Sunday, July 15, 2012

George Lopez Comments on Romney’s Denial of his Latino Roots

George Lopez - Not afraid to call a puto a Puto.

Comedian and actor George Lopez pulls no punches about Mitt Romney’s denial of his Chicano Roots.
(warning: “f” bomb used on video in article)
GEORGE LOPEZ: Mitt Romney wants the Latino vote. He ain't going to get it. He ain't going to get it. And you know why? Because Mitt Romney is a f--king Latino and he won't admit it. His father was born in Chihuahua, Mexico. Mitt Romney is a Chicano. But he won’t admit it. “I am not. I am Danish. I am French.”
If you want our vote puto, come out of the closet. Get a hair net and lean back and say ole…His father, his grandfather went to Mexico to create a Mormon colony. That don't sit good with Mexicans when you want six wives to get twelve kids. F--king Latinos can have one wife and get twelve kids. Don't f--king cheat.