Tuesday, February 17, 2009

SSPX - More Catholic than the Pope

Bishop sees problems in restoring ties to Vatican

Monsignor Bernard Fellay, one of four traditionalist Roman Catholic bishops rehabilitated by Pope Benedict XVI, says he expects it will difficult to set aside differences over doctrinal issues.

Fellay — who heads the Swiss-based Society of Pius X, which the pope is trying to bring back into the Vatican's fold — said in an interview published Monday that he already has indicated his willingness to enter into talks in a "positive spirit."…

Fellay said it would be difficult to reach doctrinal consensus with the pope.

"Certainly one has the impression that he is near us on the question of the liturgy," he said. "On the other hand, he is deeply attached to the new things of Vatican II."

Fellay said there was too much ambiguity in the conclusions of the groundbreaking, 1962-65 ecumenical council.

The media gives away free space for PR handouts from obscure Christian cults. In this case because Bishop Williamson of SSPX became controversial, and who has been pushed aside within SSPX as a result of his unrealistic views of the Nazi Holocaust. Williamson’s views have elevated the opinions of his peers in SSPX like Monsignor Fellay. That is the way things work these days in the media.

So why is a tiny schismatic cult trying so desperately to get back on the main track of RCism? It is cold out there in schismatic land. Not everyone wants to practice life in the dead Latin language liturgy which a monarch/general/dictator Charlemagne imposed twelve hundred years ago. God, these cultists are so entrenched and comfortable in the middle ages. The thought of electric lights and flush toilets in a house must make these anti-modernists “Traditionalists” pee their cassocks on a regular basis. Where is Jesus in their equation of reality?

Perhaps Benedict XVI is in a rush to heal a schism in his short term as pope and is willing to do anything, to overlook anything to appear to do something in his authoritarian role.

So too in minute gestures of respect to this most peripheral minor dust spec of the Christian faith in a posse/gang like SSPX who are still living in a time warp and think that there still is a viable RC church out there to negotiate with. The RC is only a shell of its former self no thanks to the Lefebvre gang among others.

Monsignor Fellay first followed a lunatic that did not follow church teachings. Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, the schismatic founder of the Society of Saint Pius X was still denouncing the French Revolution of 1789 as some kind of conspiracy of Free Masonry and free thinkers when Vatican II started. Archbishop Marcel would only have been comfortable in his own skin if he had been an absolute bishop under an absolute monarch. Unfortunately the twentieth century and or Disney land Paris could not provide him with the kicks he sought in life.

This whole SSPX society worships a pope who hated anything modern. These anti-modern priests appear to like running water and anti-biotics and are trying to be more Catholic than the Pope as the old expression goes. What part of the modern age turns you off boys?

Pope Pius X was a Marian Pope, whose encyclical Ad Diem Illum expresses his desire through Mary to renew all things in Christ, which he had defined as his motto in his first encyclical. Wikipedia

In other words, Jesus needs a Mary brand bacon wrapping before it (He) can be consumed by the public. In other words, more of the same old clouded Medieval way to avoid realistic dialogue with Luther and the other reformers. Christ must be approached only through the saints and through the authority of a military tiered authoritarian church.

Vatican I, Pius X, Vatican II - it is long uphill battle to get the RC church to recognize and feel comfortable with the modern age or at least the modern age as ushered in by Martin Luther and others since 1517 A.D..

As we go forward into the 21st Century as Christians and must establish dialogue with Islam and Atheism, it is the Protestant Christ that is very nearly human and divine that can be presented to the world as a means of expressing divine communication and in an ongoing communion with the brotherhood and sisterhood of the human race across the planet.