Monday, April 30, 2012

Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs – Messiah of the New Global Culture

200 West Street - Goldman Sachs H.Q. NYC - the new Vatican

It is a secret to many perhaps about the return of Jesus to planet earth. One had always thought that he would come back in clouds and not in a revelation.

But since the premise I believe is true that:

Capitalism is the new religion; money is the new God – then the only body standing claiming both power and “doing the work of God” is his holiness Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs. (bow your heads)

Of course this may all be somewhat confusing to the holders of the old dead Christian belief systems, sects, cults, delusions, propagandas etc.

The truth of the big change in the United States elections for Emperor (President) is when the powers behind the throne of the G.O.P. (God’s Own Party) have backed the Mormon cult guy to lead “a Christian nation”. (wink, nod)

(Christianity doesn’t mean jack shit anymore apparently.  All that socialism and communism and actually trying to care for poor buggers etc., what a waste of valuable investment capital…)

I had been searching these past few years here to try and reconcile the early Jesus philosophy with the corrupted buggering army thing that Constantine the Great merged with all his favorite pagan religions and rituals.  Well time moves on, and the core of the old Constantine cult, the RCC, is obsolete when it cannot reconcile itself to half the human race, females (yuk!), let alone the new global culture that has risen right up among us.

And it like all cultural things, those clinging to the old ways are               somehow indistinguishable from the new religion of supply and demand, crushing 99% of humanity back into the caves where they deserve to belong – but oh how glorious is this new age of the raptured who have lived to see and be warmed in the light of the new God/Money.

Praise be to Dollars! (one of God’s favored nicknames) (Pounds in the UK, Yen in Tokyo etc.)

That means that 200 West Street in Manhattan, the Goldman Sachs Tower (above), is where the holy of holies is, a new Vatican(?), where the sacred ritual of trade is practiced and the messy collateral damage of computerized sacrifice to the new God/Money such as blood, chaos, starvation, poverty, civil war and evil imposed on the beasts, the poor, is not dirtying up the clean marbled and carpeted floors of the new high priests in their sacred skyscraper castle of this new age and religion. 

People must now remove their shoes when entering 200 West.

This is surely holy ground!

Oh God of Money, prove that you love me.  Inspire your high priest Lloyd, (Jesus come again) to give me a computerized formulated hedge fund algorism to make me rich!


Behold the face of divine perfection you mere lowly mortals.

(warning - sarcasm)