Sunday, November 4, 2012

Papal Knight Jimmy Savile First Annual Circumcised Pickle Award for Gall to Bill Donohue at Catholic League

Bill has, I have lost track of the number of non-paid intern written essays published against the New York Times over at the CL, trying to cover-up John Paul II and his consuming love of all things Pedophile, avoid the Truth about that pope, to blame the BBC instead and by extension the new head of the NYT, that the BBC never ratted out British Royal and Papal Knighted Sir Jimmy Savile when both the Queen and the Pope gave him their royal seals of approval.

Too bad the victims of this pedophile king/ring cannot sue both Buck House and the Vatican for their perverted seal of approval to this dead media toady scumbag.

Where is customer service these days? The Hague?

Gall – Definiton –  Source: Free Dictionary dot Com

1. See bile.
2. a. Bitterness of feeling; rancor. b. Something bitter
        to endure: the gall of defeat.
3. Outrageous insolence; effrontery.

Jimmy Savile Receives Papal Knighthood - 1990

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My thanks to C.Koch over at Enlightened Catholicism for papal photo.