Friday, May 27, 2011

Mea Culpa - Enigma - Othodox Version

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Cistercian Brothel/Hotel in Rome shut down

… a renowned monastery in Rome where monks staged concerts featuring a lap-dancer-turned-nun and opened a hotel with a 24-hour limousine service has been shut down by the pope.

As part of Benedict XVI's crackdown on "loose living" within the Catholic church, 20 or so Cistercian monks are now being evicted from the monastery at the basilica of Santa Croce in Gerusalemme, …

"An inquiry found evidence of liturgical and financial irregularities as well as lifestyles that were probably not in keeping with that of a monk," said Father Ciro Benedettini, a Vatican spokesman. "The church remains open but the monks are awaiting transfer."

Reports saying the monks amassed large debts have also emerged, but Benedettini declined to give further details of the Vatican report, which was signed off in March.

The monks' days have been numbered since 2009, when the Vatican sacked their flamboyant abbot, Father Simone Fioraso, a former fashion designer who built up a cult following among Rome's fashionable aristocratic crowd as well as show business worshippers such as Madonna, who prayed at the church in 2008.

…In 2009 Anna Nobili, a nightclub dancer who became a nun, was invited to perform her "holy dance" before an audience including archbishop Gianfranco Ravasi, head of the Vatican's cultural department. For her performance Nobili, who says she uses dance as a form of prayer, lies spread-eagled in front of the altar clutching a crucifix or twists and turns as in pole-dancing routines…
You cannot make this kind of shit up!

Madonna praying in the presence of all of St. Helena’s Rodeo Drive style boutique relics ( quite chic and fashionably nice ). ??????????????

They use every other word in the dictionary other than brothel, the MSM does, in their kid glove treatment of cleric abuse, right under the nose of Joe the Pope, aka the local bishop.

( BTW the monks take master card, visa and american express for your anonymous stay in holy luxury and a relic in every bedroom for your kinky pleasure! ) ( do IT just the the Borgias did IT! – Tee hee hee )

Hotel, Limousine 24/7, Lap Dances by a Nun – Holy Chris!t! – Luther, as metaphor, has come back to life to witness the debauchery of the Church of Rome all over again five centuries later.

These truly are the end times of the RC church as we have known it.

And then again maybe this is being all blown out of proportion.

A simple bed and breakfast at an old monastery to earn a few shekels, with a taxi service available to tourists? Yeah right!

“Jesus, Mary and Joseph!” as one of my many sainted Aunt Marys used to say.

You can’t really, really make this kind of shit up!

HMOG! (sic). ETC.

Itinerate Lay RC Preacher Michael Voris

I guess when local newscaster types, past their prime, need to find a niche market to sell MSM stuff; why not try to sell the old religion and chotsky stuff.

I ran into this right wing traditionalist speaker on You Tube. I tried to find a full bio on him which is hard even with the Internet. This is one of the least offensive You Tubes I found. Full of Pride and the Old Traditionalist Catholic spirit that I have not seen in generations.

The only saving grace in his YT video chotskies are the limited number of hits this crap gets.

I have not heard so much medieval clap trap since my youth in the RC church. The church militant can be quite offensive. No?

Apparently there is a traditionalist Catholic out there who also questions the credentials of such a glibbed tongue itinerate media prophet. From his blog:

Staten Island Catholic
I have no reason to distrust him, but I'm finding it increasingly odd that I have not been able to find one single piece of independent information about this man on the internet, except for what he himself has revealed. And all of the various websites that rave about him are simply repeating the facts he's provided in his own biography and interviews. I have no solid reason to be suspicious, but I'd like to know a bit more about the man before I'm comfortable seeing him elevated to the position of orthodox Catholicism's public face in America. Where was he born? Who are his parents? Where did he go to school? Why did he leave seminary? Is he now or was he ever married? Does he have children? Are there any skeletons in his closet that could potentially embarrass the Church and the faithful should they be revealed?...

It was kind of odd to see a layman up there preaching the Gospel from the altar, with a priest sitting meekly in the first row. It made me sad that the clergy has so abdicated their responsibility to preach the Gospel with the power of the Spirit that we need a layman to get up there and give us spiritual meat. I for one have never in my entire life heard a priest speak with such passion and inspiration. I'm sure it was a novel experience for most of the people there as well. Still, I couldn't help feeling ashamed for the Church that a layman from Michigan had to come all the way to Staten Island, NY so we could be inspired with the Gospel message. This parish has multiple priests in residence. Why aren't they giving lectures and inspirational sermons on Friday nights? Why aren't they evangelizing? Why aren't they tending to the spiritual needs of the flock? Why did they need to bring in Michael Voris? (no offense to him).
More thoughts on this later on.

Book of Revelation, the Anti-Gospel

Comedienne Harold Camping of recent cancelled Rapture fame is being called a false prophet by many other fundamentalist preachers. Of course their condemnation does not have the same amount of venom they spewed toward Rob Bell. Their condemnation has more of hidden admiration. Something like “Hot damn! Why didn’t I think of that one first?" Or “Hell I could have pocketed part of the 100 million same as dear old Harold supposedly spent on the PR campaign and retired.” Etc.

Indeed, the lack of prosecution for fraud on dear old Harold is evidence of the timidity that now shows when up against the new reality of the powerful and moneyed lunatic classes of church and Wall Street. Money makes right. It is the new secular might. Whatever.

Let me go back to my favorite theme and that is that the Book of Revelation does not belong in the NT; that it is a Greek play styled narrative to promote the new Christianity thing. As such, with its awful injectures (yes, it’s a new word - urban) to die a horrible death here and in the hereafter if you do not join the Christian thingy. Sounds more like a Roman Army recruitment spiel “Join the army mate or get crucified.” (no joke).

As such, and amidst the absolute chaos and tailspin of these last days of Christianity, and perhaps civilization as well, let me once again label this poor piece of doped up writing that Harold Camping is getting his jollies with at age 89.

The Book of Revelation is not so much the anti-Christ as it is the Anti-Gospel.

If you start off with Love your Neighbor in Matthew, Mark, Luke and end up with Damn you Infidels and the violent End of the World shit for your neighbors, then it is reasonable to assume that this ending chapter of the user manual for the Christian church says a great deal about the insanity of the species when it comes to the category of religion.