Friday, July 22, 2011

Bible pages burned - Wales Art Pageant

The Reverend Geraint ap Iorwerth of St Peter ad Vincula Church, Pennal, also cut up pages from the King James Bible to create an artwork. 
Unveiling it at a church event, he said it revealed a "cruel and vile God"… 
Mr ap Iorwerth told BBC Wales he had burnt scraps of cut up the passages at the public event because he had been making a statement as part of an art experiment. 
He said he had had nothing but support from people at the church near Machynlleth, close to the Gwynedd-Powys border.
He revealed his controversial piece of art at an event to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible. 
He said: "I find it highly offensive that people would think I have given my life to serving that type of God and that I would regard the words of the King James Bible as sacred truth.
"I cut out all the nasty bits of that Bible, the language of which is being celebrated all over the place this year, because I don't think you can separate that language from the God it is representing. 
I cut out all the nasty bits of that Bible, the language of which is being celebrated all over the place this year” 
"I was gobsmacked no programmes or articles are representing the cruelty, revenge and hatred of this version of God."

Melody Gardot - Les Estoiles - Quiet Fire

Rupert Murdoch also publishes Bibles

Papal Knight Rupert Murdoch apparently owns a large chunk of the Bible market, the largest share worldwide. 
Most people know now that Rupert Murdoch presides over the News Corp media empire, and that he is fighting for his reputation after being forced to sink his scandal-laiden British newspaper News of the World, the most widely read English tabloid in the world. But few people know that Murdoch also owns Zondervan, the world's largest publisher of Bibles. For 23 years, the News Corp family has included the leading seller of the best-selling book in history...
Zondervan, which is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, also sells Precious Princess Bible, Camo Bible (imagine "Holy Bible" on a camouflage cover), Soul Surfer Bible, Holy Bible: Stock Car Racing and 500 other styles of the holy book. The company owns exclusive North American print rights to the popular New International Version of the Bible which it says has sold over 300 million copies worldwide. Zondervan also publishes books by leading Christian authors like Rick Warren (over 30 million copies of his Purpose Driven Life have been sold), Tim LaHaye, Jim Wallis, Eugene Peterson, Brian McLaren and Shane Claiborne...

Mormons more Christian than Catholics

I should perhaps put a question mark next to the above title.  But then no, I am expressing my personal opinion.  That opinion came to mind reading of a Fox News “journalist” expressing her intolerant, perhaps uneducated, opinion on that weird network.
Roger Ailes, Rupert Murdoch’s personal wizard over at Fox News has had Ainsley (I’m a blonde) (yes you are!) Earhardt state that Mitt Romney is not a Christian on the show Fox and Fiends. This when playing up Rick Perry being a better GOP presidential candidate because he is "Christian" and Romney is "obviously not" in her probably prepared and scripted by Ailes response.  (obviously - four syllables - wow - Emmy time) 
Ainsley no doubt already has dreams of giving Rick Perry an exclusive softball interview on FOX with prepared questions from Roger’s “Brain Room”/bunker in the basement over there at 1211 Sixth Ave in NYC. 
Perry may or may not be a Christian, (does he know how to read) but he is a traitor of sorts in that he already has proposed secession of Texas from the union of the United StatesThat’s treason in my book IMHO.
From what I have experienced in life from Roman Catholicism is that they don’t read the bible as much as they read their catechism.  From what I have read and have experienced  from knowing Mormons, is that they know more about the bible, old and new testament, than most Christians including god nutter (can he read) Rick Perry or the average Catholic.
Perhaps Ainsley’s bra is on too tight and it is affecting circulation to her brain. Is religion bashing, intolerance, ignorance ( I won’t call a possible slip of her tongue in this instance hate ) - one of her hobbies and or only talents besides reading off cue cards?
Love you Rog!