Saturday, December 12, 2009

Madam President Clinton 2012

It is perhaps wrong of me to second guess the strategy of the sitting President fresh back from his Nobel Peace Prize and defense of Corporate Warfare Profits. Few if any could change the mess we are in no matter what the circumstances.

I have to back up at this point and go off half-cocked, I am good at that, and presume that The SCHINE EFFECT has kicked in for Obama – whereby he is only as good as his handlers and or the people he trusts or delegates authority to.

That said I am wondering where Madam President Hillary Clinton’s administration would be about here in time if she had out swung, one more lob, to Obama on the clay court and in a game of political tennis.

I do no think she would have done much different at this point of time than Obama except for Healthcare.

She would have put all the same incompetent fools in charge of the money, her husband’s fools, that Obama has also put in charge.

She would have increased the troop levels in Afghanistan.

The birthers/tea baggers would still be there but screaming rehashed Monica Lewinsky and Vince Foster – oh give us break you morons! The rhetoric may be moronic but their energy and anger are real. Let’s see if this Paid For-Grassroots BS goes anywhere. Or merges with forces of anger on the Left?

I think that about now Hillary would have been pushing for jobs more first than healthcare. A few more points down on the unemployment scales, say at 8.5 percent or so, may have made us not notice how a resuscitated Wall Street is up in Profits without job creation.

Money making money does not create wealth or growth anymore. In other words, Wall Street used to generate cash that ultimately ended up in factories, production, innovation and jobs. This does not happen anymore. There is a disconnect, a major disconnect, from the classic Wall Street model and in the past twenty years or so. This opinion is held by former Fed Chairman Paul Volcker.

Volcker Questions Value of Financial Innovation

I applaud a young journalist in the grand tradition and theory of journalism as practiced by a select few these days. One such person is Matt Taibbi , somewhat thought of as a maverick but whether you disagree or agree with him he sure is analyzing and investigating the mess that is Wall Street and Government.

Did Obama Sell Out to Wall Street?

Getting back to Madam President Clinton. I think that Bill’s advice not to take the VP job was brilliant. How can a seated Vice President up and challenge the President? That, in the next national round of the eternal rounds of bullshit circus elections in this country - 2012.

We need politicians who are moral and ethical and not cookie cutter “Christian". We need leaders who know how to balance a budget. We need business men who have to relearn what Classic American Business was all about. To put people and humanity back into the business spreadsheet formula for success.

While I do not necessarily see Hillary pulling a Eugene McCarthy on Obama, I can see where incompetence and charisma will only go so far along with the Schine Effect. The rest might be history and destiny for Hillary Rodham.

As for Goldman Sachs being the master for the moment of the planet and or universe. Unless it creates real growth and jobs out of Wall Street, you don’t have to be a seer to predict that within the next months or few years, on a Friday afternoon, GS, might get the very same knife in the back that was given to BS, Bear Stearns.

As my parents used to tell me as a child – never take candy or money from strangers (Wash.,D.C.?).

The rules of Empire apply on all levels – to rich or poor alike. If Caesar needs jobs to stay in power with the mob, Caesar will have jobs or else.

Leadership and delivering on promises count a hell of a lot in these tough economic times.

Everyone, have a nice and prosperous day.

Rick Warren Keeps Getting Fatter and Fatter

Rick Warren keeps getting fatter and fatter. His books sell millions. His opinion supposedly carries weight. President Casper Milquetoast was so afraid of the big man of religion that the big man of religion showed up in his very big clothes at Inauguration Day to invoke his god of success on himself and to the cameras.

Other than the 10,000 people who show up every week at his mega church in California, who does the good pastor serve except maybe a dozen tailors working overtime on his expanding waistline.

Warren does not serve humanity. The Jerry Falwell success model is based on money and power. Warren has the money. He is waiting for a Christian President, Sarah Palin(?) to anoint him in similar fashion as the emperor-god Reagan anointed Falwell to bring out the GOP vote on election day.

In the meantime, a bunch of anti-Jesus agenda freaks aka as The Family, the Doug Coe Family, have taken over the country of Uganda, with taxpayer money (something of a Charlie Wilson’s war scenario – but without a good ending).

Where is the MSM? In bed with Glenn and Rupert again? (naughty boys!)

The Family has talked the Ugandan’s out of condoms in favor of abstinence and prayers to Jeebus to cure HIV/AIDS there. The sales commission or bonuses on that inhumane bullshit from the Vatican must be in the tens of millions.

Chickenfeed when compared to a Purpose Driven African nation that can muster arms and god to conquer all of the extremely rich mineral rich territory of all of Africa in the purpose driven game plan of decades to come. Of course most of them, the Africans will be dead from HIV/AIDS, but isn’t that God’s will and not Goldman Sachs?

Rachel Maddow has now challenged Rick Warren to do more than a little mumble of his disapproval of the official Uganda Gay Hate Bill on her cable TV Show. Mumble on Rick - The mediocre, Jesus vomits out.

Maddow to Warren: Come on air to denounce anti-gay Uganda bill
Night after night, Maddow, who is gay, has been hammering conservative U.S. evangelical leaders and politicians for failing to speak out promptly, loudly and clearly against a bill in Uganda that would criminalize homosexuality.

After days of being blasted by name, a few politicians have now issued statements against the bill, just recently toned down from a life imprisonment and death penalty provisions to mere jail time for being actively gay -- or even knowing someone gay and failing to report them. (Imagine the chaos that would create for the prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS, apart from legitimizing hate.)

Earlier this week, Warren, author of The Purpose Driven Life and leader of vast social action networks in Africa under his PEACE plan, issued his first specific denunciation of the legislation, days after initially saying he couldn't interfere in another nation's politics.
The Christian world, the Pope, the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Family, the Jerry Falwell wannabes do not give one shit or damn about the people of Africa except to manipulate then or reinslave them in this new modern Goldman Sachs redesigned imperialism and colonialism.

The money changers are in charge of the churches and or the purpose averted mission of Jesus. They got there with permission of Goldman Sachs and other ruling world leaders. Is this the New World Order?

Obama, the congress, healthcare, climate control is all just some sideshow with all the cameras in Washington doing a daily soap opera.

The sooner that a greed monger like Museveni gets replaced by moderate, reasonable, humane leadership in Uganda and other African countries, the sooner that humanity can mature toward the true message of Jesus which is people first, state and religion second.

The gospel of Jesus is to make a better world. It is not to make your life more comfortable by letting the people you do not like or do not like you – be killed.

Killed because of the omission of your humanity. Killed because of your purpose averted humanity doctrine.