men and women can retain their jobs, hiding behind their clerical and religious
statutes while their own people suffer persecution, disease and discrimination.”

Sadly, the
Jesuit’s words still ring true today, almost 20 years later. While Spellman
has been long dead, his legacy of hypocrisy lives on: there are closeted homosexuals–often
condemning “sexual immorality” publicly while having gay sex privately–throughout
the uppermost echelons of the church today. The gay movement in the past 15
years has taken on the Hollywood closet and the Washington political closet,
both with dramatic success–and both those institutions have p.r. operations
far more sophisticated than the Vatican’s antiquated machine, which can’t
even seem to get the aging cardinals to attend a press conference. The media
these days also has a much greater appetite for exposing sexual hypocrisy, and
is no longer cowed by the Catholic Church. Going down this treacherous road
of increased gay-bashing and scapegoating, the Vatican perhaps doesn’t
realize what it may be unleashing upon itself. If I were a closeted bishop or
cardinal in America, I would be very afraid.


Additional: Francis Spellman - Patron Saint of Closeted Clergy    

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