Thursday, September 26, 2013

Republican Secret Political Strategy Revealed!

I am reminded of Richard Nixon’s secret strategy in 1968 to end the war in Vietnam.

In that vane, weather vane, the Republican Party now finally has a secret strategy to survive as a viable in touch with reality political animal.

The secret strategy ( and I think it still is a secret ) Psst! Is pictured above.


Tea Party Fashion Week in Washington DC - Honors Ted Cruz and his "Kindred Spirit"* Mike Lee

Ted Cruz – Shop Steward to Tea Party Stages Mock 21 Hour Wildcat Strike in the Senate

This mock strike, this phony 21 fake filibuster, this waste of government time and expense, is an attention getter for only child Ted Cruz.

This is also a means to keep a small portion of the population, the Tea Party in line, a union organizer so to speak.

The G.O.P. needs a leader and not just a Tea Party Shop Steward.

Get a life G.O.P.!